Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Kick Me

I'm about 6 book reviews behind, now, and the worst possible thing has happened. I've misplaced my calendar!!! Aaaaaaargh! I write down all the info about every book I read on the day I complete it, so the calendar is supposed to be right at my fingertips. Normally, I also keep a log on the computer, but this year I've been a little chaotic and the hand-written info on my monthly calendar is it. So, I'm off to tear my house apart in search of the much-beloved and needed calendar. I leave you with with a wet daffodil because it rained, this weekend:


  1. Oh no! I hope you find it Nancy! That is such a beautiful picture by the way...it looks like a hummingbird kind of...with a big bottom

  2. Oh, I sympathize with you! I'd be lost without my book journal AND calendar! Isn't there a Saint to help find lost articles? Good luck.

    Better rain than snow!! Or ice!

  3. Chris,

    I still haven't found it! I'm totally peeved. You're so funny. I personally am a fan of big-bottomed hummingbirds. LOL


    I am definitely lost. I can't stand to think of much of anything else but where the heck that calendar went -- and I haven't kept up with my journal at all. Sigh. Yeah, I think there is a saint of lost things. I'll look him or her up, just for the joy of it.

    Oh, shoot, everyone says that. I would so love a frozen tundra, right about now. I have exactly one month off from allergies and it's over. Everything's growing. I'm going to post a whine with my wahoos, tomorrow, I think.

  4. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Beautiful picture! The black and white works so well for it. And if you're getting daffodils already, I'm so jealous. We just have crocuses so far. They're pretty, but a sign that spring hasn't really hit yet.

    As for keeping track of your books, I like goodreads.com. Good luck finding your calendar!

  5. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I once worked as a Secretary to the President of a large corporation. He was the old fashioned anti-computer type guy and wrote everything in his handy calender, which he left at a phone booth in some airport down south. Believe it or not I was able to track it down and have it send to his hotel in another state, so if you need my help just let me know! :)

  6. Nancy -

    That picture is absolutely beautiful. I love the black and white and I love daffodils so it all adds up to incredible.

    And good like with the search. I lost a jump drive awhile back mainly because Max wandered off with it, I think. There are things on there that I don't have anywhere else, too. I need to tear things apart to find it.


  7. Booklady,

    Thank you. I thought the daffodil was a bit dull in color, hence the black and white (which also makes the droplets stand out a little better). Well, there's good and bad to seeing daffodils! It means allergy season is here. Ugh. I love winter, for that reason.

    Last week I signed up for Good Reads but then I removed myself because I wasn't using it. Argh, argh!


    Okay. HELP!!!!!!! I remember adding up my page count for last week, some time over the weekend, and I'm pretty sure I was sitting on the bed, but I'm not positive and I've looked and looked and I have this creeping fear that my husband threw it in with all that junk we took to the rescue mission or tossed it in the trash. HELP!!!

  8. CJ,

    I've looked up the Patron Saint of Lost Things (Anthony of Padua) and said the little chant, dug around the three spots where I normally keep my calendar and a few other possibilities. No luck. And, I'm turning into a pirate (grrr, arrrgh). At least if I had a dog, I'd have a decent excuse. :)

    Oh, thank you. I completely forgot your first comment. I'm a big fan of daffodils, myself. I blame Wordsworth.

  9. You have daffodils in bloom?! Holy smokes! My daffodils are still 6" under the soil and 18" under snow. But the snow is starting to melt. YAY!

    Best wishes on finding that calendar. I have a suggestion: Write the reviews from memory, post them and then, the calendar will show itself.

  10. I hope you find it! I always have a mini-panic attack when I can't find something important like my keys or phone or calendar with book reviews. Ok, so that last one is yours. Just trying to be sympathetic.

  11. Booklogged,

    Goodness. Where exactly are you living? We got a tiny bit of slushy icy stuff that melted immediately, this year. No snow. Typical. I truly miss snow.

    Oh, hmm, good idea. Except, I'll have to look up some bits and pieces of info because a couple were library books and I naturally returned them. I'll do that, thanks. :)

  12. Nikki,

    Thanks for the sympathy comment. LOL I don't have panic attacks about keys because I keep a spare set, ever since that incident when I put the keys down in a rental car while I changed camera lenses . . . in Nevada . . . with one of David's associates standing nearby . . . and then closed the trunk with the camera in my hand and the keys still lying inside the trunk. Sigh. Locksmiths are not cheap. At least I didn't lock the baby in the trunk. We had youngest with us.

  13. Oh dear! I hope you find your calendar soon. In the meantime, that photo is absolutely stunning!!!

  14. Thanks, Nat! No such luck on the calendar, yet, but maybe my house will get a bit cleaner in the process. One can only hope. :)

  15. I absolutely LOVE the photo!!! How do you do that!?!

    I was thinking that something good would come of the lost calendar. And your last post confirmed it. :)

  16. Oh don't feel bad - I am behind on the reviews as well so see you've got company :)
    I do hope you find your calendar though! I hate losing things.

  17. Beautiful daffodil! And I hope that calendar shows up soon!! I've got all my parts crossed for you, and admittedly it's partially a selfish endeavor since I LOVE your reviews!

  18. Joy,

    Thank you! Well, first of all, I got a little wet. LOL I get right down at an angle I like and I am forever getting muddy, wet or bug-bitten (if not all three). I darkened the photo a little, after turning it black and white using Picasa (a free photo editing program that can be downloaded off the web) to give the flower that look that it's floating.

    You wanted the truth, right? :)

    Actually, I think some good may come of the missing calendar -- we'll see. I may pair up some of my reads in a way I wouldn't have done, otherwise. And, maybe the house will get a bit tidier. I hope, I hope.


    I'm usually so good about staying caught up on reviews!! Oh, well. Things happen. I'm glad to know I'm not the only blogger who has fallen behind. :)

    Thanks. I've already done some major hunting, so I think I'll do a slightly more methodical straightening job and hope that helps me to unearth the calendar. Yeah, me too -- I hate losing things.


    Thank you and thank you! You're too kind. I'll cobble some reviews together, but I just won't know the order in which I read everything until I find that calendar. Well, raspberries. It's gotta be here somewhere.

  19. Beautiful picture!! Hmmm, I hadn't thought of physically writing down my books in a calendar, but I bet it would be interesting to look back at! I keep all my information in spreadsheet (and write dates in my books when finished even though more serious book lovers would frown on that).

  20. Trish,

    Thank you!

    It is, in fact, quite fun to look back at old calendars. I have a little stack of them, which I've been slowly rounding up. I'm not sure exactly when I began to write down my finished reads in a monthly calendar, but it was sometime in the 1990's. I've used a monthly calendar for other (scheduling) purposes since high school. I was one very organized student. Since I don't keep all the books I read, writing a date in them would be pointless (and, yeah, a bit of a sacrilege).

  21. Don't feel bad! I'm over 20 posts behind.

  22. Okay, yeah. That worked. I feel better. :)


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