Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy by Leslie Vernick (DNF)

Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy by Leslie Vernick
Copyright 2009
Harvest House Publishers - NF/Self-help/Psychology

I think this is another case of bad timing. After losing a kitty, I'm not in the mood to be told to focus on Jesus and I'll get through the storm. The truth is that I think when I've had trouble happying up, usually it's the love of friends and reading about people who've either been through the same or worse experiences (and there's certainly a lot worse that could happen to a person than losing a cat) but came through them fine . . . that's what lifts me up and gets me back on an even keel.

Not that this book is about grief. That's part of the problem, I suppose. Roy Nakai's book about how he lived through tragedy was helpful to me because it had the right focus -- on how important it is to keep going.

Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy is about knowing yourself, realizing that things like losing 10 pounds, being the center of attention, finding the perfect job and having a spouse who does exactly what you think a spouse should do are not necessarily the things that will make you happy. Happiness comes from inside - making right choices, changing bad habits, not beating yourself up. That's what the book is about, although it's Christian and it's Jesus-focused.

I think I might like this book another time. At the moment, it's not for me.


  1. I'll be honest. I don't think you need this book. You have a great outlook on life and while you are obviously grieving the loss of your Spooky cat, your attitude is upbeat. I've never once thought of you as a whiner or someone expecting perfection from your friends and family. This book belongs elsewhere. Just my two cents. :)

  2. Les,

    It's all a ruse. Thanks for confirming that I'm doing an excellent snow job. :)


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