Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wordless Flowery Wahoos - One Day Late

Well, of course there's a lizard. You knew there had to be a lizard. He says, "Pardon my peeling face, please." Or, he probably would, if he could speak human.

I'll try to get some reviews written, soon. Please pardon the lack of posts and blog-hopping. Between gardening, chauffeuring and getting roof estimates, I am one busy and tired chick.

Happy belated Wahoo Day!

Bookfool on the run


  1. Stunning! Absolutely stunning!

  2. *Sigh*


    Yeah, I remember Spring.

    That's when the temps no longer go into the 20's at night...


  3. Debi,

    Thank you. :)


    Poor thing. Spring will come. It'll be really short and kind of cold, though, if I remember Michigan weather right. :)

    We're supposed to hit 90, soon, supposedly. I sooooo hope the weather man is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

  4. Oh, I know it's coming. There are some flowers here and there. Today's actually very spring-like. I'm just grousing because I'm working ten hours today. I'm always working when it's nice out...

    90 in May??? Yuck! I'll take what I've got! I don't even like 90 in August!

    And I'm with Debi. You're pictures are simply stunning.


  5. CJ,

    I'd grouse if I was stuck working during the nice weather, too. I'm pleased that I made it home before the real heat hit.

    It often hits 90 in May and stays above 90 until as late as November. I told you our summers are long. :)

    Thanks, babe. Can you tell I'm addicted to pretty blooming things?

  6. Is the first one lantana?? I loooove lantana.

    I'll be posting flower pics soon, too. My fuschia is thriving and the roses are going crazy.

  7. Brilliant pictures!! I am constantly amazed at your talent!

  8. Chris,

    Many thanks. :)


    Yes, ma'am, that's lantana. I haven't actually planted it, yet, but I've got a spot picked out.

    Can't wait to see your photos! This is a beautiful time of year in the South. :)


    Why, thank you, dear. :)

  9. Oh, so beautiful. I'm glad you have time to smell the roses, so to speak, and here's to not worrying any more about anything, or trying anyway...

  10. Bellezza,

    I mostly just photograph the roses because smelling them makes me sneeze. :)

  11. So lovely, Nancy. Definitely Wahoo worthy!

  12. Wendy and Nikki,

    Thank you, both. :)

  13. What beautiful springy pictures!

    Stupid word verification isn't like me today...grrr! Now it isn't even showing the letters!

    So, while I'm waiting--we are supposed to hit 90 soon as well. It is HOT HOT HOT outside.

  14. Trish,

    Thank you. :)

    I don't know if it's me or blogger, but things are extremely sluggish, today.

    Yep, it's hot all right. I did some digging and tree-trimming around 9:30 this morning and I was completely drenched. And, to think, it's not really HOT, yet. I loathe summer.

  15. I had lantana last year and plan to get a couple again in the next few weeks. It's such a pretty plant and does very well in our climate zone. I'll stick 'em in large pots on my deck and that will be that. I used to put far too many pots out on the deck (lots of geraniums!), but they require constant watering in the middle of the summer and I'm too lazy, especially now that I'm busy with my job. The one away from home. The one that actually pays me. ;)

    Glad your hubby's on his way home. I, too, would want mine home with me if I was having roof issues!

  16. Les,

    Lantana grows huge, here. I hope we'll have room to park the cars, actually. I put mine in a little corner next to the driveway.

    I love having a little jungle on my porch -- and I do have a minor jungle on the patio, as well, but hubby didn't bother to connect the back hose and that's one thing I can never manage, for some reason. So, the plants from last year are a wee bit parched and I haven't put the new ones back there.

    I don't mind watering, apart from being eaten alive by mosquitoes. In fact, I enjoy it. But, when it's really muggy and windless, I'll often send the guys out to water, just to spare my tender flesh. :)

    I'm ready to have the hubby home, even if he'll probably end up sleeping all week.

  17. Lovely photos as always! I'd love to have a garden but then I'm not very good at the gardening so I'd probably have to get someone to take care of it. We're not as warm as you are yet but the temp. is starting to creep up and they're predicting an especially hot summer this year! :(

  18. So beautiful! I love lantana and so do the Monarchs. You are so talented, and I'm always delighted with your photos.

  19. Nat,

    I'm not so certain I'm great at gardening, actually, but I love flowers and just keep trying new things. Whatever works, I stick with. :)

    Oh, I hope it's not an especially hot summer, here. We had a fiercely hot summer, last year, with weeks of record-breaking temps in the hundreds. I could do without a repeat. It's definitely heating up, though. The flowers are the best thing about warm weather. The mosquitoes, muggy days, sweat and globs of sunscreen I can do without.


    Thank you! I planted that lantana to lure more butterflies. After parking in front of everyone else's house to photograph them, last year, I decided I really ought to just get one of my own. Sometimes people get a little nervous with someone snapping photos in front of their houses!!


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