Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm joining a challenge! The War Through the Generations 2010 Challenge: Vietnam

You all know I really dislike challenges, right? Well, I do. But, I began reading The Things They Carried and Tim O'Brien's writing is so beautiful, so moving and heart-wrenching and perfect that I ordered another of his books and put a third on my wish list. I have several of the books on the recommended reading list and was planning to read at least two of them, this year, anyway. I'm pretty much set. So, I've just signed up for the War Through the Generations 2010 (Vietnam) Reading Challenge.

I'm not going to list the books I plan to read. I'll just write about them as I read them. I have a bad feeling I'm going to end up buying some books, even though I have plenty. If I end up buying more and complete the first level early enough, I'll alter my plans. For now, though, I've signed for the 5-book "Dip" into Vietnam reading. Thanks to Anna and Serena for continuing the War Through the Generations Challenge.

I guess the way most people do this is to link back to their original post and add links to the books as they're completed, yes? I guess I'll do that, then. But, I'm not writing "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" with blank spaces. That just creeps me out.

Here's what I've read (with links to reviews):

1. The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
2. The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli
3. A Hundred Feet Over Hell by Jim Hooper


  1. I'm planning to read some more O'Brien for this challenge, too - The Things They Carried is on my top ten list of lifetime favorites.

  2. Most of the time that is the way I do my reading challenge links. Sometimes I will do a link list under the picture and add them as I finish. I am impressed you are joining another reading challenge. You will do great! :)

  3. The Things They Carried was on of my high school English teacher's favorite books; he quoted from it all the time. Do you think anyone will write that way about the wars of MY generation - the Persian Gulf War and whatever we're calling the one we're in now? Do you know of anyone who HAS written as moving a book as O'Brien's about a more modern war? Just thinking aloud here...

  4. I don't make a blank list, that just looks odd on my blog (I think). I just write about them as I go, and when I'm done post a list of what I read with links back to the individual reviews. I haven't joined this challenge, but it does look like a good one!

  5. Good for you! I've read two on that list - A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo and Pieces of My Heart (?) - the one about the nurses. They're both amazing books.


  6. Carrie,

    Apparently, The Things They Carried is on about a squillion "favorite" lists. I had no idea or I would have read it sooner. I just ordered another O'Brien, actually. I'll probably end up reading everything he's ever written. Enjoy your reading!


    I guess I've done it both ways in the past, but since I'm not a regular challenge joiner, every time I sign up it feels like a totally new experience. Thanks. I'm excited about this particular challenge. I always read WWII books, but I haven't read all that many about Vietnam and had planned to read more anyway, so this challenge is perfect for me, right now.


    How cool. I never had an English teacher who felt passionate enough to quote from favorite books. I tended to get the football coaches. LOL I don't know if there are any truly wonderful books about Desert Storm. I don't think I've read a single one, so nope -- I can't quote any titles or authors. Seems like something worth looking into, though.


    I've always thought it looks really strange when people write down a bunch of numbered blanks. I assume it's so they can come back and fill them in, but it's not something I'll ever do. I'm really excited about the Vietnam reading challenge because I've meant to read more. It's a nice nudge. You should join in. :)


    I haven't heard of either of those books (although I did read over the list and mentally noted a few familiar titles). Now you're going to get me into trouble. I'll have to look them up. Thanks for the recommendations!

  7. What? Has the world stop spinning? Good luck with the challenge!

  8. Kathy,

    Seems likely. LOL Thanks. :)

  9. Should I take your temperature, Nancy? :-) I am only participating in two challenges this year (one started the middle of last year) and the Vietnam Challenge is one of them.

    I look forward to seeing what you end up reading.

  10. Wendy,

    I'm sure you can feel my fever all the way out there in CA. :) I'll probably do the annual RIP challenge in the fall, so it looks like I'll be doing two, as well. But, that's it!! Yay! I'm glad you're joining the Vietnam challenge. Grab a copy of The Things They Carried, if you haven't read it. It's going to go on my all-time favorites list, I'm sure.

    I look forward to seeing what you read, too.

  11. Thanks for joining the challenge! We will get you listed on the official participants page soon!

  12. So glad to see you've joined the challenge! I have a lot of Tim O'Brien on my reading list.

    Btw...thanks for recommending that I get the Marsha Altman books. I'm absolutely loving them!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  13. Anna,

    I thought I was going to finish The Things They Carried, last night, and then he got me sobbing so I thought . . . funny, need something funny! Maybe tomorrow. It's really gut-wrenching, but I am in love with his writing. I've ordered two more of his books, already.

    You're welcome!! Aren't Altman's books a blast? I just finished Mr. Darcy's Great Escape. It took me forever to read, but it was such fun.


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