Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Sleet and Snuggles

We spent all day Saturday preparing for a winter storm, in anticipation of potential power loss. So far, it hasn't been as bad as predicted (although more sleet and freezing rain are possible during the night). We've been warm and toasty; the power has flickered but only briefly and no trees have come crashing down. Since church was closed and the mall was shut down, my entire family pretty much spent the day in pajamas. I only dressed for a few hours, specifically so I could go outside to snap a few pictures.

I think the cats had the right idea. It was a good day to stay indoors, sleep a little and snuggle.

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  1. Such cute kitties! My two spent most of today cuddled together on our bed. I was glad to see they made up after their little spat from this morning.

    I am glad your power didn't go out. A pajama day sounds so nice. I didn't venture out today either, although the weather here was pleasant enough I could have.

    I hope you have a great week, Nancy!

  2. We got quite a bit of snow in the Dallas area on Sunday and we all snuggled up. The Rockets spent some time outside, but Greyson and I and Chuck hunkered down with our respective books and toys and computers and rode it out. Now it looks like my college will be open today, so I'll be venturing out into the coldness soon.

  3. Wendy,

    My cats alternate between spats and cuddling. You just never know what's going to happen next. I prefer the snuggling, but sometimes they can be really funny when they're playing wrestle-chase and the little paws are thundering back and forth down the hallway.

    Thanks, I'm glad our power didn't go out, too! It's not often that all the stores shut down due to ice but it's not actually bad enough to cause electrical problems. We all loved having an excuse to stay in our pj's!!! Very relaxing.

    You have a terrific week, too!


    Ooooh, snow envy!! It sure seems like everyone else got snow. All we got was sleet and freezing rain. I had fun walking around, taking pics of icicles but it wasn't anything exciting. However, schools are closed today, so Kiddo gets an extra sleep-in day. Huzzybuns is buzzing around, getting ready to venture out into the cold. I'm considering being somewhat lazy for a second day, but I know I can only take that so far. :)

    Stay warm!!

  4. Same here! We expected much worse. Some ice and a little snow, but no power outage.

    Edgar just escaped into the snow and ice, and watching him pick up his feet and shake them was highly entertaining. Lucy & Stinker are rolling around the floor alternately grooming and fussing at each other.

  5. Jenclair,

    It's a relief not to get the big, bad ice storm, isn't it? We just figured we should prepare for the worst, since we haven't had one in quite a while. Nice to have an excuse to stay in and relax but no worries about power outages.

    LOL Aren't cats fun? I actually chuckled out loud, reading your description of your kitties' activities. Mine chased each other for a while, this morning, tried to munch on every wire in sight and then collapsed. Isabel's on a kitty bed I've placed on top of a bin under my desk. Fiona's probably on the chair we now refer to as "the throne" - the one they're cuddling on in the picture. I covered all the pillows with a fleece throw, since everything was getting covered in cat hair. Best to keep it all on one easily-washed blanket.

  6. We went out of town Sunday morning and came home this afternoon to a mess of snow and ice.

  7. Kathy,

    You must have gone somewhere with decent weather then, yes? I've heard about the mess in your state. I think we were very fortunate. We've lived through many ice storms and they are really every bit as scary as hurricanes. Plus . . . our fireplace leaks (it's had a tarp over it for a year -- we're slow to fix things) and we have no generator. If the power had gone out, we would have been miserably cold. So, we're very happy!!

  8. Cute little kitties :p Fantastic pics as always, Nancy :) We didn't get ANY kind of sleet/snow/ice anything....just horrible torrential downpours :( And I mean HORRIBLE! Turned my favorite umbrella inside know the neat little ones with the duckhead handles :( of those. I was so hoping that maybe, just MAYBE we would get a little snow.

  9. Hey Chris!!!

    Thanks! I've been missing you. I'm sorry you didn't get anything but yucky old rain. I guess I should be happy we got sleet, since it didn't do anything awful and we ended up having a really fun, relaxing day!! I am playing "Requiem for an Umbrella" in my head (it's a new song . . . very moving, you should hear it). Sorry, I hate it when a perfectly good umbrella gets ruined.

    We didn't see any snow at all. Boo hiss. But, it was kind of fun waking up to the clatter of sleet. It literally woke me up. However, I'm a light sleeper, so . . . you know.

    The kitties have been adorable. When I was outside taking pictures, Isabel looked at me like, "MOM? What are you doing out THERE???" but neither of them has the slightest interest in going out when it's cold. They skitter away from the door. It's hilarious.

  10. We still have icicles hanging from our eaves and frozen plants in the yard. I love that we still have snow 5 days later (a first for me living down south), but I'm a tiny bit sad that my begonias, which were still blooming and gorgeous, are probably dead mush by now. I was hoping they'd spring back in the spring but not sure there's any change of it at this point. sure is pretty, huh?

  11. Trish,

    Wow, you still have snow after 5 days? Our ice was gone by Monday afternoon. It was fun to look at while it lasted. Awfully pretty, yes! I think a dog pretty much killed off my begonias and this year was my first begonia attempt, so I can't tell you whether or not they'll come back.


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