Friday, November 13, 2009

Autumn Camera Games & Another Nano Update

Nano update, first. The best-laid plans of mice and men have done a little ganging aft agley in the blog-hopping territory because I am still having a grand old time with National Novel Writing Month. Technically, I'm writing slowly and I'm still behind on my word count at a mere 13,288 words; but, I like my characters, the action and the little world I've created. My story is not brilliantly written, by any means -- in fact, it's a little on the cheesy side. However, there's a lot to be said for the sense of accomplishment one gets for putting words to paper . . . or, rather typing words into word processor.

Since I'm about to head to bed and didn't grant myself the time to write a book review, today, I've decided to share some autumn fun I've had with the camera.

A bit of light painting -- sort of. Can you guess what this is? I'll let you ponder for a minute. Pondering? Okay, get ready . . . it's not my hair, in case you were wondering, it's . . .

. . . this tree, which is one of my favorite trees in the neighborhood:

Pretty, yes? Both make excellent desktop backgrounds, I've found.

I finished The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice and absolutely loved the conclusion. No idea when I'll post a review, but if I can squeeze one in tomorrow, I will.

Happy weekend to all and happy writing to those who are still Nanoing!

Bookfool in chair with stiff muscles (really need to take up yoga to go with the Nano)


  1. I only have just over 5000 words on my nano doc. But like you, I'm really happy with my story even though it is rough, rough, rough.

    Maybe we could exchange stories at some point if you feel comfortable with that and if I ever get mine finished?

    Happy nanoing!

  2. These images sure made me wish Florida had a "fall" time. Our leaves just turn brown and die. No beautiful colors to take pictures of!

  3. Keep up the good work with NaNoWriMo!

  4. Nikki,

    My story has so many flaws it deserves a ripper, but I still love it. I've typed in notes where it needs to be fixed. Did you know that's within the rules? If you think of something you need to change, you can type a note to yourself or you can write in some background info to work into the manuscript, later. I didn't realize that was okay, but I was reading about what's acceptable and what's not in one of the forums, this week.

    Sure, I'd love to exchange with you, sometime when we're through, although I have a feeling my story would make you roll your eyes. :)

    Keep having fun Nanoing!!!


    Our fall is pretty darn boring, too, but we've got this tree in our neighborhood and one other one that's pretty (and I missed it -- we had some high winds and both are almost bare, now). That's it. We're heavy on oak and pine. Oaks turn brown, pines just drop needles. Nothing exciting, there. I seek out the few pretty trees.


    Thank you!

  5. Great pictures! Keep up the good work on your story. :)

  6. I love your tree picture. Can you believe how hot it is still getting down here? It is the middle of November and we are in the 70/80s still. I do not like winter but I still like my seasons being what they are supposed to be. There is just something not right about it. lol Does it bother you?

  7. Brittanie,

    Two words: climate change. Yes, it bothers me. I think we get more than our fair share of heat and in the fall and winter I want to freeze my patootie. I like wearing a coat or a sweatshirt and big, fluffy socks. I love winter, though. I'm with you. Enough already. Time for some shivering.

  8. Visiting after visiting Nan's blog, how thrilling to see other Nano-ers! I'm honeygrrl on the Nano blog, do friend me if you wish. I loved the first week of it but am now just pushing through feeling dreary. Good luck and happy writing!

  9. Susan,

    I understand that feeling. I had a day off, today, since I woke up with a virus and didn't manage to get on the computer till about 10 minutes ago. Missing a day is going to make catching up even harder, but I'm going to keep on trucking. I hope you get your steam back. I'll go add you to my buddy list. I'm nancytoes. Good luck to you, too, and thanks!


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