Monday, November 30, 2009

One day I tripped and, sadly, my personality leaked out and rolled down the hill

No, I didn't really fall down literally. I mean it just seems like my personality has been missing from this blog in recent weeks. That's partly because I was busy with National Novel Writing Month, of course. And now my cat is exhausting me. It's like taking care of my dying mother all over again -- medicating round-the-clock, cleaning up, running to appointments. To ease our minds, Kiddo and I have been planning our future fur family. We want a minimum of 2 kittens. Those needy little red Somali kittens that act like puppies and look like foxes? Oh, yeah. It would be uber cool to have one of those in the family.

The husband is plotting the leather sofa he wants to get when the cat croaks (which we hope will be months, if not years, from now) and is threatening me with a dog and a fence. Big meanie.

The blind kitty is letting us know she is not dead yet, for crying out loud. She is so freaking determined to get around that she's absolutely hilarious. Today, she sat in front of a black leather IKEA chair, just gazing at it for a long stretch of time. I finally figured out she thought the chair was the front door when someone opened the door and she turned toward the sound with a look of shock.

Dear Spooky is frequently missing her litter box by a mile, but at least she's trying to hit it. We've moved her litter box close to her pallet (in the front entry of our house, which is no fine way to greet a guest, but hardly anyone ever drops by so it's not a big deal) because she simply could not figure out how to navigate her way through the kitchen and around two corners to get to the usual place.

And, that bag of litter near the corner of the wall, in the usual place, was getting pretty hazardous. It kept hitting her in the nose.

Let's get bookish:

I've got several children's books that I've put off reviewing, so I'm going to make tomorrow a Children's Day. I love doing that.

And, later tonight, probably tomorrow night (I forgot to ask an important question, so check back) I'm going to post info about a giveaway that you will love so much your cheeks will burn, your mouth will water, your fists will clench. "I must have that book!" you will shout aloud and your family, pet or roommate will turn to ask if you're okay. I can hear it, now. Either that or I'm wildly imaginative, but check back. Chef Alain Braux has agreed to let me offer up two copies of his nutrition/cookbook -- the one my family is so crazy about!!! Squeee!

On Wednesday, I will post a sneak peek of One Simple Act by Debbie Macomber and review it. It's a sweet little book about generosity that I am just loving. And, then maybe I can toss in my November Reads in Review (which I've already written, by golly -- getting a leap on things) on Thursday. Friday, I'll post a sneak peek of Essie in Progress by Marjorie Preston . . . which I've not yet begun to read. Thanks for reminding me.

This is what my mailbox has looked like, lately---->

Oh, man. How sad is that? Look at that big empty, vasty nothingness. It's deliberate, of course. I've stopped requesting books. I'm turning down anyone who summons the courage to offer, even after reading the notice in my sidebar. And I hate doing that because I adore authors, love books, thrill at being a part of the process of helping them get exposure but my house was about to do something bad, like . . . I don't know, explode? Rebel? Keel over in protest? Spontaneously combust?

Of course, there are certain authors I would never, ever say "no" to, but I'm sure they're not biting their fingernails and crying out, angst-ridden because Bookfool said she has to stop accepting review books. Simon, Pat, Colleen, John, Cindi . . . people I adore will find I'm still somewhat pliable.

Plus, I fell so far behind on books sent for review that it's humongously embarrassing. I know the reviews are going to be so late they'd make the White Rabbit turn himself over to the Queen of Hearts for punishment, but I'm going to slowly review them until there are no more. On my honor, I will try to do my duty, to God and the publicists and publishers of America . . . 'cause I was a Girl Scout, you know. Not a very good one, but we don't have to saunter down that road, now, do we?

Today, Kiddo and I hauled 36 books to the library and donated them to the perpetual sale corner. Oh, yes, I did check out one book. You have to expect that of a gal who calls herself "Bookfool", don't you? It's Extras by Scott Westerfeld. I'm only halfway through Specials but I figured what the heck. Might as well read the bonus book if it's available to check out utterly free of charge.

