Saturday, May 03, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

CJ tagged me for this meme and, since I'm trying to cool off and stop thinking about my mosquito bites after attempting a temporary roof fix (I failed dismally -- will try again, tomorrow, and hope that the red wasp goes away), I figured it's a great way to distract myself.

6 Random Things About Me:

1. I inherited a terrible, terrible malady from my paternal grandmother: I'm a packrat. I'm trying to undo the damage from years of clinging to Stuff and it's like digging a hole to China with a baby spoon.

2. My husband and I once spray-painted a car in our garage using a government-reject gas mask to keep from inhaling the fumes. We painted our Volkswagen Jetta flat silver and everywhere we went, people asked us if it was a DeLorean. Jettas were boxy and angular back in the 80's, but still . . . didn't look like a DeLorean to either of us. The paint job turned out great, though, and the car was cute.

3. This is so embarrassing. Honestly, I hope nobody reads this one . . . just skip on past. I once bought a Bay City Rollers album and I can still sing the lyrics to Saturday Night. In case you're not familiar with them, here they are in all their fashion and hairdo horror:

4. I was named after my mother's high-school best friend. I've seen photos of my namesake, but I've never met her and never visited Washington, the state in which my mother attended high school.

5. I never, ever eat chicken with my hands. I cut it off the bone with a knife and fork. Everyone else seems to consider chicken "finger food". I'm lucky to talk myself into eating it at all.

6. My dream home is a log cabin in the Colorado Rockies. I love mountains and gurgling streams, dry, cold air and the smell of pine. And, I adore snow and the wild animals you see in the area (provided I'm not in a tent, on the ground, imagining the sounds of a bear snuffling just inches away -- that bothers me).

I don't know who has completed this meme and who hasn't, so I'm just going to randomly tag a few people and say, "Feel free to ignore the tagging."

Hez's Mom and Knitting Enthusiast Carrie
Chris the Fantasy Freak and Tremendously Cool Dude in New Orleans
Teddy Rose, Who I Adore Because She Obviously Loves Animals
Trish in Dallas, Whose Cat is So Cute I Keep Hoping for More Photos (hint)
Heather, Who Has Beautiful Kiddies and is Not Going to Let You Forget It

Gotta go. This day has done me in and I completely forgot to feed my teenager. Oops.

Bookfool, aka Lonely Airhead with Invisible (riiiiight) Teenager


  1. "Digging to China with a baby spoon" is exactly how I feel today. Everything I do seems to me that I'm moving in slow motion while the rest of live goes as fast as ever.

  2. Does it make you feel any better to know that you're not the only one who can sing S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! Oh, what would 7th grade have been without those hotties?!! See, now two of us can be horribly embarrassed.

    And if you ever get that dream home, can I come visit? Sounds heavenly! No beach for me, give me the mountains any day!

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers, Nancy!

    My mother is a packrat and I've been fighting that gene as best I can too.

    I love the mountains and dream about someday living in a mountain cabin or cottage on a crystal blue lake--I don't like snow,however, so that's something I'd have to get past or just spend summers and early fall in the mountains.

    Be careful on that roof tomorrow!

  4. This should be fun! I'll probably get to it on Monday...I have a busy couple of days at work (the hold me over for now job).

    So you don't even eat fried chicken with your fingers??? And you live in the south? Come on Nancy! :)

    I have that same pack rat malady. It's awful! It's the one good thing about Katrina...she cleaned me out of some stuff and honestly I don't even know what I lost! It drives my mom nuts that I'm such a pack rat, but somehow I manage to still be neat about it...I may have to use that as one of mine :) The more I read other people's lists, the more I find random things about myself. I'm not going to have anything unique!

  5. Thanks for playing so quickly... and I'm glad you got off the roof in one piece (ignoring the mosquito bites of course). My dad was a packrat but so far, except for my books, I've avoided the genetic influence. I bet the car was cool - it sounds it.

    S-A-T-U-R DAY NIGHT!!! Now the big question is - do you know how the BCR got their name?

    Chicken is one of the foods that I could exist on...

    And, finally, maybe I don't need an island but a couple hundred acres in those mountains... naw. Too much snow but the rest sounds lovely.

    Oh, and I loved your links.


  6. Booklogged,

    I'm sorry you feel that way; it's a lousy feeling. Hopefully, tomorrow will be an improvement for both of us. I was actually doing okay until the husband started packing and then my composure slowly eeked away and I became Basket-Case Bookfool.


    I'm relieved. Very relieved. I did think they were wonderful, at the time (and, anyway, there's no accounting for junior-high taste; ask anyone who survived). Thanks for making me feel better. :)

    Yes, you may come visit me in the mountains if that dream ever comes true. But, I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you. I've been sneezing in the Deep South for 21 years, now.Me, too on the beach vs. mountains thing. I'm far, far too fair-skinned to be a beach girl.

