Saturday, May 17, 2008

Name Your Homeplace Contest

Oh, that Maggie. She knows we'll do anything to get our grubby mitts on a copy of Mudbound because it's getting rave reviews and has a pretty cover. And, it's a book. Just say "book" and "give away" in the same sentence and the book addicts will come running.

So, here we go. The Name Your Homeplace Contest. Based on our rotting door frame and the fact that we live in an architectural horror known as the "ranch-style home", I began with the thought of calling my homeplace Rotten Ranch. *Note - the ugly photo of our rotting door frame was driving me nuts, so I've removed it.*

But, it's also Lizard Central:

I do love me a lizard, so I'm going to go with Lizard Central. It's nothing exciting, but it will do. Now, I must sit back and rub my hands together and wish real hard for Maggie to draw my name. You can sign up to try to win at Maggie's blog, if you've joined the Southern Reading Challenge. Go ahead. I promise not to fight the winner.


  1. Lizard central is an excellent choice!

  2. I'm glad you didn't go for Rotten Ranch!?! You could always do what our town maintenance men do - bleach it, paint it, and walk away quietly - no one will ever know.

    Lizard Central is a cool name. We are now thinking 41 Mole Hill. :0

  3. Andi,

    Thanks. It's definitely very lizardy, around here. :) You changed your image, again! I like!


    I think that door frame is too far gone to bleach and paint, but I know what you mean. It's really easy to cover it up, but you'll know the wood wasn't really repaired in about 2 months, tops. That's how they sell houses.

    Thank you. I'm happy with Lizard Central. 41 Mole Hill is so cute! But, the moles . . . ugh. Not cute. Nasty little boogers, eating the grass roots and making those tunnels everywhere.

  4. The Rotten Ranch...sounds like it should have been one of those A Series of Unfortunate Events books.

    Yep, I like Lizard Central! And I love those lizards! Hope you win!

  5. Sorry for posting this here, but I couldn't find an email link. I just wanted to thank you for the book that arrived today :-)

  6. Too funny! I've been admiring your lizards for a while now. My how green your lizards are--must be indicative of the vegetation. Ours are brown--like our vegetation. :)

  7. Debi,

    It does sound a bit like a Lemony Snicket title, doesn't it?

    Thank you. Aren't our lizards great? They're so cute. The lizard in my sidebar is one of last year's hatchlings. I hope we'll have loads more, this year. :)


    No problem. The email address I used to set up my blog has long since been abandoned but when I tried to change the address I didn't succeed. I'm glad the book made it safely! Enjoy!


    Our little anole lizards are chameleons, so they do sometimes turn brown. But, most of the time they're that wonderful, vivid apple green -- which just happens to be one of my favorite colors. It is really that green, here, yes. Green upon green upon green. I love the colors of Mississippi; it's the heat, humidity and mosquitoes I could do without. But they kind of go with the territory. :)

  8. Anole Asylum? .....not rotten ranch...that sounds too much like my

  9. If I was still living in Virginia, I would have named my place, Skink Station, for the same reasons you chose Lizard Central . . . I think you picked the right name.

  10. Anonymous10:11 AM

    LOL - the photos are too cool. I agree with the others. Love Lizard Central.

  11. I don't think I have ever just randomly encoutered a lizard anywhere. They are the sort of things people have as pets or the zoo... Interesting how different places are when you think about it, really

  12. Uh...I'll pass on lizards. They're all over the place here but these little geckos do help a lot in keep the bug population down.

    And hey!! if you don't mind a slightly ruffled Special Topic in Calamity Physics and want to read it, let me know. Be glad to do an international book swap with you. :-) Send me your address and I'll mail it off post haste!

  13. Joemamma,

    I like Anole Asylum. We definitely have our share of those little anole lizards. They've disappeared, this week, though. I think they're off making little baby lizards -- at least, that's what I hope. Unfortunately, Rotten Ranch really does fit. We have a lot of cleaning and maintenance to catch up on.


    That's cute. So, skinks are common in Virginia? I've only seen one skink. He ran across the path in front of us at a nature refuge in the Delta (farther north; we're actually part of the MS Delta, but the southernmost bit). It was quite a colorful little fellow.

  14. J.Kaye,

    Thank you and thank you. :)


    It is interesting how different the wildlife is from one place to another. I missed the lizards when I was in Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure they have some of those little anole lizards running around, back home, but certainly not to the extreme that we see them, here.


    Yep, they do love the insects. We've been extremely heavy on mosquitoes, this year, so maybe that's one of the reasons the lizards are thriving.

    Thanks for the offer, but I just checked and I'm #2 in line for Special Topics in Calamity Physics at Paperback Swap. International postage is so expensive that I think I'd better decline. I appreciate the offer, though! :)

  15. Lizard Central sounds much more appealing than Rotten Ranch so I think you made the right choice. What's not to like about such pretty lizards?

  16. I liike Lizard Gulch. It has a certain western connotation.

  17. Casa Pearl,

    Exactly how I feel -- what's not to like? I've actually had to catch and release some of those lizards when the cat brought them into the house. They're skittish but as long as you don't hand them a finger to munch, I can't see them as anything but adorable. :)


    Lizard Gulch would be really cute if we lived in the west, yep. I think I thought of lizards as desert critters till we moved to the Deep South. We're about as far from desert as you can get, though!

  18. Lizard Central is perfect! Rotten Ranch reminds me too much of Lemony Snickett!


  19. CJ,

    You're not the first to mention the Series of Unfortunate Events books. :)

  20. I love Lizard Central! I'm so far removed from nature, that the first time I saw a squirrel I was grown! Those lizards are cute.

  21. N. Vasillis,

    Thank you. I can't imagine being away from nature as you have! We had a pecan tree in our yard, when I was growing up, so there were always squirrels around to steal the nuts. :)

  22. Awww. I love the lizard photos and your name choice. Good luck in the contest!!

  23. Thank you and thank you, Heather! :)

  24. This is too funny because this weekend I was in the Phoenix area and saw lots of lizards which made me think of you ;-)

    When I get my pictures downloaded I'll have to send you a link to the lizard pictures.

  25. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hezekiah would love your house! She's got this thing for lizards. Of course we have plenty to amuse her here but there's always more, right?

    Lizard Central, eh? Catchy. Hey! A pun! If you were Hez.

  26. Suzi,

    Oh, boy!! I can't wait to see your photos! Thanks for thinking of me. Now, I'm just dying to see what Arizona lizards look like. :)


    I think one of the neighborhood kitties got a mouthful of lizard because one of our regulars is missing his tail. Poor thing. He's the one who can't seem to find a girlfriend and now he's lost his tail. You have to feel for him.

    Yep, Hez would have way too much fun. We'd have to banish her to the indoors. You're very punny. :)

  27. Love your name. The house I grew up in was way out in the country then and I can remember my mother grabbing a shovel to go out and kill the rattlesnake. More than once. Your lizard is adorable. We had blue racer lizards also. That was a long time ago. Have a great week.

  28. Judy,

    Blue racer lizards? I'll have to look them up; they sound like something I'd love to see. We do have snakes, here. Last year, I took a picture of a little corn snake that had wound itself in between the bricks beside our front door. It was quite an interesting sight. I had no idea snakes could do that! Thanks, you have a great week, too!


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