Monday, February 25, 2008

Still Blooming


  1. Go ahead. Rub it in. I'm fine. I can wait 3 more weeks for spring. I don't mind the ice/sleet/snow storm that arrived yesterday after a gorgeous 53 degree day on Sunday. I'm fine. I'll be alright. A little cold never hurt anyone.

    It's currently 17.

    Who am I kidding?! :)

  2. Oooh, gorgeous! Daffodil?

  3. Les,

    We had nasty storms, last night, and we're back to grungy overcast and 50 degrees. Feel any better? Okay, yes, it's not 17. But, you'll still be nice and cool when we're watching rivulets of sweat drip down our legs. I'd rather be in Nebraska, honestly.


    Thank you. Yes, that's a daffodil. :)

  4. So soo pretty! Ours are coming up, but they haven't bloomed just yet. That photo is stunning.

  5. Your pictures of spring always make my day (it was beautiful here yesterday but have since had *another* cold front). Where are you spring???? I guess I can't be too impatient since it's only February! Ha!

  6. OH I cannot WAIT for Spring!!! So pretty! I'm itching for some azaleas myself, for more pictures of Ellie with them!

  7. Andi,

    Thanks, babe. Mother Nature is truly messed up, here. I actually saw both roses and irises in bloom, on the way home from the library, just now. Roses? Irises?? Mommy Nature's confused!!!


    Cool, I love being a day-maker! :) Yeah, it is a bit early for spring in most parts of the country. You have to remember that we have about a 7-month summer and it's intense. Winter lasts about 2 weeks, most years. We had storms, last night, and a cold front moved in this morning. I wore a coat! It was unbuttoned, but . . . you know. A COAT! Cool!


    I think we're about 2 months early on the azaleas and you can tell; they're kind of scraggly. It's like they know they're not really supposed to be blooming, yet. LOL

    Any photo of Ellie is a good one, but yep . . . Ellie and azaleas go great together. Yep, yep, yep.

  8. *sigh*

    Another month. If we're lucky.

    It's a lovely picture, Nancy, and I'll be counting the days...


  9. Oh, poor CJ. I'd transport you here, if I could, but we've got Big Brother without the benefit of Scotty. It's not right, I tell ya.

  10. I tagged you!

  11. Ooh, that will require some thought. Thanks, Trish!

  12. So pretty! It was 81 degrees when I stepped out of my office today at 4:30 p.m. It feels like spring, but I imagine we'll get another storm before long.

  13. Wendy,

    It was in the 50's here, yesterday! Today, I think we're supposed to get storms and they'll hang onto us most of the week. I should have raked leaves while I had the chance. We'll be into the 80's in no time.


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