Sunday, January 17, 2010

Veracity by Laura Bynum - review delayed and thanks

I was supposed to read and review Veracity by today (Monday, that is), but this was a tear-filled weekend and I sat in front of the TV like a mindless mushroom instead of reading, so the review will be delayed. I've read a whopping 16 pages; I simply couldn't concentrate. However, they were a rocking fine 16 pages, I must say. Veracity is a novel about a dystopian future world in which a pandemic has occurred some 33 years in the past. The time period is around 2045.

There's a new government in the U.S. and all citizens have a "slate" -- a small chip -- imbedded in their necks in such a way that to remove it will slash the carotid artery. Speech is controlled by the slate and the only way to disable it is apparently by forcing oneself to speak a red-listed word. I don't know the name of the heroine, yet (the book is not near me, so I'm just relating what I've read) but she has been "recruited" by some organization outside the city walls in which she lives.

So far, I've really enjoyed what little I've read. I'll try to review Veracity as soon as possible but it's probably going to take me a few days to get back in the swing of things. I had no idea the loss of my sweet Spooky would so thoroughly rock me to my knees. I am grateful beyond measure to those of you who stopped by with hugs and kind words. You sustained me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love to all,


  1. Of course! hugs to you some more. and then some.

  2. Oh this book does sound WONDERFUL Nancy! And I'm going to add it right to my wishlist...but more than anything, I just want to send some more and more and more hugs your way!! Love you Nancy!!

  3. Chris,

    I read a little more of Veracity, last night (not much -- I'm one of those people who sleep a lot when they're down and I wasn't awake much!) and I'm still enjoying it. It goes back and forth in time but it's not confusing.

    Thanks for all the hugs. I need them. And, I apologize -- I still haven't sent your books. I've got to review one of them before I can wrap things up. Love you, Chris!

  4. Read & Reviewed it. Barely though. My brain feels like liquid to be honest from all the studying, but I gave it a B. It's damn good prose, but the story is not all that out of the box. A strong debut and I am sure to keep my eyes on Bynum.

  5. Harry,

    That's about my feeling, at this point. I think there are bits that feel a little on the ditto side, but the prose is strong and -- at least, so far -- I'm really enjoying it. I like this kind of book. And, I think it's really hard not to sound a little like you're rehashing old territory, but I do think she's done a good job. I'm so slow, though.

  6. Love the cover of this! I hope you are feeling a bit better, Nancy. Sending hugs your way, my friend! Take care!

  7. April,

    Isn't the cover wonderful? Thanks. I'm getting there. See my "message from God" at Facebook. I love it.


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