Thursday, January 13, 2011

God Gave Us the World by Bergren & Bryant (review)

God Gave Us the World by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant
Copyright 2011
Waterbrook Press - Children (ages 4-8)
40 pages

Little Cub and his mother are talking about the different varieties of snow God makes when mother polar bear mentions that there are other kinds of bears living around the world. Little Cub is surprised as his mother mentions the things they eat and the places they live, how God made many types of creatures and spread them all over the world. He peppers her with questions as she describes the other bears and tells how they're much like polar bears on the inside, even though they may look different and live in different climates.

God Gave Us the World is a sweet little story about the variety of creation in the world and how much we're alike in spite of our physical differences with a sly mention of why we should take good care of our precious Earth.

Lovely illustrations and straightforward writing make God Gave Us the World a great addition to any home library. Peek inside God Gave Us the World to see some interior spreads and read the first few pages.

For those who are interested, God is mentioned constantly in this book. If you don't believe in a Creator and have no interest in books that describe a God who created the world, this isn't the book for you. For the rest, God Gave Us the World is a simple and beautiful way to share your belief with small children. While it's labeled a "Christian" book because of the publisher, it's not religion-specific.

Another ice photo seems apropos to a post with a book starring polar bears. I think I'm having every bit as much fun zooming in on icicles to look at their details as I had taking the photos. Ice is beautiful!! All those little bubbles fascinate me. You can actually click on this one to see a larger image. I don't know why sometimes you can enlarge the photos I post and sometimes you can't, but it's fun to look at a magnified view of an icicle.

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  1. This sounds delightful - love the picture too. If you're interested I'm having a review competition on my blog.

  2. Cozy Ann,

    The book is adorable. Thank you! I'm such a dope. I keep clicking on my own photo to look at the bubbles in those icicles. It's not like I couldn't just open Picasa to do the same thing. LOL

  3. Those are beautiful icicles! We are due for freezing rain, wintery mix, and snow. All in the next 24 hours. Gotta love winter. :)

  4. Les,

    That's the one thing we really got out of our winter storm -- pretty icicles to photograph! You would have loved them. I hope your winter mix is as harmless as ours. Kiddo had a one-day delay to the start of school, but otherwise our storm was pretty much a dud, which is good. We were relieved that the predicted ice storm didn't materialize.


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