Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, it was storming, you see . . . belated wahoos, again

So, I didn't get to the wahoos on Wednesday, again, for the same reason as last week . . . storms. It crashed and flashed and rumbled and basically God kicked over the proverbial bucket (quite a gully-washer, in other words), so things were unplugged most of yesterday and well into today. I will try to get the wahoos ready on the normal day, next week. In the meantime:

1. Wahoo for our kite couple, nesting across the street. One is shown, above. I added the "string", but I'll bet you'd already figured that out.

2. Although I still haven't finished planting everything and we've gone beyond the good planting weather -- in other words, the humidity and mosquitoes have descended -- I got a good bit done and things that I stuck in the ground a week or two ago are now blooming vigorously, as are some of the perennials I planted last spring. I love watching things bloom and grow, so wahoo for blooming things! My sidebar should be updated more regularly, now that things are blooming. The white flower is a moss rose and the pinks are dianthus. They seem to be sharing planter space very nicely.

3. Kiddo and I went to see Iron Man on Saturday, on the way to pick up hubby at the airport. This was Kiddo's idea. He still doesn't mind going to the theater with his mom, even though he's now 16. And, he had the intelligence to appeal to my budget-minded nature by mentioning that we just happened to be heading that direction anyway, so why not stop by the theater? Well, that worked. I think I've mentioned we no longer have a theater in Vicksburg. It now costs more to drive to the theater and back than it does to buy a brand-new $20 DVD. Stopping on the way while on another errand works for me, though. We really enjoyed Iron Man, so wahoo for a chance to get out and see a movie!

4. Wahoo for that stupid camera of mine. It has some sort of electrical problem that causes it to misfire, now and then, but I love it. Anything is subject matter, as you can see from the following photo.

5. Still envious of hubby's trip to Norway, even though he actually lost a brand new book (horrors!) because he was in such a big hurry to get off a bus upon which he had to sit next to a Very Smelly Person for 8 hours. Ewww.

I just love a country with lots of sheep and snow. So, wahoo for the photos hubby brought home. I'll try to forgive him for going to yet another wonderful country without me, but I make no promises.

6. I finished a book because of the rain, yesterday! Wahoo! An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor is an Estella review book, so the review will be posted around the first of June.

7. Wahoo for emergency books in the trunk of the car!! Yesterday, I was unexpectedly detained at poolside; and, since I'd just finished reading An Irish Country Village, I had nothing in my purse. Fortunately, I keep spare books in a basket in my trunk and had three to choose from. I chose The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank by Ellen Feldman. So far, so good.

Very wahooey week, yes? I could go on, but I'll stop. Wishing you a life that is bursting with wahoos and flowers and, if necessary, antihistamines.


  1. Wahoo for wahoos, regardless of their days!

    Can't blame hubby for wanting to bail quickly under those conditions but to lose a brand new book!

    I'd like to see Ironman but dont' know if I will.

    And, the photos are beautiful, as always.

    Hey! I've got a tulip in my backyard! It's the only one left, apparently, after Riley dug most of them up!


  2. CJ,

    Yeah, the more I think about sitting next to a stinky fellow for 8 hours straight, the more I understand the loss of a book. But, still . . . he could have put it in the briefcase when the stench began to interfere with his reading.

    Iron Man is pretty fun, but I would have been perfectly happy to wait for the DVD. And, yet, I really enjoyed that pretty face on the big screen. Mr. Downey continues to be a lovely fellow to look at.

    A tulip!!! Cool! It's been about 4 months since tulips bloomed here. You know, I gave up on tulips years ago because the dogs dig them up (and it turns out they have to be replanted yearly, at least in our area -- I don't think that's true everywhere). Have you taken photos?

  3. Lovely batch of wahoos!

    My husband's thinking about taking age 7 son to Ironman this weekend (he's been begging to go, and younger brother got to go to Speed Racer last weekend)...I just hope he's old enough.

    We've got lilacs blooming now, so our backyard smells quite delightful! But I must admit I'm more than ready for some of those summer blooms to appear.

    Hope you have a wonderful, and storm-free, weekend!

  4. I love your wahoo posts. They make me wahoo.

  5. Debi,

    Thank you.

