Friday, February 08, 2008

Y'all Make My Day and Mwah!

I begged Heather to let me post this uplifting photo of her beautiful daughter, Ellie, to open my version of the You Make My Day post. Thanks, Heather!!! Isn't it the perfect happy photo? Just looking at it makes my day.

Since I've been so slow to get this post typed up, I've been tagged for the You Make My Day award by (gulp) six bloggers: Heather, Eva, CJ, Bonnie, Jenclair, and Amy. Because all six of them have obviously posted on the You Make My Day award and they all make my day, I've decided to send each one a separate award (which Bonnie gave me . . . and I just discovered Raidergirl3 also gave me -- right back at both of you!!!). Here you go, guys:

The point of the Mwah! award is "to hand some of that love and kindness back around to those who have been so very, very, very good to me in this bloggy world. My hope is that those who receive this award will pass it on to those who have been very, very, very good to them as well. It's a big kiss, of the chaste platonic kind, from me to you with the underlying 'thanks' message implied. I really do appreciate your support and your friendship and yes, your comments. ... Mwah!"

What a nice sentiment, don't you think?

~~~ We interrupt this post for a special annoyance. Or, announcement. I tried -- oh, how I tried, people -- to write "little blurbs" about why I adore all the people who are on my "You Make My Day List". But, there's this problem, see . . . they were turning into essays. I am so filled with adoration that I can't shut up. So, I've decided to delete the descriptions and just post a list. Trust me; they're all worth visiting. End Annoying Announcement~~~

And, The Official You Make My Day List . . . I must add that the following bloggers are only a few of those who regularly make my day (because I'm supposed to choose 10, I believe) and that I decided not to bother checking to make sure they hadn't already been tagged because . . . well, because I feel like it and they still make my day, even if they're also making someone else's (which they probably are):

Kookiejar of A Fraternity of Dreamers
Cupcake of A Truth Universally Acknowledged
Raidergirl3 of An Adventure in Reading
SuziQ of Blogging My Books
Tara of Books and Cooks
Nikki of Keep This on the DL - Update: You must read her post about The New Guy. I nearly fell out of my chair.
Carrie of My Middle Name is Patience
Stephanie of The Written Word
Nat of In Spring it is the Dawn
Jessica of In Search of Dessert

I could go on. But, I'm not supposed to and everyone knows what a sweet, well-behaved little thing I used to be. I'm falling back on my past to try to make myself behave in the present.

Sorry for the posting delay - next up will be the promised book reviews. I read another book, yesterday, in between naps. Apparently, I ran out of fizz because I slept and slept and slept and read and read and slept and slept and slept. Anyway, I finished Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz and the next 5 posts will be book reviews unless someone slips me a highly caffeinated drink. I could have probably used one, yesterday.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. What an adorable picture! And thanks for the 'mwah'-you're so sweet! I'll have to check you the bloggers you listed that I don't know yet. :D

  2. Hi Eva,

    Isn't that a great photo? Heather takes beautiful pics and I'm particularly fond of the photos she snaps of her kiddos.

    You're very welcome. :)

  3. Thank you for the shout out! It means a lot coming from one of my favorite book fanatics.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    You are right, that is a awesome photo! Also, thanks for the MWAH - back at you babe!

  5. Thanks Bookfool. You know you make my day on a....well, daily basis.

  6. Hi
    I found your site through Heather's A High and Hidden Place. And I found hers through the Book a Week Group on Yahoo of which I am a member. Anyway I live in MS too. My cousin is on a local swim too and loves it. :)

  7. Mwuhaha, you've been tagged by the evil meme monster again! No pressure to do this one though! Details at my blog...

  8. Thanks Nancy. I still use the bookmark I won in the chunkster, I save it for the best books I read.

  9. Cupcake,

    Well, thank you for that! And, you're welcome. I had all sorts of nice things to say about you; you would have loved reading about how wonderful you are. Sorry I had to delete because I was getting a wee bit too effusive about my favorite bloggers, but you already know you make me snort. :)

  10. Stephanie,

    You're actually a "make my day" taggee, but you also deserve a MWAH! :) Isn't that a wonderful photo? I just love it, love it, love it.


    Aw, thanks. Obviously, I feel the same way. :)


    I've fallen far behind, but I'm also a member of Book-a-Week. It's nice to meet you! Where exactly do you live? My son has been a fan of swimming since he was a little bitty critter. It's a terrific sport, especially in such a hot state! :)


    "No pressure" is good. I can't seem to stay indoors, now that it's so nice out. But, I'll do my best. Silly old monster. ;)

  11. OMG, I hadn't seen that picture of Ellie. She is ADORABLE! I love that dress and the flowers in the bg make for a perfectly happy pic.

    And I went to read Nik's "New Guy" post after you mentioned it. Made me cackle. I think I scared the dog.

  12. A great list of blogs you have there!!

  13. Raidergirl,

    Wow, that's a huge compliment, thanks! I'm glad you're still enjoying the bookmark. I'm all glowy about the fact that you save it for special books. :)


    That's my all-time favorite Ellie pic (and I tend to love all of Heather's shots of her kids). It's such an upper, isn't it? I love everything about that picture.

    Glad you liked Nikki's post. Poor dog. LOL


    Why thank you. You've earned a "MWAH!" for saying so. Actually, you regularly make my day, too. That's why I hate tagging people -- I want to tag everyone I love!

  14. Aww, thanks Nancy! I cheated and didn't pass this one on when I got it earlier but you'd certainly be on my list! :)

  15. Well, a big MWAH!!! right back at you my bookish friend!


  16. Nat,

    I don't blame you. I always feel like I'm leaving someone out when I do these things, so I usually duck out. Thank you for saying I'd be on your list. That's a great warm fuzzy. :)


    Why, thank you! :)

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you and you make my day too, so I send it right back to you! I love all those swim meet photos, esp. the girl in the boots. I could totally see my daughter wearing the same....

  18. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Aw! Thanks! I spent the weekend comatose with the flu or I'd've seen this and appreciated it earlier.

  19. Tara,

    Thank you. :)

    Swim meets are such fun. I love seeing what the kids wear almost as much as I love their dedication.


    I wondered what happened to you. So sorry you've been prostrate with the flu agony. You're not all that late, though. :)

  20. That sure is one cute girl there!

    Thanks for the 'mwah'! Right back atcha dear!!

    Yay, now I have new blogs to explore!! Wahoo!

  21. Awww - thank you - the feeling is definitely mutual :-)

  22. Heather,

    Well, of course. I'm sure her mother is also a beauty, but I don't recall ever seeing a photo of her that showed anything above the neck. Hmmm. Consider that a nudge.

    Thank you!

    It's always fun exploring new blogs, yes?


    Why, thank you, dear. :)


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