Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Pie - a jumble of bookish stuff that gets tossed into a single post for no apparent reason

Sunday Pie time!

The pie at right is a pie-cosahedron. You can read the explanation for this ingenious mathematical pie-struction at Mathematics & Statistics at Williams College.

For today's Sunday Pie, I'm going to participate in a meme that's been going around. Most recently, I read and enjoyed Wendy's version. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Instructions: Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.

Describe Yourself: Nothing but Trouble (Susan May Warren)

How do you feel: Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs (Ellen Kennedy)

Describe where you currently live: In the Sanctuary of Outcasts (Neil White)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Offworld (Robin Parrish)

Your favorite form of transport: Monkey, Monkey, Monkey (Cathy MacLennan)

Your best friend is: SLOB (Ellen Potter)

What's the weather like: A Summer Affair (Elin Hilderbrand)

Favourite time of day: As Shadows Fade (Colleen Gleason)

What is life to you: I Choose to be Happy (Missy Jenkins)

Your fear: Vanishing (Candida Lawrence)

What is the best advice you have to give: Don't Shoot! We're Republicans! (Jack Owens)

Thought for the Day: During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present (Brandon Scott Gorrell)

How I would like to die: On the Run (Bill Myers)

My soul's present condition: Christianish (Mark Steele)

BBAW Silence:

I haven't managed to post about BBAW because of time constraints. This is a priority issue and has nothing to do with my desire to participate. I missed out on BBAW, last year, and was really looking forward to this year's events. In fact, I signed up, was nominated for a few categories (but not short-listed - many thanks to those who nominated me!!) and have been looking forward to visiting other blogs. However -- and this is a huge however -- my son is a senior and we're in the midst of his last swim season ever. His shoulder is keeping him from competing well (which is actually driving him crazy, but we've found no solution) and he doesn't plan to continue swimming competitively after the season ends. Also, I'll be an empty-nester in 2010.

For those reasons, I feel like swim season has to take priority over Book Blogger Appreciation Week (and blog-hopping, for now). I'd rather spend my time at the pool, hanging out with a great bunch of teenagers and snapping their pictures than miss out on the last chance I'll ever have to do so. I'm going to really miss the joy of swim season when my son goes off to college; the swim parents and swimmers are among the friendliest and most open people I've met in our area. Plus, they don't mind if I get crazy and snap photos of things like this:

At least . . . I hope they don't mind. I will continue to post book reviews, as I'm able.

Just finished reading:

Bundle of Joy by Diana Orgain

Walked into my home, this week:

Bleak History by John Shirley (via Paperback Swap)

The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell (ARC, thanks to Greg Mortimer & Ecco Books)

Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marsha Pessl (via Paperback Swap)

Troublesome Creek by Jan Watson (via Paperback Swap)

The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LeZebnick (thanks to Hatchette Books - see my drawing post, here)

The Treasures of Venice by Loucinda McGary (surprise from Sourcebooks)

Century (Book 1): Ring of Fire by P. D. Baccalario (ARC, thanks to Random House)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One of my favorite photos of the week, taken at the local El Sombrero restaurant:

I usually refuse to take my son to a restaurant directly after swim practice (because, among other reasons, he needs to immediately ice down his bad shoulder) but on that particular day I forgot to eat lunch, so we were both starving. I had the camera with me because we drove straight from practice and to stave off boredom I was snapping the lights, the tile, the coke glasses . . . you name it. Along came the waiter and he said, "Cheese." So, I turned the camera to him and he posed. I love it when people do that! And doesn't he have a terrific smile?

Off to read! Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

Bookfool, savoring a quiet moment in the house


  1. I totally agree with you - spending time with your son while you can takes precedence over the internet any day. Enjoy him while you can!

  2. I'm with you Nancy! Since this is your son's last swim season, you should totally devote all of your time to that!! Bloggers will always be here and there will be another BBAW so no need to fret at all over that. And Lord knows there's always time to read :p And what a cool pie!