  7. Wendy,

    Thanks. I enjoyed reading your answers, too, although I don't think I said anything!

    That packrat gene is a bear. It's good that you've fought it off. There comes a point that you realize too many possessions are really just a burden and if you've been saving things since you were a kid (till recently, I had the Valentine cards from my grade-school sweetheart!!!), it can be a heck of a battle to unbury yourself.

    I love snow. I miss snow.

    Thanks, it won't be me on the roof. Our ladder is a wee bit too short for me, so I'll have to send my kiddo up there and I'll be up on the ladder helping. He duct-taped the chimney cover that flew off, today, but then his head was pounding and the wasp was threatening us, so he got down. It's good to have a six-footer around. I'm going to miss him when he goes off to college (but not just because of the handy reach).

  8. Chris,

    No hurry, babe. I just happened to be looking for a way to preoccupy myself, so I jumped right on this one, myself! I like that -- the "hold me over for now job". LOL

    Yeah, I don't eat chicken with my fingers and I live in the South. I know -- totally weird. My niece laughed at me when she saw the way I eat chicken.

    We've been flooded, too! But, only a couple of rooms were flooded and then possession entropy took over, again. Fortunately, I seem to be totally over the acquisition thing (apart from books, of course, and I'm doing much better at letting go of those), so it's mostly a matter of digging out from under decades of stuff I thought "could be useful one day" or had "too much sentimental value".

    I confess. I got a few ideas for my version of the meme from other blogs. :)

  9. CJ,

    Thanks for tagging me. I really needed a diversion!! Actually, I wasn't up on the roof 'cause the ladder and I are not tall enough -- I hammered from the top of the ladder. Will wouldn't go to the edge of the roof (although he did tape the chimney cover back over the hole -- we have a chimney problem, also) because of the wasp and the fact that his head was pounding. He said he'll try again, tomorrow, provided I spray for wasps, first. :)

    Okay, now I know about the name. A pin on a map? That's hilarious! I had never given their name any thought, to be honest. That makes me feel kind of dim; I knew they were from Scotland, of course -- wonder if I just thought there was a Bay City in Scotland?!

    I actually like chicken but touching it oddly creeps me out. Oh, and raw chicken -- that's another thing that I get laughed at about. I can't touch it without putting on disposable gloves. Yuck, yuck, yuck! My husband gets whole chickens and cuts them apart, no problem. If I'm alone, I buy pre-cooked or pre-marinated chicken.

    I suppose you've had your fair share of snow for one lifetime, so an island would be a better deal.

    Oh, thank you. I started to just write names for the links but I bored myself and had to change them. LOL What a dork.

  10. Let's face it - the only reason I know how they got their name is because the Bay City we're talking about is here in Michigan.

    I can still cut up a chicken with the best of them but usually buy it already dissected. So much easier.

    I hope the kiddo is careful and wasp free...


  11. Thanks for the meme. This was round 2 for me.

    Here's the link to my post about it:

  12. I was learning how to spell the days of the week when this jewel came out, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! ;D

    Oh, I'm teaching blog class and leading another southern reading challenge for staff and faculty at work. I've linked to your blog to show them how they can manipulate photos. I love the scissor tail flycatcher! It is our work blog rangerreaders, so if any southern strangers come by, you'll know who sent them. ;D

    I noticed you were away during the Oxford Conference for the Book. Maybe next year? ;)

  13. CJ,

    Yes, that's what I figured. The article I read said their pin landed on Bay City, Michigan. Funny way to get a name, but it's not a bad one. Now, if they'd landed on Waxahatchie, Texas, it would have been really funny.

    I used to be able to handle raw chicken just fine. Not sure where that squeamishness came from, really.

    The kiddo is not moving. I've tried to wake him up three times. Even the cat failed. She did some loud talking when I walked in the room. The kid didn't twitch. I guess yesterday was a hard day for him. :)

    Teddy Rose,

    Thanks for joining in! You hopped on that one just as quickly as I did. :)


    Well, now I know you're not only thinner than me but younger, too. :) I'm pretty sure I was in junior high -- not positive, but I hope so. I can't defend myself if I was in high school.

    Oh, thank you. That scissor-tailed flycatcher is one of my Oklahoma photos. Isn't he a pretty fellow? I'll remember not to make any slurs against the South, just in case your students drop by. LOL

    Yep, I was away during the Conference for the Book. Disappointment. Definitely, let's shoot for 2009. :)

  14. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Random is right up my alley. It's my mode of conversation.

    Did you find a good book? Or just coming to the end of the stack you were reading?

