Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals:

  • Ultimate Veg by Jamie Oliver
  • 4-Week Insomnia Workbook by Sara Dittoe Barrett
  • Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD

All are purchases. I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Veg because we've found his recipes pretty consistently have been hits in this house. And, clearly, I'm sick of insomnia, hence the two books purchased in the middle of the night when I was losing my mind (a third is on its way). I hope I get something helpful out of at least one of them.

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • What Red Was by Rosie Price
  • Sanditon by Jane Austen and Kate Riordan

My review of Sanditon is scheduled for mid-February but I rushed to read it ahead of the series that started on PBS, yesterday. I'm enjoying the chance to view the book acted out so soon after finishing. 

Currently reading:

  • 4-Week Insomnia Workbook by Sara Dittoe Barrett
  • The World of Sanditon by Sara Sheridan
  • Virus on Orbis 1: The Softwire by P. J. Haarsma

I'm reading an e-book (Virus on Orbis 1)!!! That's mostly because I was scrambling to find something to read in the middle of the night without blinding the husband, but I'm glad to finally actually find myself reading one of the 500+ books I stored on a Kindle app before realizing I hate reading electronically. I should try to at least read one a month. Maybe that'll be one of my unspoken possibly-goals. Or, maybe I should stick with the plan and just read whatever grabs me.

Posts since last Malarkey:

The first week of trying to write reviews and post them over the weekend was a bust and a reminder of why I don't usually do anything over the weekend but sometimes pre-post my Monday Malarkey (which is a pretty easy thing to whip out). Husband just doesn't like looking at my back. Understandable. I hate looking at the top of his head when he's playing with his cellphone. So, if I have an unusual stretch of time and can pre-post reviews for weekend days, I will. That won't happen, this week but maybe soon. Fingers crossed. 

In other news:

This was not a TV or movie week. It was not a reading week. It was just one of those weeks. But, I did enjoy my reading, when I read. And, I managed to finish watching the 4th season of The Heart Guy. It had a similarly final feel to that of the 3rd season. So, there's really no telling if that series will ever return. Probably not. The whole time I was watching it, this past couple of weeks, I found myself wondering if the homestead (the place they filmed in New South Wales) is still even there because I'd watch an episode of The Heart Guy and then later in the day watch the news about the fires. It's such a beautiful place. I do hope it survives this horrible fire season.

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