Friday, July 29, 2011

Fiona Friday - Sister Love, pt 2 and some other jazz

Since it's Friday, this post must begin with a little continuation of a recent Fiona Friday. This is what happened after the photo I posted last week:

Awww. Adorables! And, here's something else that warms my little heart . . . a gerbera daisy bloom!

I'm thrilled about this little daisy because, till now, I have never succeeded at keeping a gerbera daisy alive long enough for it to bloom, again, after planting. Several buds came close and keeled over just before opening; this lovely pink girl was the first to survive. Another bud is still green but on the verge of blooming. So exciting!

And, here's a crappy but fairly colorful shot of last night's happenings. It took a little scheming because our local newspaper now charges for their web version (and, believe me, it's so not worth the cost) but I managed to at least view the opening page long enough to find out why we lost power for 6 hours, last night. A tree fell. Well, that's not particularly exciting, really, nor is sitting around in an airless house in the dark. But, the pretty flashing lights of the constable's car, Entergy cherry-pickers, etc. were fun to look at:

Next time this happens, I'll take a tripod. I just shot out the car window.

While we were cast into stuffy darkness, I spent my time well. I finished reading When She Woke by flashlight. I actually ran one of my Maglite batteries down to nearly nothing and then switched out with husband, who thinks darkness is just another opportunity to sleep.

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  1. Those daisies are just beautiful, and I have never actually seen them growing in the wild before, so I applaud your gardening skills! Also, I love the kitties loving on each other. Ours don't do that. They maintain separate corners and give each other dirty looks most of the time. And good for you for getting things done while the power was out! I know that I probably would have done the same!

  2. I tried growing gerbera daisies once, thought they were so pretty. Mine all died :(

  3. Zibilee,

    They're not wild; I bought and planted those daisies. It's just a thrill that I finally managed to get some to stay alive!

    I'm very lucky my two kitties get along so well, I know. Our last two hated each other. Our Spooky actually got a raging e-coli infection because Sunshine jumped on her with dirty claws. Miss Spooky was on antibiotics for months. I hate to say it, but I think Spooky was actually relieved when Sunshine died. She enjoyed being the Only Kitty, her last few years.

    You know what's funny about the power outage . . . I could have read a book on my iPad, but I just wanted to continue with what I was already reading. Good thing we had two fully-charged Maglites. :)


    I've been trying to get gerbera daisies to stay alive for years! They're so pretty that I've watched at least a dozen of them curl up and die, but I just wasn't willing to give up. It's exciting that we finally not only got one to survive but to actually bloom, again! I was pretty much convinced they were one-trick ponies.

  4. J'aime beaucoup "Les Adorables"!

    I love the image of you reading by waning light the book When She Woke. Am wondering if it's at all anything like S. J. Watson's Before I Go To Sleep which had me doing the same thing.

  5. ps don't know if the link I typed actually worked along with the italics for the title...if not, you know what to do: erase it! XO

    pss I've decided to use the lovely ocean liner journal you sent me as one of my presents this Christmas in the classroom. Can't bear to go back this year, and that will give me a spot of joy.

  6. Bellezza,

    Your link worked fine! I read your review and it doesn't sound anything at all like When She Woke. Hannah, the protagonist, is well aware of who she is and what she's done. Actually, Before I Go to Sleep sounds a lot like a movie with Drew Barrymore, but I can't remember the name of it.

    Can't bear to go back? I don't understand. You said you're going to use it in the classroom, but where can you not bear to return? For a second, I thought that meant you're giving up teaching.

  7. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on When She Woke - I just got a copy of it from the publisher and am anxious to read it!

  8. Stephanie,

    Well . . . it's thought-provoking. I'm not sure when it's okay to review When She Woke, since it doesn't come out till October. Although, when you think about it, October is not really so far away unless you're counting hot days in Mississippi till October and then it's forever. :)

  9. Your power was out for 6 hours because a tree fell? That sounds like the kind of stuff they used to say when we lived in Auburn. Your girls are so cute!

  10. Kathy,

    Yes, actually we went to look at it and only half the tree fell -- it was an old oak that split in two. It makes me a little nervous about our trees. We've got a couple that are probably 75-100 years old.


  11. Cool night time pic. I love the gerbera daisy. So pretty.

  12. Iliana,

    Thank you and thank you!

  13. You take great photos, Nancy! Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet. My computer is dead. Every time I come online I set myself one goal. Today it is blog visiting.

  14. Your kitties are too precious! I've only had gerbera daisies once and they did okay (but I bought them with blooms on). I've been trying all summer to grow basil in pots on my windowsill from seeds and failing.

    I thought When She Woke was a good read. I think the lights out atmosphere would add to the experience of that book. :)

  15. Kelly,

    Thanks. Oh, no! Sorry about your computer. You know there's no hurry to reply. I'm so slow, myself, these days.


    I bought my gerberas with blooms, too. I've done that for many years, but this is the first time they haven't all died within a month, actually. I've *never* had one survive the summer. Maybe they like it cooler than our climate. It's pretty brutal, here.

    Basil and tomatoes are companion plants. Not sure but I think basil might like heat. We've done okay planting basil and tomatoes in the same pot -- maybe you can try that? I don't think we've ever grown either from seeds. We usually buy seedlings and plant while it's still cool (before May).

    I enjoyed When She Woke, too. Not having lights would have probably lent a better atmosphere if it hadn't been so stuffy and uncomfortable. I am so, so glad we lost our power last week instead of this week, though. Our current heat index is 114. Yeeurgh. But, it's only 102, outside. I just noticed it's 111 in Tulsa. Maybe I should be happy I moved away from home. LOL


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