  15. Packrat? I know a little about that. My mom keeps bugging me to go to her house and clear all my stuff out. Here's a little about packratting--I've kept every letter/card I've ever received--even notes in high school. I have movie tickets from the early 90s (when I was a wee lil lad). Oh I can't keep going--it's embarrassing. BUT, I'm organized. For example, all my letters are in manilla envelopes based on the year. :)

    Funny you mention Maggie--did you see the picture of our dog? I'm MUCH more of a cat person, but our dog is kinda sweet as well...I posted my random things this morning. :) I'll have to see about pictures of Maggie...she doesn't do anything cute anymore, BUT I did recently figure out how to take pictures of her without the devil eyes. Sorry to talk your ear off!

  16. Miss Carrie,

    I hadn't thought about that. The random meme does seem well suited to you. :)

    I'm working on four books, again, actually! The second Patrick Taylor book, An Irish Country Village (I just finished An Irish Country Doctor, a few days ago), Why Your Life Sucks and What To Do About It (a bit cliched in the typical manner of how-to books, but with some useful advice), Moonstruck, and um, uh. Can't remember the other one but it's in my sidebar. I did finish an entire stack this past week!

  17. Trish,

    It's okay, you can talk my ear off.

    Wow, you are organized. I will warn you, though -- I used to be, also. There was a time when I could tell you where absolutely anything was located, in spite of how much we had. Then, we were flooded. Chaos has pretty much reigned, since then. Hubby asked me where my sewing repair kit was, the other day. After I stared at him blankly for a minute (the cogs were turning, but they're a bit rusty), he said, "I'll just see if I have a hotel sewing kit in the bathroom." Sure enough, he located one, 'cause, you know . . . he goes to hotels more often than I sew on buttons. Two days later, I happened across my repair kit.

    I can't remember if I noticed a dog photo. I'll have to dash back and look. I have to look at your random meme, anyway, don't I? But, first, I must fetch the kiddo from church.

  18. Lexi (the dog) is part of the random things about me--so she recently made her introduction on my blog! She's always at my side---always, but I'm much more of a cat person. The cat is mine, the dog is his--but we are all happy together (actually, hubby would be happier without the cat--but tough poopies for him!)

  19. Trish,

    I love that: "Tough poopies." Hahaha. Lexi's gorgeous. I'm so glad you posted a photo, thanks! I'm a cat person, too, although I love dogs. I just don't want to own one. Too much work!

  20. I remember The Bay City Rollers, too! I was in 7th grade.

  21. Les,

    Well, then, I was apparently in the 7th grade, too, since we're the same age. What a relief. :)

  22. Spraypainted a car?! I would've loved to see that one. lol

  23. Andi,

    It was cool. Unfortunately, I have no idea where some of my older photos are stashed (although I did happen across a photo of the Jetta at my mom's -- but I left it there). I used to be extremely organized with my photos and then one day I discovered that they were in acid-based albums. All the photos in 10 - TEN!!!! - photo albums were fading. Gah. I haven't been organized, since I took all those photos out of their albums and threw them in boxes. Sigh. But, it was cute, trust me. :)

  24. Must have been 3rd or 4th grade? I was born in '67.

    Anyhoo, I know you are resisting my challenge, but I have good news. All this past year, I have been reading with non-hot Southern books in mind. Not once does Mudbound mention the seering heat, and Garden Spells has crisp breezes. You could also read an Appalachian Mountain book such as Tall Woman.

    I'm giving away pecans dripping in chocolate...

  25. Maggie,

    Apparently, I was in 7th grade. I was born in 1962. I feel like I'm confessing. :)

    Well, I've read Garden Spells. I'll have to check out your rules and give it some thought. I do have a few on the massive TBRs, of course. You almost had me at the word "chocolate" but I'm still struggling, here. The reading comes in these bizarre spurts and then I flounder. It's yucky. But, you know I'm quite fond of the host. :)

  26. Number 1 - me too. I often wish I was different.

  27. Tara,

    It's really a sad condition, isn't it? Eventually a terrible burden. I'm going to succeed at digging out from under the clutter, though. I will, I will. :)

  28. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Thanks for the tag! I posted mine today.

    I'm a packrat too and got it honestly. After my grandparents died, we found tax records back to the 60s out in the barn. And this was in 2005! Not to mention all the out of day clothes and old cartoon character glasses from McDonalds.

  29. Heather,

    Oh, goody, I'll dash over in a minute!

    That is so funny about the tax records. When I wrote my one and only published short story (sigh -- need to get back to writing fiction), I had a protagonist who had inherited a restaurant. His grandparents had saved every document from the time they opened the restaurant, after moving to the U.S. from Italy. It's funny how we clutter-bugs tend to think, "I have to save everything!" Funny and awful. LOL


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