Friday, January 23, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Reasons/excuses why I haven't caught up on blog-hopping, posting awards, memes, reviews and the latest giveaway:

1. It was in the 70's in Mississippi, today -- sunny, breezy and mostly perfect, if a bit noisy. I spent part of my day on the porch, reading. I'm really curious where the local rooster is located. Seriously, I've been hearing "cock-a-doodle-doo" noises for months. We're on the edge of a rural area, but it's pretty well built up so the sound of a rooster is definitely surprising.

2. The cat needed me. When I woke up, she was comfortably curled up on my legs. Mustn't disturb the feline, so I read for a while in bed, also. I finished Grace for the Afflicted by Matthew S. Stanford, Ph.D. It is awesome. More on that later. Whenever I get around to catching up, that is.

3. When I finally got on the computer (and that took quite a while), the internet went kaput. That, my friends, is a valid excuse.

4. I'm still working on filling up our new utility-room cabinets. The husband made one heck of a mess, piling things willy-nilly into -- and essentially burying -- the breakfast nook. First order of the day was forging a path to the window because I simply do not function in a cave; I had to open the blinds.

5. Errands. Chores. Bills. Blah.

6. Because.

The kitty pictured above is Mamasita, the resident cat at Off-Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi. Isn't she lovely?

I'm thinking maybe the next drawing will be for A Big Box of History Rocks (fiction and non-fiction). What do you think?

Happy Weekend!

Bookfool, aka Excuse-Generating Machine


  1. It stinks when real life gets in the way of important stuff like your blog.

  2. LOL! Too true, Kathy!

  3. Anonymous8:45 PM

    At least you've got excuses. I've got nothing.

  4. Softdrink,

    I'll bet if you do a little pondering you can come up with some sort of excuse. And, it will probably make at least 50 people laugh.

  5. Yeah, I can probably come up with a few excuses for my slackishness, too. Such is life! I just started Looking for Alaska, though, and it is pretty good so far. You are one of the John Green fans, aren't you, or am I totally wrong?

  6. Who doesn't love cats in baskets?! It was in the 70s here as well, but tomorrow is predicted to be much cooler. I LOVE the idea of a history box giveaway! I would enter that FOR SURE!

  7. Dear Excuse Generating Machine,

    The reasons I, too, have not been blog hopping are as follows:

    *I've had a cold from Hell that's lasted all week.

    *The children's report cards and curriculum based measurement tests and math checklists were due today.

    *No matter how hard I search, or how many I buy, I simply cannot find the perfect lipstick color. Red seems too harsh now that I'm 48, pink seems too teen, brown is too nauseum.

    *There's a kitty sitting on my lap and I would never, ever dream of disturbing her.

    Love and kisses,

  8. 1. Send the warm weather up to NC, please! :)

    2. That cat is gorgeous. What kind is she, do you know?

    3. The internet always goes kaput when you need it the most.

    4. My own cat is curled up on her side here beside my left leg in bed and she has her paw covering her eyes so as to block the light. I am thirsty but mustn't disturb the feline, right? ;)

  9. Kailana,

    Feel free to post your own excuses. ;)

    Yes, John Green fangirl, here!! I didn't like Looking for Alaska as much as An Abundance of Katherines but I still thought it was awesome. I am smitten.


    Cats in baskets are definitely adorable.

    I'm going to miss that sunny, pretty weather BUT (big but -- something I know a lot about . . . okay, that was lame) I'm not in any hurry for summer to arrive. Summer in Mississippi is wicked hot and humid.

    Okay, history it is. Laura's choice! :)


    *Awww, I hope you feel better soon.

    *Ack. I feel for you.

    *You look great in red lipstick, but how about something natural and glossy, if you're not happy with red? Or do you hate gloss? I actually just use chapstick, but a photographer once told me (when I was 14), "Lick your lips. Oh, my God, you don't HAVE any lips." So, I try not to play up my lack of lips. There are many bad words to describe that photographer.

    *Good for you. Mustn't disturb the sweet furball (waving to Samantha!!).

    Big fat hugs to you, Bellezza!


    1. I would rather keep it, but I'm willing to share!

    2. I have no idea. Tortoiseshell, maybe? She's a beauty, isn't she?

    3. Unfortunately, yep. The internet is spectacularly well-known for its ability to pick that special moment to hiccup or keel over.

    4. Absolutely. It is very, very important not to wiggle the mattress. Cats have tender sensibilities, you know. Can't offend. Fortunately, they also have short memories, but I make a point not to tell my cat I'm in on that little secret.

  10. Such a pretty kitty!
    Re #2, I have that problem all the time. I'm just about to get up but then Jiro will jump on my lap and look so cute and cozy I don't have the heart to move. You're right about the short memory though, thank goodness! :P

  11. Anonymous9:46 AM

    This reminds me of a kitty that was curled up in the window of a store I visited awhile ago - she was so adorable. I love seeing pets in stores.

