Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aw,it's just a little baby drawing but still . . .

This week, I've decided to give away three young adult books. I only have three because there just aren't enough publicists taking notice of my interest in YA novels, darn it. If you know any publishers, authors, publicists, pugilists, handsome firefighters or other people who are just freaking dying to have YA books reviewed (or would like to send me a photo of their muscular selves fighting fires, but not boxing . . . I'm really not into pugilism) and want to give them a nudge in my direction, I will not stop you.

Here are the books I'm giving away:

The Questory of Root Karbunkulus by Kamilla Reid - This one is inscribed to me, so you have to not mind getting a book that has an author's scribbles to someone other than your adorable self. By the way, you look terrific.

Time Windows by Kathryn Reiss - I'll probably regret passing this one on, but it needs a happy new home. Books desire to be read. I liked it enough that I thought I'd keep it, but then I decided I'm getting way too old and tired to be a pack rat. I didn't write a full review, but if you don't mind wading through a long post to read my brief thoughts, you can see them here. Extra good news is that you get to read "The Tale of the Psychic Dreamer" if you check out that post.

The Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene - I believe this one's a bit of a classic. I kept forgetting to list it on PBS and then one day I thought, "Well, gee, I could just stick it in a box and give it away to some desperate blogger, instead." So, there you go.

What do you have to do to win these books?

1. Leave me your email address. Seriously. This time I'm going to be a big meanie and cut you out if you forget.

2. Answer this: Have you ever seen a ghost or thought you had a paranormally significant experience? If you have, tell me about it! I'm just curious.

3. Drive nice and tell everyone you know to use their brakes and signals, even though we're all aware that Bookfool can't check up on you. If you don't drive, you can just smile at people a lot.

4. I know, I'm really demanding. Again, this drawing is open to anyone in the world except that kid who hit my best friend without applying his brakes.

How about we make this drawing end on Tuesday, the 20th. Sound okay? No? Oh, too bad. Go to the end of the line. You can't change the rules.


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    1. Here's my email address: That one was simple.

    2. We used to have this 'entity' in the apartment that we used to live in and we called him "The Man". Creative, I know. But late at night we would hear doors opening and closing, see feet under the door when no one was there. Small things like that. So whenever something creepy like that happens in our house we joke that it's "The Man" and he's followed us.

    3. Ha! I guess this one doesn't qualify me for the contest! I actually hit a parked car (I know, I'm such a moron) about three weeks ago. I haven't driven since. I'm waiting for everything to clear up before I even think about it.

    4. Yeeah, that wasn't me.

  2. I looooove Summer of My German Soldier. Do you remember the movie with Kristi McNichol? There's a sequel, too--Geez, I've forgotten the name. Morning Is a Long Time Coming, I think.

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I may have told you this before but....
    We have a mantle clock that belonged to my father in law, when he passed away we got it. Not having a mantle or anywhere to really show it off we left it on top of our china cabinet. It wasn't working and there were no batteries in it. Shortly thereafter we had an issue with one of the kids and Charlie and I were saying "geez would be nice to have Dad's input on this to make sure we are doing the right thing" Not 5 minutes goes by and the flippin clock chimes. 5 times and moves 5 minutes. We thought it was a fluke or the dog bumped the china cabinet and made it ding...something. Later that week Alex sat in the kitchen on the floor laughing and talking- I asked who he was chatting to and waited for the name of an imaginary playmate...but he told me"Grandpa silly mommy!" As soon as he said it I smelled cigarette smoke ( charlie wasn't home and didn't smoke in the house anyway) and the clock chimed!
    It happened several more times while we lived in the apartment above where my father in law used to live- the ONLY time it happened in this house was the day my mother died. 5 chimes and it moved 5 minutes!
    THAT is our "spiritual"experience!
    dsalanitro1967 at yahoo dot com
    And I will be thinking lots of good things for your friend accidents suck!
    Love ya
    debs(signed is as anonymous cause the web is acting weird!)