  3. I like the way your titles fit into the Lit Meme....very fun.

    You son is a cutie; senior years are nerve wracking for parents; stay calm :)

  4. Hope you're having a great Sunday! And enjoy those last swim meets - life is too short.

  5. Kathy,

    Thanks. I'm going to miss kiddo so much when he's away at college; I already know that. I'm trying to just soak up this last year with him. :)


    Thank you for agreeing. Besides being his last swim season, it's awful darn fun hanging out at the pool. ;) I'll worry about BBAW next year. Isn't that the coolest pie you ever did see?


    Thanks! I thought those titles worked out pretty well. My favorite was transport by Monkey, Monkey, Monkey.

    That's not my son; the photo is of our waiter, but both are cuties. We're trying to stay calm. This has been a difficult year for the kiddo, so far. I hope it improves. :)


    I had a pretty good day, thanks! My Bible study just started up. It's an older Beth Moore and a little dull compared to her newer ones, but that could partly be fatigue speaking. Thanks. I'm loving the pool time. We're having a rainy day, so I've got my fingers crossed that the weather improves. :)

  6. Anonymous8:07 PM

    That's a brilliant selection of titles! I especially like In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. ;-)

  7. Well good luck to Will! Blogging can take a side trip. I am certainly not blogging as much and I actually enjoy it when I do blog. :)

    Just about to post another review here in a few and then I'll pick up a new book tomorrow.

  8. Thanks for playing! I love your responses to the meme. They all fit so perfectly. :-)

    I completely understand you wanting to spend time with your son and his friends. Go and have fun! Take lots of photos. Share a few with us. There's plenty of blogger love for you all year round.

  9. I love the meme answers - In the Sanctuary of Outcasts is hilarious and I gotta love the Don't Shoot, We're Republicans answer.

    Like everyone else - I'm all for you going to the swim meets and enjoying yourself. Senior year is an interesting time, as I'm sure you remember from son number one. Savor as much of it as you can!


  10. Miz Fizz,

    Thank you, dear. I'm rather fond of In the Sanctuary of Outcasts, too. It's closer to the truth than I'd like to admit. :)


    Thanks! I hope he just manages to finish out the season without having to get out of the pool. We've already got 3 injured swimmers and the team wasn't that big to begin with.

    Blogging can be a lot more fun when you don't give it priority but just save it for when you feel compelled to write, I think. I'll have to look up your latest review, tomorrow. Gettin' tired. :)


    That was the most fun I've had doing a meme in ages. Thanks for the nudge to play along!

    I so appreciate all the support I'm getting about spending time at the pool instead of blogging. Thank you for that! I just can't bear the idea of missing out on this last swim season. Teenagers are so full of life and I love being around them. I don't know what I'll do with myself, next year! Maybe go back to school, myself. :)

  11. Absolutely don't blame you at all. Your son's last swim season is far more important. I would like you to pop by later tomorrow though and check out my Monday post ;-)

  12. I am in a much better mood after reading your meme! Wonderful answers! I tried and tried and I just couldn't think of many! LOL Well, none that good!

    X0xx Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  13. BBAW is fun but you cannot miss your son's swim season. Have a wonderful time cheering on your son and the other kids.

    Oh and your meme answers were fun. Isn't it funny how some titles worked perfectly for that? :)

  14. CJ,

    I thought of you when I wrote the Don't Shoot We're Republicans. It seemed like something that would make you chuckle. :)

    Yep, the senior year is definitely interesting. With kiddo, it's been completely different from Eldest's experience. Their interests are so diverse. Eldest was in Cross-Country and played guitar in the band. He stayed out after work on weeknights and caused us all sorts of angst. Kiddo is in swimming and has discovered he has a natural talent for public speaking (he's fearless). He gets home early and stays home; church is where he's happiest.

    I'm half looking forward to the empty nest thing (so I can go to school, get a job or travel with hubby) but I know I'm going to miss him like crazy so I'm sucking up the fun.

  15. SuziQ,

    Thank you, babe. I appreciate the support. I shall pop by in a little bit. :)


    I need your mood to rub off on me. I've been down since my husband told me (at about 10:30pm, last night) "Oh, by the way, I have to go to DC, tomorrow." Grrr. I hate it when he does that.

    Some of those questions were hard to find decent titles to fit, but I had fun. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed mine and super glad reading them gave you a lift!

  16. Iliana,

    Thanks. Swim season really cuts my day into pieces (I have to pick up the kids by 1:30), but I love it.