  12. My sister uses the excuse of not wanting to disturb the cats on her all the time for not doing stuff.

    I have not been in a blogging or reading mood lately. I am reading a biography called Life and Times of the Thunderbolt kid by Bill Bryson. It is okay. I read it at night when I do not have a lot of time and I do not want to start a fiction book and have to put it down. I used to not be that way about fiction books. I have been going to bed at 10 this week. As it turns out I think myself and my three fellow employees might be suffering from radiation posioning. I looked it up on line last night and it fits. The MRI place below us had a radiation leak we knew nothing about until yesterday when the workers came through medical records to get on the roof. Wierd.
    Hopefully this weekend the effects will wear off of us. :)

  13. Nat,

    She's a sweet kitty, too. You'd love her.

    It's funny how we change our plans in order to avoid offending the cat, isn't it? They're so lovable -- especially if it's cold outside. LOL Yes, thank goodness for short memories. Since we have a black cat and dark hallways, there is often much to forgive in our house(lots of inadvertant tail-squashings).


    Store kitties make shopping more homey, don't they? Besides Mamasita, there are several other store cats in a nearby art shop (with palatial cushions -- I'll have to post a pic of them, sometime) in that same town square. I think that may be one of the reasons I adore Oxford. It has a friendly atmosphere. At least, as long as you don't go to a football game. That can get a little scary.


    My whole family takes turns using the cat as an excuse, but fortunately we all agree it's a good reason. We do spoil our kitty.

    I guess we all go through phases during which blogging isn't a priority. But, wow. Radiation poisoning? Have you been to a doctor? I wouldn't toy with that. You might need some kind of treatment.

    The Life and Times, etc. is a book I keep hoping to read but haven't gotten to, yet. It's gotten mixed reviews, but I think I'll probably like it because of the time period. Putting down fiction is never a problem for me; I have no choice. I'm a slow reader. Maybe you need a pretty bookmark to make stopping more interesting. Want me to send you one of my photo bookmarks?

  14. I like the last excuse the best: because. Sometimes you don't need any more reason than that! Mamasita is indeed very lovely. I forget--how many cats do you have?

  15. It has not been said by my boss that we were feeling the effects of radiation but my fellow coworker and myself feels like it describes how we were all feeling last week. I am already feeling better not being there. I don't think our symptoms are bad enough for treatment.

    I would love one of your bookmarks. I will email you my address. Thank you. :)

    I just finished a book called The Apothocary's Daughter by Julie Klassen. It is a new historical by Bethany House. I hope to get my review up this weekend. :)

  16. A beautiful day and good books is a perfect excuse to stay away from the internet :)

    Happy weekend!

  17. Your #2 excuse is one I've been known to use frequently. Jeff makes fun of me because I will literally crawl around the cats to get out of bed so that I don't disturb them. Sometimes, though, the cats just *need* you to stay where you are.

  18. Trish,

    I love the way you think. :) We only have one kitty girl, now: Miss Spooky. Our beloved little Miss Sunshine died in 2007. I can hardly believe she's been gone for over a year-and-a-half! We still miss her like crazy and Kiddo periodically begs for kittens because Spooky is kind of dim, by comparison. Sunshine was a smart little puppy cat, extremely companionable. She even reformed my cat-hating friend, Judy. But, since Miss Spooky is 15 years old, I feel like it would be kind of icky to get kittens. She deserves a relaxed atmosphere. Sunshine drove her nuts.


    Sometimes employers like to hide those things, so be careful. I hope it's not serious.

    Got your address!

    I'll look forward to reading your review. I now have 750 posts in my Google Reader. I think I need to just take a day to read posts, but I've got so many reviews to write that just thinking about it makes me want to hide from my computer!


    I so agree. When it's so pretty outside, it's almost wrong to stay inside -- especially if you have the ability to go out and enjoy the weather.

    Thanks! Happy Weekend to you, too!


    Exactly! Oh, that's so funny!! I don't crawl around mine so much as gradually shift myself till the cat's no longer on top of me, if I really desperately need to get up. Sometimes, I'll gently lift Spooky off of me and settle her onto David, if he's still in bed. If there's another warm spot, I don't feel quite so guilty. We do spoil our furbabies, don't we?

  19. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Amen to all the excuses! I try to keep on track, but that never seems to work out. ;)

  20. Cute kitty!!

    Excuses, excuses.....they are good though!! Me? I've been working and cleaning my house. (and if you could have seen the incredible state of chaos it was in, you would totally understand!)

    Since the high today was 7, I'm totally ignoring your excuse number 1!

  21. It is a pain that all this other stuff happens, isn't it? If you got some spare excuses whirling around in that machine, I could use some new ones. Some of mine are old, trite, and overused.