  4. I don't really need anymore books, so I am going to stay out of the drawing... I know, I'm weird, but I wanted to say that when I read Summer of my German Soldier I loved it! I was thinking of rereading it just the other day. Maybe this is a sign...

  5. Anonymous3:25 AM

    First things first :) My email address is

    I have never ever seen a ghost in my life and I long to see one. Once i and my friend were driving on a long empty road and she saw someone or something following us. I looked back but i didn't see anyone. I thought she had gone crazy. But the next day I googled the place and i found out that there were indeed wierd things sighted there. How come i never get to see one???

    Even I don't get to read a lot of YA books nor are there too many available in the stores. Thats sad, isn't it?


    No ghost, no paranormal experiences, too bad I am so boring...the only weird thing I ever have experienced was that i got the biggest sense of deja vu when I visited some islands in the south.
    And that I got this really chilly feeling of doom when I was watching some old news reports from wwII and heard the sounds of ervything

  7. Oooooooooh, I'd love to be entered. First I'll leave my email because with my memory I could forget and I know how crazy that drives me on my giveaways:
    bj19662001 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

    A ghost story-seriously we lived in a haunted house when I was a kid. Apparantely a man had killed himself there (it's good to know these things before you move in). Doors and windows used to slam open and shut, these white shirts used to walk through the hallway-seriously I'm not kidding. Many more things happened in that house-people wouldn't even come and visit. My parents back then didn't have the money to just up and move but finally had no choice. I think I would have slept on a park bench instead of staying there.

  8. Please enter me! I'm sure you know which one of the books caught my eye! ;)

    Here's my email address:

    diaryofaneccentric AT hotmail DOT com

    As for the ghost story, I have tons to tell about the house we live in now. Not sure if it's all paranormal, but it's certainly creepy. I hear footsteps walking across my bedroom floor upstairs when no one is up there walking around. And the creepiest was the night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to a heavy breathing/raspy voice in my ear and the feeling of breath on my cheek, but there was no one there.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  9. Sign me up for this one!
    I would send my brother-in-law your way, he's a firefighter and over 6ft, but my sister might get mad. Although..I suppose you just want a picture. I guess I figured why not go for the real thing?

    You know how to contact me but since I'm good at following the rules: escapingjourney(at)gmail(dot)com

    I have a picture of a ghost. At least husband and I can see it and swear it's a ghost, I dont' care what others think. It was taking at Alton Springs Hotel. It's haunted and they were doing a dinner there with some guest speakers. Then we got a tour of the place and did a bit of a seance in the pool area. I suddently got very hot and light headed. I had to keep sitting down. Then I would stand up and snap pictures. The next day we were looking at pictures..and we had a ghost. Lot of orbs too.

    I won't be driving today, but as husband drives home I'll smile at the other drivers and hope they don't think I'm crazy.

  10. These 3 books sound wonderful. I've wanted to read summer of My German Soldier for years now. Please add my name to the drawing.

    booklogged AT gmail DOT com

  11. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I hope you're better!

    Summer of My German Soldier, I remember that movie! Not the book though.

    Don't enter me, I'm just commenting!

  12. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I would love to win these for my daughter!


    Ghosts - nope, never. Hope I never do. Shudder.

    I have a safe driver discount on my insurance. :)

  13. No need to enter me Nancy. I posted about it here:

  14. It sounds like a good drawing, but I'm already too full of good books. I left you a little award. XOXO

  15. You are so funny! I remember the Summer or my German Soldier. I LOVED that book!

  16. JustBlinded,

    Oooh, I love your story! Thanks for sharing!

    Too bad about the parked car. I'll still let you in on the drawing because I'm a nice chick. :)


    When you mentioned Kristi McNichol, I thought I've probably heard of it but I sure don't remember seeing the movie if I did. I wonder what ever happened to her?


