Thursday, February 21, 2008

Forgot one wahoo and back soon

We have a storm moving in, which means I'll have to shut down the computer and unplug (if I value the computer; and, I do). And, tomorrow I'm in charge of driving the kiddo down to Laurel for a swim meet because the husband can't take off to drive the fish to the pond he signed up to toss him into. Hope to be back in time to read and write a Sunday Salon post. In the meantime, here's a wahoo I forgot. Wahoo for squirrels, who always keep me smiling:

Those streaks in the background are raindrops, so the exposure was fairly long and I consider myself lucky that the squirrel wasn't any fuzzier (focus-wise).

For those who missed the eclipse, here's a link. I enjoyed the way the author mused about the importance of viewing an eclipse versus watching American Idol. For my part, I completely forgot that American Idol has returned and it would have had no effect if I'd remembered. I'd prefer to watch an eclipse over Simon Cowell, any day.

See you on Sunday, I hope!


  1. Be careful on the trip! And I freakin' love squirrels. I was walking up to my office building yesterday when two of them went a'frolicking across the lawn loaded down with acorns. SO CUTE! We put out squirrel feeders this year, but I don't think we've had any takers. :(

  2. Have a safe trip and happy reading!

  3. Andi,

    Thank you; I'll drive carefully. I hope the rain lets up in the morning.

    We have squirrels frolicking all the time. In fact, they land on the roof and scuttle across, then jump up into the oak trees (or the other way around, trees to that mess on the other side of our house -- not sure what all is over there because I'm afraid of the jungle). When we first moved in, I honestly thought people were jumping on the roof. Why would anyone think such a thing? I haven't figured out where that came from, maybe some repressed fear left over from being burgled. LOL

    Hey Nikki,

    Thanks. The good news is that the kiddo and I are mutually enthusiastic when it comes to evening reading time, so maybe we'll squeeze in some reading time in the hotel. The husband can stay home and clean. Ha.

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Have fun!

    I got to see quite a bit of the eclipse last night, I had to drive about 40 miles to a meeting and then back. Luckily our rain and clouds held off until this morning.

    I saw The Lottery as a short film in junior high the weekend my parents went to Reno and had nightmares all weekend long even though they called often enough to realize how much in hindsight must have been a total pain in the days pre-cellphones.

    Slightly overactive imagination.

    Did you find your calendar?

  5. I'm happy to note that I watched both. lol!

  6. Thanks for the link. Between the clouds and a touch of some bug or another, I missed it completely. I agree with Andi -squirrels are great... unless they're jumping out of garbage cans scaring the tar out of you! Safe trip and times of a fish for the kiddo!


  7. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Not many squirrels in South Africa. We do have the odd monkey roaming around though :)

    Have a safe trip.

  8. I'd prefer to watch an eclipse over Simon Cowell, any day.

    Amen, sister!

  9. Mr. Squirrely-Squirrel sure is cute!

  10. Hey Carrie,

    Lucky girl. Although, I suppose you shouldn't watch eclipses while you're driving. :)

    We had a good time, thanks. Kiddo is wrecked -- he and the cat are conked out on the futon, snoring. Well, one of them is snoring; I'll just let you guess which.

    I can imagine that a film of The Lottery would be nightmare-inducing, especially for a youngster. And, yep, I remember those pre-cell days, when my father would make an obligatory phone call that lasted all of 2 minutes. Come to think of it, the hyperactivity gene may have come from him.

    Nope, haven't found the calendar. In fact, I didn't realize how much I'm in and out, in and out. I haven't found the time to do that thorough cleaning job I swear I'm going to get to. :P




    I hope you're feeling better, by now!! Between storms and packing, I didn't have time to respond or blog-hop before we left, so I'll peek in on your blog, soon.

    We had a good trip, thanks. Kiddo has had a touch of tendonitis in his shoulder and he bashed his knee, so this year started out a fast year and went downhill, but I'm sure he's glad he went for "the sake of the team". Just being there to do the relays is important to him.


    It's hard for me to imagine life without squirrels! They're everywhere, here, and they're just a teensy bit suicidal. They run halfway across the road, stop and reverse at just the wrong moment when a car is coming. They are what they eat, I guess (nuts). You should take some photos of your monkeys and post them!!! What fun! I'd love to see a monkey in a natural setting (as opposed to the zoo). :)


    Of course. That's why we get along so well. LOL


    Mr. Squirelly-Squirrel says, "Thank you." Or, I'm sure he would have if he'd stuck around to read your message.


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