Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Experts Needed by Louise Lewis

No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!
By Louise Lewis
Copyright 2007
iUniverse - Body, Mind & Spirit
208 pages

No Experts Needed is a book that was conceived after the author was "set free" from her job of 11 years (laid off, in other words). Unsure of what she wanted to do next, Louise decided to take some time off before finding a new job and then received a message from God guiding her to write a book. The idea to ask people to spontaneously write down what they believe to be the meaning of life came to her and she set out collecting answers from friends, relatives, acquaintances and even total strangers.

The result is a surprisingly fun and enlightening little book. It's not all quotes from other people. Lewis talks about her own life experiences -- her work and travels, how she met the people she questioned, her personal losses and triumphs. She refers to God as "Spirit". I'm not sure I'd call No Experts Needed a book that singles out any particular religion, for that reason, although a good portion of the people she queried considered God a major part of their reason for being.

No Experts Needed is a sweet, often funny and very positive book -- definitely an upper. I absolutely loved reading it and I may have a little trouble parting with this one. I'll have to give myself a little lecture about not needing to keep all those books, I suppose. I'd particularly recommend reading this book when you need a little comfort about your fellow humans (like after someone has swooped in and stolen that prime parking spot just after you had a bad day at work and accidentally tripped over your pet) or need a little cheer.

I'll probably return to my old format, at least occasionally, soon. Pardon the lack of consistency at Bookfoolery & Babble. I've been experimenting a little -- sometimes working on brevity, sometimes just letting myself ramble. Not sure which I like best. Let me know if you have a strong opinion, one way or the other.

One last comment on No Experts Needed -- the cover. Ugh. If I'd seen the cover before I accepted the book, I very well might have avoided it. Again, don't let it turn you off. If you're interested in memoirs and/or looking for an upper, there is a lot to love about this book. The author's joy practically radiates off the pages. I found myself wishing she lived next door.


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    I loved this book and agree about it being such a positive book. The author's energy could be felt through her words! :)

  2. J. Kaye,

    I so agree with you on that. And, I couldn't help thinking she must really project that energy in person because she has a wide, wide circle of friends whom she's kept in touch with for many years.

  3. I think I like the sound of a book being positive and an "upper." It seems like so much in the world is negative right now! I think new formats are fun! Oh--I stepped on my cat's tail today on accident and I still feel bad about it, but sometimes those pets are just a little in the way!

  4. Laura,

    Boy, isn't that the truth! Especially if you turn on the news . . . although the fact that a plane landed on the water without any deaths and Illinois tossed out whatsisface are both positive. Oh, poor kitty, but yeah. They have a tendency to get underfoot. We forget to turn on the hallway light sometimes; and, since our kitty girl is black . . . well, she does get stepped on and tripped over more frequently than any of us would like. The scream when you step on a tail is really horrifying, isn't it?

  5. I kind of like the title since I'm no expert.

  6. Booklogged,

    LOL! Same here!

  7. i agree with you about the book cover, wouldn't have picked it up if i came across it at a bookstore.

  8. Ms Ulat Buku,

    Exactly. It's the kind of book that's easy to walk past.


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