    That is so cool!! Thanks for sharing. I've added you to the drawing, of course!


    No, that's not weird. I've reached the point that I often don't even look at drawings, although occasionally I'll sign up to try to win books that sound wonderful. Definitely, give it a reread! :)

  17. Violetcrush,

    I know, me too. I've felt the presence of a ghost (he jumped onto the bed and kept creeping closer to our heads) but I didn't see anything. Disappointing, and yet . . . well, it was scary enough that I'm not sure I would have lasted the night if I'd seen anything!! :)

    I've added you. Yes, it does seem like good YA titles are harder to get your hands on.


    Nah, you're not boring. I had a deja vu feeling when I visited some place in France. Unfortunately, I don't even know where it was that took place. I was only 17, at the time, and I just remember I was certain I'd either been in that room or dreamed about it. It's definitely creepy. Cool about the WWII noises.


    Okay, I'll hop right over! Sorry, I feel behind, this week. :)


    Oooooh, creepy!! What a great story. I know some people desire to experience what you did, but I'd rather just read about it. LOL I'm glad you got out of that house!! I've entered you, thanks!


    That's an awfully nice way to look at your experience! Thanks for sharing. I've added your name to the drawing list! :)

  18. Anna,

    Yep, I know which book caught your eye! Your experience with the footsteps and breathing in your ear sounds like classic haunting. I think I'd move! Definitely, I wouldn't sleep on the couch. LOL


    A photograph is fine. No need to tell your sister -- just get him to pose in front of a fire truck for your weird friend in Mississippi. LOL

    I remember your ghost photo! He had a moustache and was dressed in formal clothing, right? That was so cool.


    No ghost story? Darn! Okay, you're in. :)

    Carrie K #1,

    Yep, I'm much better, thanks. I remember hearing about the movie, but I don't think I ever saw it. I just had to look up Kristy McNichol -- she's retired. You needed to know that, right? :) Okay, I won't add you.

    Carrie K #2,

    Okay, you're in. I assume that you're like me -- ghosts are okay to read about but I don't want to get near them, thank you very much. :) Congrats on being a safe driver!

  19. Teddy Rose,

    Okie doke! Thanks for sharing the joy by posting about the drawing!


    I think your restraint is admirable. I'll come peek in a bit, thank you!


    You must not be entering, yes? I liked the book but I didn't love it. I'm getting old and cranky -- gotta get some of those books out of my walking space. Thanks for calling me funny. :)

  20. Okay, okay, so much for being good and staying away from challenges and give-aways...



    I've told you some of my 'ghost stories' so I'll borrow one from my sister:

    I have two nieces. My sister, however, has a photograph taken at Christmas time that shows her two kids when they were young... plus the legs of a third child.

    Just the legs.

    One full girl, two full girls, legs of a third girl...

    We're clueless.


    Cops always drive carefully. After all, we deal with the aftermath of those who don't.


  21. I have never seen a ghost but I swear that shortly after putting my cat, Smokey, to sleep, I heard her cry at night in the house for weeks afterwards.


  22. CJ,

    Wow, that is one cool story!!! I'd love to see that photograph.

    Every now and then you have to give in to the force (the books that call out your name). :)

    I would definitely have guessed you drive well, if anyone asked, although I had a police car drift into my lane one time, last year. I had to honk at him to keep him from hitting me head-on. Weird. Good to "see" you. I haven't been blog-hopping much, this week, but I hope to catch up soon.


    I could have sworn I saw Sunshine curled up at least 3 times after I had her put to sleep. I like to think she was there to reassure me. Maybe that's what Smokey was doing, also?