    Iron Man is a little intense for a 7-year-old, in my humble opinion. It begins with Tony Stark riding along in an army convoy and the vehicle ahead of his is blown up, they're shot at, then he's kidnapped. I enjoyed it, but I'm old and have a thick skin. :)

    Summer always arrives a wee bit too soon for me (and lasts way too long) but I'm not suited to heat and intense sunlight with my fair skin and blue eyes. Gardening gives me a reason to tolerate the heat -- ah, flowers to enjoy. LOL Hey, it's something.

    I guess we had another storm, last night. There are more limbs lying about in the yard. Sigh. More yard work and mosquito-dodging. Maybe we'll be off the hook, this weekend. Thanks. Hope you have a terrific weekend, too. :)


    Why, thank you, dear. Some weeks it's really hard to wahoo, but I had trouble stopping, yesterday. I have no idea why! :)

  6. I love blooming things too! And yay for wahoos any day of the week! :)
    That's too bad about the loss of the book. I can kind of understand but like you said, he could've put it in his briefcase!
    I hope you have a wahooey weekend too!

  7. Hi Nat,

    Blooming things are always smile-inducing, aren't they? And, thank you. Wahoo Thursday just doesn't sound quite right, but it's better than nothing. :)

    I know, he could have put the book in his briefcase when the smell overwhelmed him and he couldn't concentrate to read. But, then, my hubby is kind of an absent-minded professor type, so it comes as no great surprise. Someday, I'll get him another copy. Not right away, though!

  8. I agree with CJ...wahoo for wahoos whenever they get here :) That rain really was something else, wasn't it? We're getting a second batch today, though nothing like Wednesday night!

    I love your little kite! Hope they hang around for awhile! We're starting to get flowers blooming over here too, though our vegetables are doing absolutely horrible and they're just all dying :( We decided to plant them in pots this year and that was just a bad mistake. I think the soil's too dense and the water doesn't drain right...oh well...

    Glad to hear that Iron Man was good! I've been wanting to see it but still haven't made it to the theater. I've heard nothing but good stuff about it so far. I'm not a big Robert Downey Jr. fan, but everyone says he's great in I'll trust that ;)

    And I love that your camera captured that picture, lol! That's not a pic that you get everyday, huh?

  9. Oh! I forgot to mention the self-potrait of the fly! That was remarkable for an 'accidental' photo. (I'm thinking the fly did a timer sort of thing myself...)


  10. Wahoo for you, Bookfool. You've added cheer to my day. It was much needed. Thank-you.

  11. Chris,

    Well, thank you for that. :)

    Yeah, that rain was unbelievable! It's been a while since we had such a tremendous downpour. I don't like that kind of rain; it makes me nervous. But, the house didn't flood, this time, so our guttering must be doing the trick.

    We usually plant our tomatoes in pots or in our little herb garden with basil -- basil and tomatoes are complementary plants; they somehow protect each other. But, it varies dramatically how well they produce, from one year to the next. Could just be a bad year. I always empty the planters and put in fresh potting soil -- that seems to help.

    Robert Downey, Jr. appeals to those of us who are saps for big, brown puppy eyes. Well, that and he's really a good actor, but I'm not the kind of person who rushes to the theater to see a particular actor, whether I love them or not. I do think he was perfect in the role of Tony Stark and it's a good one for the big screen. Again, though, those eyes on the big screen . . . love 'em. :)

    I must have phrased that wrong. When the camera misfires, it gives me nothing -- just a blank screen. It sucks because I've missed some good moments. The fly photo was deliberate. I've tried to get photos of some of the little bottle blue flies, now and then, but they move too darn fast!!!

  12. CJ,

    That came out all wrong -- the camera gives me a blank frame when it misfires. It's awful. The fly photo was deliberate; I just meant that when it's working, anything is fair game. Some photos I won't post because I'm afraid they'll creep people out. I can't remember if I posted the photo of a red wasp and velvet ant fighting on a rotten pear but I'm pretty sure I didn't, for that reason.


    Yea, I love it when my wahoos are an upper. I'm sorry if you had a bad day and hope your weekend's a good one.

  13. I loved The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank! How are you liking it?


  14. Tammy,

    I've really been enjoying The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank. It's surprised me how believable I find it. We'll have to chat about it when I finish. It's one worth talking about, I think. :)


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