  22. J. Kaye,

    I can never keep up, either. Sometimes you just have to give up and read. Or, enjoy the weather. Or, stay underneath the warm cat. :)


    She's a pretty girl, isn't she?

    I live in chaos. I truly don't know how working people cope, but then I got myself in this boat and I'll just have to bail my way out. It's amazing how much stuff we had crammed into our tiny utility room. I even found my ancient box of fossils, passed down by some great-aunt. Yes, behind all that canned food. LOL

    Well, it's "cold" here, now. Not Chicago cold, but you know . . .
    I don't blame you for ignoring #1. We do have nice winters.


    None of my excuses are particularly new or creative. But, I could probably come up with a few if I think about it long enough. :)

  23. These were great! I'm impressed that you are training to run a marathon. I've decided just to start running again. I hate running while I am doing it but love the way I feel afterwards. Weird, huh?

  24. Samantha,

    Thank you! No, I don't think that's weird, actually. I think quite a few people run to stay or get into shape, not because they love it. I feel that way about gyms, but I'm such a complete gym flunky (just can't get myself there) that I've decided I have to go back to doing what I love. And, I do love running . . . once I get into shape -- right now, I'm all breathless and miserable just walking, ugh.

  25. What a great photo! I love the cat. :-)

    It sounds like Friday was a beautiful day out your way. I'd rather be outdoors reading if I could too.

    One of our neighbors has roosters even though it's illegal in this area. I worry that they keep them for cock fighting, but there's been no real evidence of that.

    I know what you mean about animals being distracting. :-) We have to see to their comfort and needs first, after all.

    I hope you have a great week, Nancy.

  26. All excellent excuses! I wish I had some good ones, but mostly they just revolve around boys (well, one in particular) or being lazy.

  27. Wendy,

    Thank you! That was taken during our break from a swim meet, last year. I don't know how I ended up in that file, but it seemed like the right photo for the moment.

    Friday was simply awesome outside. So was Thursday, for that matter. Now, it's cold and it's been heavily overcast. I'm hoping it will warm up and the sun will emerge, tomorrow.

    Oh, I hope that's not why your neighbor has roosters.

    I was just sitting with the cat on my lap and the kiddo kicked me out of the chair. We were both really put out. LOL

    Thank you! Happy week to you!


    You have more genuine excuses than I do, being a working girl. Boys are a BIG SIGH. I think the option is go through the misery of dating forever or end up with one and then think, "Uh, why did I do that?" Admittedly, the cloud cover effects me in a negative way. ;)

  28. Excuses, excuses.

    Of course, none are needed, but I always enjoy a good excuse, of which you've got plenty. ;-)

  29. Love your excuses lol! Oh, I want my library to have a library cat! She's so pretty!

  30. I love bookstore kittys! And she's adorable. Its a long holiday weekend here and I woke up yesterday and enjoyed a couple of hours reading in bed but sans pet curled up on feet. :-p

  31. What a wonderful picture!!

  32. Trish,

    Most of my excuses are genuine, but I can come up with some whoppers, when necessary. The best part of this post is probably the cat photo. I looked at it and thought, "She is mentally out the window, like I am." LOL


    I long for a library cat, too. I don't think that will ever happen, here, but one can wish. Mamasita is a bookstore cat and I do think she draws in customers. The moment we walk in the door, the entire family always seeks out the cat. :)


    Now, that's the way to spend a holiday! Of course, you could use a nice furball to pin you down. :)


    Thank you!

  33. I can't stand to be in a cave either. Unfortunately, my house faces North and there aren't so many windows on the South side. There are no windows at ALL on the West, and only two small ones on the East. Clearly, poor planning on our part when we bought it. I long for a 3 Season room (there aren't 4 season rooms here in SD.)

  34. Lisa,

    We've got windows on every side, but some of them are very narrow and there's only one in the den. I avoid our den like the plague (even when it does have flooring -- which it doesn't, at the moment). We made the same mistake, not paying attention to light. In fact, when we moved in there were trees and shrubs blocking most of the windows. I don't know how I missed that! The first thing we did when we arrived was yank out all that superfluous shrubbery. If and when we move, I'm looking for windows, windows, windows in my next home!!!

  35. I hear you! It seems I'm always behind with blog-related things (especially blog reading, which I most enjoy). There's always something coming up (like illness or going to work LOL).

    I wish we were in the 70s. We're in the midst of an ice storm. UGH!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  36. Anna,

    It's not in the 70's, today! In fact, I've got on three layers and I'm so cold I'm having trouble getting my fingers to move. Now and then, I twitter or type a sentence on my Grace for the Afflicted review, but I'm not getting very far!! I hope you guys are all done with illness.

  37. hahaha, I just posted an "Excuse blog"!

  38. Jessica,

    I'll have to see if your excuses are better than mine. ;)


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