Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Wahoos and One Complaint

Wahooey Poppet Family Portrait:

Just a couple of wahoos because the idiot with the camera forgot to put her memory card back in the camera and missed taking a photo of a truly hoopty owl right across the street from our house. Oh, argh. I'll be mourning for days.

Due to heavy cloud cover we also missed the eclipse, but I did take a photo of that gorgeous full moon, last night:

Well, wahoo for that, eh?

Actually they were having a bit of a tiff, those two. It was pretty fun to watch.

I took the memory card out to load this photo:

Was it worth the loss of an owl photo? I don't think so. But, there you have it. It's a pretty tree. So, wahoo for lovely spring colors. Yes, I know it's only February. So weird.

Dandelion Whine:

Nooooooo! Too soon, too soon! I haven't even finished raking up the fall leaves!!! Dandelions are really quite pretty up close, though, aren't they? Okay, yeah, reluctant wahoo.

Hope everyone had a wahooey day and got to see the eclipse.

Bookfool who must wait till 2010 for the next total eclipse of the moon (bwaaaah!)


  1. I love the poppet line up.

  2. No eclipse here either. Only more snow. *sigh* And I think your dandelions are absolutely beautiful! Wish I could see a few.

    Not much of a wahooey Wednesday for me. I think I have a touch of the flu...


  3. Love the poppets. Wahoo!

    I did see the eclipse. Hubby took some pics. Some are rather spooky because clouds had moved in. I'll have to post a couple today.

  4. 2010??? I was really excited for the eclipse, but it was very cloudy here yesterday evening. I envy your early blooms. Texas weather is so strange that it could be 80 one day and 45 the next--we typically don't start blooming until the end of March beginning of April(in Dallas anyway).

  5. Too bad about the owl but the moon is very cool! And dandelions really are quite pretty up close but I can sympathize. We've had a few sunny days so hayfever is just around the corner for us.
    I forgot to put a memory card back in once too. So frustrating! I like my new camera as it has both an XD card slot and a compact flash slot. Now if I forget both of them some day I'm a right idiot! Which now that I've said this I'll probably do sometime soon. :P

  6. Nikki,

    Thank you. Choxie came out of that portrait with a chipped dress, so she might magically change colors, soon. I have no idea what kind of paint to use in order to "fix" her, so she may suddenly turn totally pink if I screw up. Hard to say. :)


    Oh, so sad. I'm sorry you missed the eclipse, too. I was looking forward to it and terribly disappointed when I realized the clouds were going to ruin it. It's raining, today.

    Darn, flu is the last thing you need. I hope you feel better quickly!


    Thank you. The poppets are definitely wahooey! :)

    You saw the eclipse? You got photos? Yay! I'll have to come visit!

  7. Trish,

    2010 for the next total eclipse. I'm sure there will be other lunar eclipses, before then, but they'll be partial. A total eclipse is such a cool thing. We did have a brief cloud-break and I think there may have been a tiny little start to the eclipse at the bottom left (I managed to snap a frame or two, before the clouds rolled back over) but it's hard to tell. It might have just been a cloud.

    Our weather's loopy like that, too. We usually do have some green year-round, though, and the daffodils come up as early as January. It's the other blooms that are off-schedule.


    The funny thing was that I was completely freaking out because my camera wouldn't snap. I thought it was a lighting issue. Meanwhile, the owl looked right at me, like "Come on, human, I'm posing!" I switched lenses and he stayed put for a second and then flew. It wasn't till a brief cloud-break during the eclipse that I discovered I had no memory card. Some days are like that! LOL

    Oooh, I hope you knocked wood about those memory cards. ;)

  8. I dashed outside for a quick peek at the moon. It was pretty darned cold, so all I saw was a bit of red, almost like a harvest moon.

    Dandelions already?! Wow. We have snow-covered grass and flower beds. And it's snowing again today. Heavy sigh.

    Great shot of the full moon!

  9. Les,

    I went out several times in the hope that the clouds would break, again, and give us a glimpse. We did see a tiny little shadow that might have been the beginning of the eclipse, but after that . . . nothing but deepy dark overcast. So, I looked up the eclipse on the internet and enjoyed the photos. That lovely red was the part I most looked forward to.

    Yes, dandelions and every other weed you can think of. I need to hire someone to do the yard work, this year, so we can work on the interior of the house and not have to worry about the yard, for once. It really is a huge, year-round battle. Winter only lasts a very short time, but it's all about leaves and limbs and the mold that grows beneath if you don't do your job. And, I'm fiercely allergic to mold, so it's pretty miserable cleaning up leaves, as well. There is no such thing as a month off to enjoy the snow. That's what I really long for.

  10. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Are those poppets staring up at the lunar eclipse that you missed ?
    Don't feel too bad, I missed it to.

  11. Gavin,

    Poppets love a good lunar eclipse! Unfortunately, my poppet family was stuck beneath the same cloud cover as moi, so they missed out. Sorry you missed the eclipse, as well. I suppose this means we just have to live with hope, for the next two years. :)

  12. I remembered the eclipse at the last minute when B rushed out the door while I was talking to my former Thesis Director on the phone. I got a peek for myself before the moon disappeared completely behind cloud cover.

    Great photos. What type of tree is that?

  13. Andi,

    Lucky devil. I kept looking to see if the clouds had budged, but nope. They were determined clouds. And, today they're leaking badly.

    I believe that's a Japanese Magnolia tree. Pretty, isn't it? Near as I can tell, it's also known as a tulip tree. I am obviously not an expert in trees. :)

  14. The photo of the moon is gorgeous. If I were a werewolf, I'd probably start howling. Thank goodness I'm not. Imagine all that fur that could get in your mouth.

    I missed the eclipse too, but it had more to do with the weather than anything else.

  15. Ha,ha... love the bird pic. That moon picture though is fantastic.

  16. That's a positively gorgeous tree. I just asked B. if he had ever seen one, and as it turns out there's one right down the street. Whee! Wonder if the neighbors would mind me gawking at their tree?

  17. I can't even believe you are talking spring! We keep getting snow, and the temps have plummeted again!! Pretty pictures though!

  18. Wendy,

    You're so silly! LOL The moon was absolutely stunning the night before the eclipse. So sad that it was overcast the next evening, but there's always 2010. Yep, same here . . . lousy weather for eclipse viewing.


    Thanks on both counts. The birds were really funny. I don't know if that was a courting ritual or a real spat, but it looked more like a fight to me. The moon was just beautiful -- so, so bright and clear. I did find myself wishing for a slightly better camera, but I should probably tell myself to shush. :)


    Those trees are gorgeous; but if your neighbors are like mine, you might want to do a quick-gawk. My neighbor across the street came outside to ask me if there was "a problem" when I stepped across the road to photograph a tiger swallowtail butterfly. She must be more creative than I am; I couldn't come up with any "problems" that might result in someone aiming a camera lens at her flowers. Umm, they're too pretty and the Society for the Prevention of Utterly Breathtaking Gardens and Misled Butterflies Outside the City Limits insists that they must be removed. We're photographing to support our case. (???) No, I don't think so.


    We don't get a whole lot of winter, down here. Believe me, I'd rather we did. It is kind of funny; in a few months everyone in North America will be complaining about the heat, although y'all don't get what we'd call a real summer (I remember wearing a jacket on the 4th of July in Michigan -- something I promise you will never, ever happen here). It's the reverse of our winter experience, really. It is funny to think that the Iditarod race begins in about 7 days and here we are, blooming all over the place. LOL


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