Friday, July 08, 2011

Fiona Friday - Little Explorers

Both kitties seem to be enjoying their little kitty playset more than usual.

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  1. I love that they have a kitty playset!

  2. Kathy,

    Husband picked out their little playset when Fiona was new to us. He's never been so besotted with a kitty till he met her. She really does have a great personality. And, they both enjoy it!

  3. It's always nice when they actually play with the toys! :)

  4. Alyce,

    We're very fortunate to have two very energetic kitties who have gotten our money's worth out of their toys!

  5. What can I say? Cute, cute!

  6. They are too cute playing in their toy. I just love the pics you post of your kitties. I feel like I am starting to get to know them!

  7. Jenny,

    Thanks, thanks! :)


    Aren't they? I have such fun with my kitties. My older kitties never lost their curiosity, but they did slow down and it's really exciting to have two little go-getters. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the pics. They both have very sweet personalities.

  8. That's what you think; they're just mad they didn't go to London to see the Queen. :)

  9. And, the official nursery rhyme after I looked it up:

    Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
    I've been down to London to visit the Queen.
    Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there?
    I frightened a little mouse, under her chair.

  10. Too cute!

    The cc will only get a cat if it has a good personality... So, we are waiting for him to find a cat that suits him...

  11. Bellezza,

    They sure haven't acted like they're mad about missing out! Both kitties have been little angels -- very active little angels, but so sweet. They were ridiculously happy to see me when we returned and have stayed close, which of course I love. :)


    That's tricky. Sometimes a kitten will be all cuddly and sweet and then become stand-offish during cathood, I've heard . . . although, honestly, all of ours have been such sweet, gentle cats that it's a little hard for me to fathom such a dramatic personality change. Maybe you two should look for a 6-month-old. Fiona's personality hasn't changed a bit (apart from the fact that she's a bit nervous about playing around Isabel, for fear Izzy will steal her toys or crash into her -- both of which happen, now and then). She was 6 months old when she adopted us. Perhaps a slightly older kitty is a safer bet?

  12. My kitties are very very jealous! Now they are leaving little hints around that perhaps kitty-mom should get THEM a nice playset. ;)

    My kitties even resemble your kitties! :)

  13. Laura,

    In that case, I can tell you I think your cats are lovely without even seeing them! I'm pretty sure that little set came from Target. It's modular, so you can add to it. Ours has a mini tunnel and a dangling jingle ball - plenty to occupy a couple active kitties!


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