Friday, January 31, 2020

Fiona Friday - Up? Maybe?

Fiona's only 10 years old but she's been struggling to jump up onto the bed, lately, so I cleared off a set of wooden steps I've been using for nothing more than piling books and set them by the bed. Sometimes, she can't make up her mind whether to get up on the bed or not, but she's definitely enjoying her steps. If she decides not to go ahead and get on the bed, she'll climb on the top step and ponder . . . or stare at her sister.

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  1. Cats like perches, don't they? Ours is fifteen and getting on in age; sometimes he's used his claws to get up on the couch which is leaving holes. I ought to get him some steps!

    1. Yes, they certainly do. They particularly love looking down on us (who can blame them). Sounds like your kitty is about ready for some steps, definitely. There's no sense letting the couch get ruined if you can buy something inexpensive to avoid damage. Fiona really enjoys hers. I think it's so cute that she likes to just sit on them and stare at us. LOL


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