I am still reading Life After Genius (halted after husband's dental appointment, during which I sat in the car and read 50 delicious pages) and need to pick up my giant volume of Bone graphic novels . . . which somehow managed to move itself all the way to the bottom of a gigantic stack. I began reading Can God Be Trusted? and am curious whether making a man that handsome a priest (the author) is God's form of a joke or I'm just hormonal. I set aside A Novel Idea because I want a mental break from writing, but I'll get back to it. And, over the weekend I read Logan's Run -- my tattered original, which I happened across whilst cleaning house -- during a time when I was sitting up to wait for the proper time to give Blind Kitty her eyedrops.

Head spinning? I recommend a glass of water and a fluffy pillow. I think I'll leave you alone so you can go get them. Up next will be a drawing post, followed by Children's Day and all that other jazz. Oh, and I have two drawings on the 2nd of December, so check back on the Wednesday for the winners' lists.

That is all. You may now lie down and breathe a sigh of relief. Nighty-night!

Bookfool, who is finally starting to get back to blog-hopping!!! Squeee!


  1. Whoh! I love that picture. Its so funny. I am sorry about your cat being sick. It breaks my heart to think about the day ours might not be here anymore. Pierre has more health problems than our other ones.
    Book wise I can't wait to read your November wrap up post. Your personality has not disappeared to me. :)

  2. Brittanie,

    Isn't that kitten adorable? Thanks. Spooky is a mess but she is a determined mess. It's really quite funny to watch her walk around. She was humiliated on her first day home, but now she's just forging on. When she gets frustrated, she takes a nap. But, they all do that, don't they? LOL

    Aw, thank you. I thought my posts had gotten a bit bland. I feel better, now. :)

  3. Oh my! Such a full plate you've got. I've been feeling the same with my blog lately--I'm chalking it up it holiday madness. Btw, I'm a fan of any post that includes a lolcat. Hope your kitties feel better. :)

  4. Rosemary,

    There's no holiday madness, around here, at least. We are a tiny, tiny family and I'm kind of nervous about adding any obstacles to the blind kitty's path, so we're still debating where to put a tree. Thanks. :) Tomorrow's a vet run day. We've seen a lot of that vet, lately. I'm a big fan of lol cats, too!

  5. Now, wait just a minute. Your hubby is 'threatening' you with a dog? As a dog person (who just happens to also own two cats) I have to ask, what the heck? Dogs are wonderful creatures! Riley tells me so every day!

    My sister loves Debbie Macomber. In fact, I think it was one of her books that I had to go out in the rain to get from the library for my sister.

    I've decided no tree this year because my cats won't stay out of it and my dog practically has a breakdown because they won't, and I end up not sleeping because the three drive me nuts!

    Have a good week, doll.


  6. Poor kitty. Must be tough for her to find her litter box! And the accidents must be a bit stressful on you guys. Sigh. Hope the vet has something encouraging to say today.

    Logan's Run. Now that's a flash from the past. I remember my older brother reading it in the early 70s. I know I read it, but don't remember too much other than something embedded on everyone's palm - maybe something to identify them... and their age?

    I was feeling better last night, but woke up feeling like crap again, so I'm gonna call in sick one more day and try to sleep this thing off. I have a feeling I'm heading toward a sinus infection. At least it doesn't feel like swine flu. No fever.

    Can't wait for the give-away for Chef Braux's book!!!

    Note to self - take books to library! I need to start weeding out the ones I've read that I don't want to hang on to. It's getting crazy around here with all the stacks!

  7. You just tell your husband he's either gonna have to forget the leather chair or live with a tattered one!
    We were waiting until Calvin & Hobbes passed before getting new carpet. Well, Rocko & Spunky entered our lives before Hobbes died, so there went that idea.
    We finally just said to heck with it and got new carpet anyway.
    Vinegar is great for removing cat barf stains from carpet!

