Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fiona Friday - Going Retro

On the run-up to eldest son's wedding, we've been gathering and scanning some old photographs and I noticed Huzzybuns scanned a shot of little Eldest with the cat I refer to as my "childhood cat", Queenie. Queenie lived around 19 years. I was 6 years old when my parents brought her home and had a 2-year-old when she died, which explains why I think of her as the cat of my youth, although we did have a couple other cats that didn't last as long. Wasn't she a beautiful girl?

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  1. Aw, thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    She was beautiful. Kind of a tortoiseshell markings (did I spell that right?). A big cat too. Is that a trick of the light or does your kiddo have a feather on his little hat? LOL

  3. Kathy,



    You spelled it right, but we always called her a calico. Close enough. :) Yes, she was a big girl and really quite beautiful. In fact, most of the cats I've been owned by have been larger than average. Isabel is our exception. She's a tiny thing.

    No trick. That's a feather on his hat! My eldest unfortunately inherited my very, very fair skin, so I kept him in hats when he was small.

  4. Great picture, Nancy!

  5. What a beautiful looking calico! I love this picture!

  6. She was so beautiful! And how lucky you were to spend 19 years with her!

  7. Thanks, Kelly!


    Thanks! She really was a lovely animal.


    Thank you! Unfortunately, I wasn't with her all that time. My parents kept her when I married, even though they admitted she was really my cat. We all agreed she'd be better off staying in the home she knew than moving -- and I did move quite a bit in those college/early marriage years.

  8. Aw, she is so precious Nancy!! Glad you had some good time with her :) I love the colors of her fur so much!! That's just a precious picture really :)

  9. An utterly adorable picture.....they are both such cuties! :0)

  10. Chris,

    I don't know that I realized just how lucky we were to have a cat live to such a ripe old age. Thanks! I love that picture. It kind of shows the crossover between my childhood and adulthood, my kitty with my boy. :)


    Thank you! And, hey, nice to see you around! :)


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