Friday, February 15, 2008

I Lied. I didn't mean to, honest.

When I said, "This is it. My poppet family is complete," I meant it. Truly I did. But, then along came this happy and very colorful gal (who is still, unfortunately, nameless):

Well, heck. Does she look like my kind of Poppet, or what? And, she's not the only one. See Choxie, the other newcomer, here.


  1. How many poppets do you have now? I'm jealous - I need a Poppet! :)
    Well she is very colorful. Have fun coming up with the perfect name.

  2. I think Nameless Poppet makes 7. Let me think . . . Poppet (aka, "Poppy"), Molly, Simone, Nikky, Violet and Choxie. Yep, 7. Her name might be Anastasia. I'm not sure, yet.

  3. Ha! I love her :) Megan got one of the Valentines ones that came with the box for Valentine's Day. I want one of the Choco poppets...I may get one...I think she has a few left!

  4. Isn't she pretty? I like the little box, too -- kind of nice to have a change of pace from all the little bags. I couldn't find anything at all on eBay. Tell if I'm wrong. Kris of Not Enough Books wants a Poppet and I promised I'd tell her when some are available.

  5. There's a bunch available still. She has an online store now through ebay, so there should always be poppets available! Here's the link: Sorry for the long link...I don't know how to do that fancy html stuff :( You'd think I'd know by now, huh?

  6. She is a pretty one! And I love the box she came in.

  7. Oooh, I love this one! And the red/pink love one with the heart on its chest. Temptress!

  8. I love those! They're too cute, especially your Ms. Rainbow!

  9. She's beautiful! I know she's happy to be a part of such a big family, too.

  10. She is very colourful! Anastasia is a nice name if you do go with that. I just counted and I have 1 rat, 7 poppets and last week I ordered 2 more. They're like gremlins they are! :P
    BTW, try this link.
    As I write this she still has several items up including the Choco poppets.

  11. Awwww - she's so cute :-) I think you should name her Dorothy (as in 'over the rainbow') ;-)

  12. Chris,

    Thank you, sir. I've passed the info on to Kris. And, I'm staying away. I used to know how to create a link within a comment, but I forgot how. Now, that's embarrassing. Book Nook Les knows, though. We should go ask Les.


    Thank you. I love that little box, too. It may have been one of the swaying factors that knocked me toward purchasing. I love colorful polka-dots, for one thing. They're a weakness of mine.


    I didn't even see the one with the heart on her chest till yesterday!!! Oh, farkle. I will be strong, I will be strong, I will be strong.


    Aren't they adorable? Rainbow colors! What will she think of, next?


    I always wanted to be part of a big family, so maybe that's a part of it. Make your own without having to feed them or send them to college. Hahaha. Well, hey, they are significantly cheaper than children. :)


    I decided I love the name, thanks. I've settled on Anastasia.

    And, thank you, I feel better about my purchases, now. I know you ordered a chocolate, but what other one did you send for? Must know!!


    Dorothy!!! That would have been a really great name, but I already decided on Anastasia. I know -- it has nothing to do with rainbows. I started out wanting to call her Clara Bow (rainbow, clarabow). But, my husband said that was the stupidest name he'd ever heard and where on earth did that come from? I said, "The silent film star, silly. Haven't you heard of Clara Bow?" No, of course not.

    I have an Aunt Dorothy, so, come to think of it . . . Dorothy might have been a little weird, anyway.

  13. #7 is my favorite of all!! I really need to get on the ball and order one (or two or three...) of these cuties.

  14. Yep, I know that html stuff. What's it worth to ya? ;)

    I tried to write it here, but Blogger keeps telling me my html can't be accepted because I have open tags. But if I close them, all you'll see is the link - not the instructions.

    So... I'll send it to you via email. :)

  15. Les,

    #7 is awfully fun, isn't she? You mean you don't have any Poppets? Oh, thou poor, deprived woman. Yes, you should definitely order a few, right away. Especially since they keep going up, up, up in price (one of the reasons I've decided I must call my family complete).

    Okay, thanks. I'll pass the HTML on to Chris. :)

  16. oh my! congratulations on your new baby! lol.. she's a cutie for sure!!

  17. Thanks, Deslily. Isn't she lovely?

  18. Sorry the link appeared to get cut off. Should've done it html but was lazy. Glad Les helped you out.
    I actually have the link bookmarked which is probably not a good thing.

    As for my latest poppets, I got the Valentines one at the beginning of the month, which I'm calling Valentina, then last week I gave in and ordered the Choco one and Little Pink. I couldn't decide if I liked Little Pink with the empty hood but I finally decided to since she's on sale.

    I've noticed the prices sneaking up too. :(

  19. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Greetings once again from the tip of africa.
    I had no idea that there was such an entity as a poppet :)

  20. Nat,

    It worked fine. Sometimes you can't see an entire link when you cut and paste, but it's there. Blogger weirdness. :)

    I didn't even see the Valentine's poppet till Andi mentioned it. Doggone it. I would have gotten that one, but I'm happy with what I've bought. "Valentina" was actually the first name that came to mind when I saw the Valentine's poppet. Very fitting (and pretty).

    Little Pink actually creeps me out a bit, I must admit.

    Hi Gavin!

    LOL! Well, now you know. :) Poppets are cute and great to pose with books.

    I've been wondering what's up with you. Your blog hasn't changed in eons. Glad you're still alive and well!

  21. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Aw, she looks like just the addition you needed to your family!

  22. What cute additions to your Poppet family. I only own the pink one holding the bunny. It reminds me of my daughter who has a bunny just like that. I would like to order some of the Alice in Wonderland characters. They're so very cute!

  23. Carrie,

    Thank you. I agree, although the guys in the family still admit to being a bit perplexed as to the point of poppets. They're so funny.


    You have a Little Pink, then. How sweet that she reminds you of your daughter. I considered one of the Alice in Wonderland toys, last year, but decided it was a bit above my budget. I agree; they're so cute.

  24. I want one
    SO BAD!!!!
    (so does Touloose!)

    RE: The Lottery. I can't tell you how many people call my book "the" LOTTERY.
    One person looked at me suspiciously and said, "Hey that was written by Shirley Jackson."
    I was tempted to say
    "Gosh, sorry, you caught me..."

  25. Pat,

    You should definitely get yourself a poppet. Or, maybe Touloose can get one for you!!!

    Hahaha. People are so funny! I had a German maiden name and a teacher once tried to tell me I was pronouncing my own name wrong!!! Sheesh. My dad said, "Tell her to call me, if she has any lingering doubts," although I had already firmly put her in her place (the subject never came up, again). Sure, you don't know which book you wrote and which one that Jackson chick published. Of course.


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