    Isn't that meme a hoot? Yeah, it's really funny how well some of those titles work!

  17. Definitely swim time/last year before the empty nest takes precedence. That is a FABULOUS shot of the diving feet! I love it.

    Your meme answers were cracking me up! Good job.

  18. Carrie,

    Thank you, darlin'. It feels good knowing so many people agree with my priorities. You have a new Hez avatar!!! Are you switching to Blogger?

    Heh. Glad you liked those answers. I had loads of fun with that meme. :)

  19. I've seen this meme around but haven't tried it. I doubt if I've read enough books to fill in the questions. You did a great job!

    Definitely, enjoy your last swimming season. You are making the right choice.

  20. It's a great reason not to be fully participating in BBAW, Nancy--and look at those cute toes. :) Enjoy the time with your son. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that there are more important things that the blogosphere. Hope you have a great week. And what a cute little waiter! :P

  21. Booklogged,

    Thanks! I have a feeling this year has been one of the few years I could have successfully completed that meme, since I've finished 140 books -- a huge number for me.

    I appreciate your support! Hopefully, we won't get rained out, today. It's kind of dreary outside.


    Thanks! I've been peeking in on as many of those BBAW posts as I can squeeze in (bookmarking a ton of them). I'll really enjoy diving into the festivities next year, but in the meantime I love watching my son swim and I'm happy with my decision. I appreciate the support!

    That waiter is a cutie, isn't he? I have a thing for those cute little toes, too. I snap them when they're doing underwater swimming - that moment when a swimmer dives under and the feet go up:)

  22. I love your Mexican waiter picture! We ate Mexican Sunday night and it was okay. My Dad, Sister, and I are trying out the different ones in our area trying to find a good one. Back in my college days my friends and I would eat at the El Sombero in Clinton. :)

  23. Brittanie,

    Thanks. Isn't he cute? If you've been to the El Sombrero in Clinton, you've probably seen the owner or part-owner who looks like he could easily be a romance cover model, right? I need to get a picture of that guy. Our El Sombrero has been totally remodeled and it is gorgeous -- and huge. You should drop by, sometime. :)

  24. That's a fun meme! And I wanted to do it too... BUT I couldn't get my answers correct ever!!
    That poto is so cool [ the feet one]
    Spending time with your son - is priceless.. we will have BBAW nxt year as well...
    I am sorry to hear about your son's shoulder!!! That's really bad :(

    And that waiter's smile is sure cute :)

  25. Veens,

    I think I was just fortunate to have read some books with fitting titles. It's a fun meme to read, even if you can't get yours to work right, isn't it?

    Thanks for the compliments on the photos. That waiter does have a great smile!

    I'll join in on BBAW next time around. I'm reading some of the posts, but even if I was really involved I know I couldn't keep up with all of them!

  26. I like that meme. Very cute!!!

    Life by Candlelight

  27. As a former swimmer myself (15 years), I agree that your son's last season should take precedence. You will forever love the smell of chlorine since it will always take you to this time in his life. :-)

    Oh, and seeing the picture of your son (he's adorable), I have to say, he just *looks* like a swimmer. Can't explain it but every now and again I see kids out and about who I just know are swimmers and your son would definitely be one of them.

  28. Kristen,

    Funny you should say that about chlorine. I already love the smell of it, just because I only get a whiff of chlorine during swim season. Thanks for agreeing! As it turns out, I've got an ear infection and I can only stand to sit up for a short time, so I couldn't have gotten through the BBAW posts, anyway. I can't even seem to finish a book review.

    That's not my son! It's the waiter at the restaurant where we ate after practice. But, you know . . . I'll bet it's the hair that makes you feel like he has the look of a swimmer. The boys do like to keep their hair short (or buzzed). Mine is complaining that his hair's getting in the way. He buzzed his at the first of summer and now it's grown to normal length.

  29. I honestly can't think of a better reason to miss BBAW! Enjoy your son's last swims eason, Nancy!

  30. Nymeth,

    Me, either. Thanks! The kids were so funny, yesterday. I'll have to post a picture or two when I have a minute (which might be next week - we'll see). Tomorrow's the meet we host, so we'll be moving tables and putting up tents, this afternoon.


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