Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nano Nano - Report #2

Briefly . . . an update on my NaNoWriMo progress: I hit 10,006 words, last night. This morning I got a very late start, but then I managed to finish up the night with 11,288 words. Not huge progress, but at least it's something. I can still cram in something if I'm not completely wiped out with a migraine complicated by a backache (that would have been Tuesday's excuse).

I am very, very grateful to those of you who stopped by to nag, cheerlead, bully, nudge, shake, enthuse, threaten to kick my Nano butt, etc. It worked. I guess I needed the shove. I will not give up on this manuscript, rough as it is. The story is a hard one and definitely a departure from my normal writing style, so it's more difficult than most but . . . well, I can always stand a challenge. Keeps the neurons popping, doesn't it?

Posts will continue to be sparse, but I'll do my best to report in, now and then. You can follow my progress at Nano by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

Reading-wise: I'm about to finish A Climate For Change and I think it is absolutely wonderful. I challenge anyone to read that book and tell me you still don't believe in global warming.

I also read a little of The Blue Umbrella while I waited for Kiddo to get his teeth cleaned and then took him out for an early dinner (ulterior motive: to write uninterrupted, fill the teenager's belly, first).

If I can find the time, I'll write my review of No Idea by Greg Garrett, tomorrow. Other books I need to review are The Bible Salesman by Clyde Edgerton and Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. I've nipped into a couple of other books, but if I add any more images to my sidebar, I'm afraid it's going to slide off the monitor and into the bay. So, we'll just see if I can wrap a few up when I'm not writing. Hope everyone's having a terrific week!

Bookfool, satisfied with word count and not thrilled with day-long case of hiccups


  1. Glad you got back on the NaNoWriMo horse. Keep at it!

  2. Anonymous10:20 PM

    11,000 plus words calls for a wahoo!

    Way to go Bookfool!!

  3. Kathy,

    Thanks. I'm glad I was bullied into submission. The further I get into it, the better I feel about my story. :)


    LOL! I agree! WAHOO!!! Thank you for wahooing with me. :)

  4. Are you usually so industrious while writing, because I can barely cross 2,5 K daily?

    You go! You got this in the bag.

  5. You are amazing! Every night when I log in my word count, I am astounded at how much you have written already. :)

  6. Great count, doll! I'm thrilled your hubby put his foot down...

    And, I've got a question about this:

    I'm about to finish A Climate For Change and I think it is absolutely wonderful. I challenge anyone to read that book and tell me you still believe in global warming.

    Is it a typo or have you stopped believing in climate change?

    Curious so that you can edit it if needs be.


  7. I am so glad you get back to writing.. and even more happy to see you are making GREAT progress!!

    Way to go girl!

  8. Wahoo!!! I am so proud of you Nancy! You are kicking NaNo butt!!! :)

  9. Harry,

    I've always been a fast writer and used to be pretty prolific, but it's been a long time since I wrote regularly so I actually forget how quickly things tend to spill out when I write.

    Don't go chicken-counting on me. I don't feel like writing at all, today. I think I'll do housework, instead. Boo, me.


    Thank you. It comes in spurts. I'm not the slightest bit interested in writing, at the moment, so I'm about to do some laundry. Oh, boy!!! Maybe that will motivate me. ;)


    He's good to have around on occasion, that husband.

    Yes, that was a typo. I went ahead and took my muscle relaxant early. Silly me. I've just fixed the error; thanks for drawing it to my attention. The polar bears are drowning, btw. They were being hunted to near extinction, but an international law signed in the 1970's put a stop to most of that. And, only two types of cougars are endangered -- Florida Cougars are one of them. Can't remember the other. I looked it up. In some places they're still thriving, but it depends on the type.

    Also, they address the fact that sometimes environmentalists have gone overboard trying to do something like save a single fish, as you mentioned. You really ought to read the book. It addresses absolutely every question I've ever heard and has nearly 40 pages of references.


    Thank you! It's kind of surprising, really, since usually I've been excited about Nano and this year I'm feeling kind of blah about the whole thing. The story seems to take care of itself when I bother to write.


    I like that. "Kickin' Nano Butt!" Need the bumper sticker or the t-shirt.

  10. BOO!!

    There. That takes care of the hiccups. ;) You're in charge of the writing.

  11. Carrie,

    I'm being a bad Nanogirl, today. No interest in writing, whatsoever. I'm about to go outside to read about nutrition with the cat.

    As to the hiccups . . . I cured them. All those scientists and doctors have missed the boat completely. I've found the cure. Ask me if I'm going to give it away for free, though. Hahaha. Or, maybe that should be: Mwahahaha.

  12. Wow! 11,000 words is nothing to sneeze at all. I have to admit I really haven't gotten started and haven't posted a word count yet. I probably need a good cyber butt kicking myself, lol. You go, girl!

  13. I can't wait to read your review of the climate change book. I am proud of you for doing all that writing. It is like pulling teeth for me to write. I always admire other people who can. Keep up the good work. :)

  14. Tammy,

    You'll be surprised how fast the words flow, once you get going, I'm sure. I took today off (bad Nanogirl, bad, bad) and read, instead. So, tomorrow will be catch-up time for me. As to posting word count . . . I am so compulsive about that. Whenever I have a moment to stop for a breath, I upload the entire manuscript. I like watching the little bars go up. LOL Well, it's fun. :)


    It feels a little like pulling teeth, this year. Usually, I have a great deal of fun with Nano, but I'm stunningly unmotivated and this particular story is so rough.

    The climate book is excellent. There are 40 pages of references (!!!!), some further reading suggestions, tons of charts and graphs. It's very, very nicely done. Don't hold your breath. I think I'm 4 book reviews behind, now. Eeks.

  15. I'm glad you got back on the NaNo bandwagon and are doing well!


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