    My dad had a pair pet crows when I was young. He taught them to talk! They would sit on his shoulder. We kept them inside but they would go outside for awhile every day.
    When my Dad died a big flock of crows showed up at the cemetery. We always joked that he was one of them. Last Thanksgiving (2007)my youngest son was injured in a shotgun accident.As I sat in a 2nd floor waiting room at Duke, a crow flew up and sat outside beside me, perched on the windowsill. He didn't budge until the surgeon came out to reassure us that Josh's foot could be saved!
    Was this just a coincidence??? I You'll never convince me of that. Do I believe in ghosts?? Not really but I know what I saw!

    Have great day!

  24. Hi, my email address is:
    I would love to win these for my daughter.

    Hmm, no paranormal experiences, damn! However, looked over my shoulder twice after reading CJ's story...would that count? :)

    And I don't drive anymore, just walk everywhere. But I was a pretty good driver back then.

  25. MJ,

    You've got a couple of truly cool stories to tell! Thanks for sharing. I love reading about that kind of experience. I'm sure the crow was very comforting to you!


    I'm a little surprised that I slept, last night, after CJ's story. So, yeah. I think it counts! LOL

    Lucky you, getting to walk everywhere. We have to drive, no matter where we go. I love walking, so one of my goals is to someday move to a place with sidewalks, leash laws, and plenty of places to walk!

  26. Please enter me it the drawing! Thanks for hosting!

    The closest I've felt to paranormal activity was at the hotel in Estes Park, Colorado where Stephen King wrote The Shining. We went on the tour and I swear to you that a ghost was sitting right next to me. There is a weird aura in the photo we took in that spot and I felt a sudden chill and got goosebumps on my arms. It was very creepy. :-)

  27. Oh, Holly, Estes Park. Sigh. I love Estes Park. That would be the Stanley Hotel, right? I visited friends of my parents there, but we never stayed. Nice creepy story, thanks!

  28. My email is

    I have seen, felt and heard ghosts and spirits.
    I remember the first time was when I was a child and my mom had just tucked me into bed. After she left the room, a boy came in and walked over to my bed and just stood and stared at me. I was so shocked and scared I couldn't move a muscle. He used to come around a lot and hide in my closet. I called him "Him". After we moved I never saw Him again. No idea who he was.

  29. Stacie,

    Yikes. That story gave me shivers!!! Thanks for sharing. I hope I don't have any nightmares, now. ;)

  30. Hi! I came here via Teddy rose's blog. Okay, here's my entry... :)

    1. josettebooks[at]yahoo[dot]com

    2. Um, no I haven't seen a ghost and don't plan to meet one! I easily get freaked out after watching a horror movie or listening to some frightening story and my imagination goes totally wild that I won't be able to go off to sleep quickly.

    3. I try to drive as carefully and safely as possible. I do wish there are less maniacs on the roads too.

    4. Thanks for giving international readers the opportunity to participate.

  31. It's possible Smokey was trying to comfort me. They're good like that :-)


  32. OH, can you just enter me for the first one? I'd love that!!

    1. Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

    2. Nope, I haven't. Thank goodness. I think I would freak out if something like that happened to me!!!

    3. I don't drive...but yes, drive safelyyyy.


  33. Josette,

    I can't say I blame you! You're in.


    It's a nice way to look at a kitty-ghost visit, don't you think?


    Yes, certainly, just the first book is fine.

  34. You crack me up. Anyhow, great contest, and here's my entry:

    No paranormal experiences although I once scared myself silly in a graveyard at night with some friends. What looked from the light of our dim flashlight like a body turned out to be a white sheet of plastic.

    Okay, I always drive nice. Minnesota Nice!! I don't even talk on the old cell phone while driving in order to be a good driver.

  35. Kim,

    That sounds like something I'd do. I've "spotted" hawks and then said, "Oh, no. That's actually . . . a plastic bag. And, it doesn't really look like a hawk at all, when you get closer."

    Good for you! I don't drive while talking on a cell, either. I'm too scattered to handle two things at once, anyway, but it turns out people even run into poles and fall off sidewalks when they talk on phones while walking! So, you know. Smart cookies, you and I. ;)


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