Friday, January 07, 2011

Fiona Friday - The Tabby Sprawl . . . plus, Isabel Explores the Mountains of Chaos

Hard to believe Fiona was a skinny kitten just a year ago, isn't it?

When Kiddo says, "Fi's getting FAT," I remind him that Fiona's a stress eater (seriously -- the more Isabel unnerves her, the more she munches on Izzy's kitten chow) and remind him we refer to Fi as "sturdy" rather than overweight, although we'll be buying something with a little less body-building protein, next time around. I think you can stop with the kitten chow at around 6 months -- I will have to check on that.

Meanwhile . . . little Isabel is still a skinny little explorer with the funniest bouncy run. I wish you could see it. I need to videotape her running. Here, she's exploring the piles of books I'm sorting in our living room.

We're emptying cabinets and shelves to rearrange our office. In fact, I may have to go offline for a few days, sometime soon, as I'm planning to paint the office and then see if I can hire a neighbor to build something that will work more efficiently in our small space -- some kind of combination of desk and shelves.

I haven't yet taken photos of the books that have arrived since December 20, but hope to get that done so I can write a books in/books out report, soon. And, I haven't even touched the 2010 Reads report. Eeks. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all the household tasks I need to accomplish, at the moment, so I'm actually amazed that I've managed to keep up with my book reviews, so far this year. It may take a week or two before I get around to listing my favorite 2010 reads.

So far, I'm really enjoying my reading, this year. How is your reading going, so far in 2011?

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  1. I love your kitty posts! Do you come home to find that your furry ones have pulled books off your shelves? I'm tempted to start recording what my kitten Faye removes from the shelves. Her tastes seem heavily focused on fantasy, although yesterday she stared me straight in the eyes and then proceeded to carefully paw a Scottish historical romance off the shelves. Since it was wedged between a bunch of other books, I was a little impressed.

  2. Library Girl,

    Thank you! Fiona has not pulled books off the shelf yet, although I've seen her try and immediately put a halt to it. Our Spooky was an inveterate book-knocker-off-the-shelfer. It drove me nuts, actually, so the books on the lower shelves are pretty tightly wedged. That's probably at least part of the reason Fiona hasn't succeeded.

    So funny about your kitty focusing mostly on fantasy! Spooky could be pretty bold about knocking books down in my presence.

    Our latest adventure has been yanking little Isabel out of the Christmas tree. The girls didn't bother it during Christmas season and we like the lights, so we've left it up. But, I think we're about to find ourselves forced to wrap the tree and store it (we bought a small, pre-lit artificial tree). This evening, Izzy tried to munch down on one of the little lights. I only had time to snap a picture before I bolted over to save her from ingesting light bulbs. Cats are nutty.

  3. Love looking at sturdy little Fiona, love looking at the curious Isabel, am picturing her sweet gait in my mind. Good luck on all the sorting of the chaos; I did my closet floor over break and couldn't manage much more. I guess I'll face my Mount Chaos when school's out. You know, in June.

  4. Sturdy - I like that - and will use it for my benefit soon. Your babies are beautiful.

  5. Bellezza,

    You would love to see Isabel run. She's very springy. Thanks. I need all the luck (and prayers) I can get. I have closets to tackle, too -- not sure what to do about the closet in which hubby stuffs his luggage. I long for a basement to stash things like luggage.

    LOL June sounds good. You probably have a very pleasant June! By June, we'll have to stop sorting and hauling things off because of the heat. I do my big housework in the winter, when it's cool and comfy.


    Whatever works, right? ;) Thank you. My girls are still so new to me that I find myself studying their features, the way they run and talk. Pets are such fun. :)

  6. Cute kitties!

    I see the Nancy Mitford book on top of one of those piles and wonder have you read it? And if so, what did you think? I have it on my TBR shelf but it's been there for ages.

  7. Lesley,


    Nope, I haven't yet read the Nancy Mitford book. I *almost* started it, yesterday or the day before, but I settled on Far Afield by Susanna Kaysen, instead. It's a book I hope to read very soon, though. I deliberately put the Mitford book on top of one of the piles as a reminder.

  8. Such cute kitties. Neither of mine pulled books off the shelves, thankfully, although it would be cute to see which ones they chose!

    Piles? Sorting? What is this you speak of? ;)

  9. Carrie,

    Spooky's book-pulling choices were totally random -- no exciting patterns. Darn.

    Piling, sorting, walking away from sorted piles because I'm not sure what to do next . . . that's the current status. I need to get back to work on the office. This week I'm moving slowly. I think the cold air is making me ache.


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