  8. Diane,

    I'll tell huz cats are more important than chairs. In fact, I'll tell him Diane said so. Vinegar? Cool. Vinegar is cheap.

    We lost our other kitty two years ago and we were tired of concrete, so we went ahead and got the new carpet. It's just a couch that we lack. I'd like to get one soon, but I refuse to be a party to a large purchase until the window trim has been fully painted. For some reason, my husband likes to get about 90-95% finished with a room and then move furniture in before the DIY is completed. Every room in our house has at least one missing piece of trim, one place that should have been touched up, etc. -- none of it major but he usually just moves a piece of furniture in front of the unfinished bit and promptly forgets. So, no couch, shreddable or otherwise. :)


    It's tough for her to find anything if she gets turned around. I think she was looking for her bowl, this morning. She ended up walking into a box, stumbling into the office, walking into a basket . . . and then I took her to her litter box, which she rejected. She marched to the center of the living room and ran into yet another box (we're in purge mode - filling boxes with get-rid-of's). Finally, I took her to her bowl and she was able to find her way back to her pallet from there. Whew! Exhausting.

    Logan's Run is great. Yes, they had crystals embedded in their palms and after each 7 years they changed a different color. When they flashed from red to black, it meant you were about to hit your Lastday, when you had to voluntarily go to sleep (as in die) or run for your life. Great book, loved the movie.

    Sinus infections suck. Flu sucks. Either way, I hope you feel better soon!

    I forgot to ask Chef Braux what kind of postage he's willing to pay, so hopefully he'll get back to me about that, today, then I can put up the giveaway post.

    We have stacks, too. I'm working on them. It's fun owning a lot of books but there is a saturation point and we reached it long ago. We're unsaturating, now. LOL

  9. Spooky sounds like such a trooper! You've been crazy busy lately. Holy cow - slow down.

  10. CJ,

    We live in an area with no leash laws and I get my fill of the neighbors' dogs. Much as I'd like to own one, I'm not willing to own a dog, here. I'd need a fence and a slightly bigger house with more tile or hardwood for easy cleaning. And, I'd have to move somewhere with no loose dogs because I believe dogs need lots of attention. I'd love to have a companion to go walk/run with me. Not happening, here. It's too dangerous.

    Debbie Macomber is awesome. I love her books. They're sweet, happy reads.

    We still haven't decided whether to get a tree. I want one, but I don't want to add any more obstacles to the cat's path. Poor thing. She can't see anything unless it's about an inch away or very, very bright white. She gets turned around and then she has to sleep off her humiliation.

  11. Kathy,

    Spooky is amazing. This won't be the day I get to slow down. Husband left me with a list of URGENT things to do. Sigh. I would so like to sleep.

  12. Well you definitely have a lot going on, but still able to sneak in a giveaway for us? You are just awesome! I'm so sorry about your kitty.

  13. Jo-Jo,

    Yes, speaking of which . . . I have some annoying errands to run (annoying because husband dumped them on me and promptly left town). Thanks. Kitty is having a bad day, but this is vet-visit day. Maybe he can give us some suggestions.

    Giveaway-wise: I just want my headstone to say, "She channeled joy." There you go. Gotta have giveaways so I can do some joy channeling. LOL

  14. You are one busy woman! lol I'll keep an eye out for that giveaway post. Not that I need more books, noo! I do need to make a run to half price books to sell some of my old ones.

  15. Poor Spooky! The chair story makes me so sad, well, and laugh a bit.

  16. Krista,

    I know the feeling. I like to say I'm not in "acquisition mode", right now. We're too determined to purge some of the books that have been taking up too much space.


    Well, it is kind of funny watching the cat, I must say. We guide her when we know where she's going. Sometimes, though, we're all confused. When I brought her home from the vet, she was so muddled after I let her out of her carrier that I put her front paws on her little blankie-pallet. Yep, that was where she wanted to go. She had no idea where I'd dumped her, so she probably would have walked in circles if I hadn't helped.


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