Friday, February 01, 2008

This is a family-friendly blog

Content removed - experiment was a success. I found that my blog is luring the people I prefer to drop by (that's you). Thanks for not hating me for mentioning certain people and topics.


  1. I can see the disappointed faces now.

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Ha Ha, too funny! That should boost your stats quite a bit!

  3. Chris,

    LOL My whims often inadvertently cause people pain.


    Probably. I got so many hits when I posted about Susie Scott Krabacher's book about her work in Haiti (people looking for nude photos from her Playboy years) that I actually removed her name. And, now I'm asking for it. Go figure. I must be lonely, this week. :)

  4. When I talked about the Masterpiece adaptation of Northanger Abbey, I mentioned JJ Fields-now I get a few searches every day wondering if he has boyfriend! I can't help wondering that myself though. :)

    When I look at my searches, I'm most concerned by the ones that look like they're by students looking for...errr...'homework help.' Oh well.

  5. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Easily amused aren't we?

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Hehehe!! Very funny! I posted about something kinda similar...


  7. I see your stats for the entire life of your blog doubling in one day ;) It's really disgusting (and a little interesting, haha!) to see what some people type in to land on your blog sometimes!

  8. Oh you are bad! :)
    You'll have to tell us what some of the searches were for!

  9. Eva,

    I don't know JJ Fields. I'll have to look him up and see if I end up on your blog. Har. Oh, hmm, JJ. Ah. Tell me he's not gay, please.

    Oh, yes, I always feel bad about diverting the students away from more useful searches. I don't have any great hints to offer; really, I just share my thoughts. Poor kiddos.


    Well, you knew that already. ;)


    I just read your post and it was a hoot. I'll avoid the word fet*sh. And, probably po*p. Thanks for the warning!!!


    I don't think it'll be that bad, but you never know. As Carrie said, I'm easily amused. But, yeah, it usually drives me nuts to think that someone came to my blog via a search for something like nude photos.

  10. Iliana,

    So far, it seems to be having little effect, which may at least slightly restore my faith in humanity. We'll see. ;)

  11. LOL This is great, Nancy! It would definitely be interesting to see who might turn up!

  12. Wendy,

    It seems to be having no effect, whatsoever! Interesting. Now, we should try the words "free books" and see what happens. :)

  13. Lately, the most Googled searches on my blog have been for The Zookeeper's Wife, but I still get a lot of students from a couple of old Beowulf posts!

  14. Lol! Let us know what happens with this!

  15. Nikki,



    The Zookeeper's Wife is one I've been anxious to read and which has gotten a lot of good buzz, so I can see why it would lure a lot of visitors. Oh, Beowolf, yeah, that would be a student-grabber. I really did not like Beowolf but I had to read it along with my son when I homeschooled him (probably an adaption).

    Gentle Reader,

    So far, when I've checked my recent keyword activity it's all been related to bookish things or keywords that are not in any way rude (or about icky heiresses and pop stars who can't be bothered to wear underwear), which pleases me immensely. I think I'll pull this entry down in a day or two. :)

  16. ROTFLMAO!! You have such a creative mind! :)

    BTW, have you checked out Colleen's blog recently? There's a link to a fabulous video with Matt Damon. I haven't laughed so hard in months!!

  17. Les,

    I had fun with the wording. Can you tell? ;)

    Yes, I've been to Colleen's blog but my speakers weren't functioning. I'll have to go back, now that I can hear. Thanks for reminding me!

  18. Yah, you definitely need audio!

  19. Oops, the kid walked in during that second chorus, when I was singing along . . . "up against the mini bar." Hahaha. Loved it. But, it's not what I'd call family friendly.

  20. Definitely not family (or work) friendly. I think Colleen notes that on her blog link.

    Nice ear worm, to boot! Rod and I have been singing that tune all day. :)

  21. Yes, I'd still be singing it if I didn't have kiddo nearby. It's terribly catchy, but I'm right behind him on the futon (with a cat and a laptop . . . very cozy). :)

  22. I was stuck with a couple of busy weeks without much bloghopping time, so I missed out and am really curious as to what's going on!! :)

  23. Trish,

    I posted a few sentences with bad words and names in them, just to see what would happen to my traffic:

    Nude books!
    Naked pages!
    Britney is not spelled like the region in France.
    I love Paris in the springtime.
    Playboy's bunny lays an egg.

    I think there was one more, but I can't remember it. I was really excited particularly to find that Britney, Paris, nude and naked didn't cause a sudden increase in traffic. It was just a whim. :)


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