Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This one's my kid

Just to clarify . . . the young swimmer with a Meg Cabot book in her hand and an inability to put her book down long enough to eat her chips (whom I'd obviously love to adopt because she'd fit in so well) is not my child. This one's mine:

And, yep, he read on the trip up to Delta State. Here's an older photo of him reading, prior to what we call The Hair Rebellion (he refuses to cut his hair and deliberately musses it up so he looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket):

Like mother, like son.


  1. Ha! So, uh...what's he reading?

  2. LOL, the hair rebellion. I know a lot of teens going through that. My cousin looks a bit like Jim Morrison thanks to his hair rebellion.

  3. Chris,

    It's a Battletech book. I can't even begin to guess *which* Battletech, but Will was into that series and something else (Mech Wars?), a couple of years ago and we just happened to come across about 40 in the library sale for a quarter each. That kept him happy for quite a few weeks. I have difficulty keeping up with my kid's reading needs. :)


    The hair rebellion is horrible, but today the kiddo said he wanted me to look up the Ides of March and use that as haircut day. He likes the idea of impending doom revolving around his haircut. What a nutty kid.

    Jim Morrison was shaggy but in a tidy way (by comparison with my kid -- gah, really, his hair rebellion is so scary). Teenagers are so funny. I'm just not fighting it. There are soooo many worse ways to rebel, you know?

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Like mother, like son. So does your hair look like you stuck your finger in a light socket??? LOL!

  5. Lynne,

    I meant the reading (!!!) -- you know, "Like mother, like son" when it comes to being addicted to books. :)

    But, uh, there are days my hair and I look like we had a fight. LOL Kiddo has really thick hair and a very gentle wavy curl. He sleeps on it and then doesn't comb away the bed-head look. And, actually, if his hair is too neat in spite of not combing, he'll just run his fingers through it and get it to stand on end. He likes to think he's freaking people out. Sigh.

  6. The hair rebellion? That's pretty funny, considering how many other young people are 'rebelling' in the exact same way. They all think they're trend setters or something. Cuties that they are.

    And you're right. There are so many worse things he could be doing. Here in my little corner of reality we had 28 underage kids (mostly 18 - 20) get arrested on Saturday night for what's known as minors consuming. Something close to half are college athletes in all of the major sports except hockey.

    So, be glad he's rebelling with his hair, swimming, and reading. Oh, and I think the whole 'dooms day' hair cut think is a great idea. And it's so him!


  7. CJ,

    I know. It's adorable. A while back, they were all imitating the 70's look. Remember the 70's? Not a good hair decade, IMHO.

    Yeah, exactly. Much worse things the kiddo could be doing. He likes to spend free time at church activities. He makes me happppy. And, the swimming honestly saved his life. PE was a "sometimes" thing in elementary -- they either did it a couple of days per week or in 6-week blocks. And, the teachers took away recess as punishment (apparently, they really don't like recess because it was almost constant). Kids need the activity; I could actually tell whether or not he'd gotten a chance to run, the moment he got into the car.

    I love the Haircut Doomsday thing, too. How many kids do you know who would come up with the Ides of March as a day to have the haircut?

  8. Yep, you sound like my mom back when I was using my hair and various piercings to rebel. I got my tongue pierced at 18, and she went with me. Her sentiments were, "Well, you're not out drinking, doing drugs, or having wild sex, so this is really not a big deal."

    Amen! And she loved the blue streaks I had in my hair as a freshman in college. hehe

  9. Andi,

    That's a huge compliment because I know you have a great mom. :)

    Blue streaks and a tongue piercing? Goodness, you were a rebel. LOL


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