Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wahoo! Wednesday

Just a few quickie wahoos, today, as I have an awful lot to accomplish. The biggest excitement of the week was walking into the library to find a cart full of ARCs with the words "FREE BOOKS" taped onto the end. There weren't many left and there was a fellow standing in front of the cart, filling up his second sack. But, I managed to grab a few before they were all gone -- actually, quite a nice little stack. Click on photo to enbiggen:

I've anticipated your first question. Yes, you may see what's on the lovely shelves behind that pile of books. Here you go:

One of my favorite colors is green. And, while I get a little sick of summer, I never get tired of the color green, so wahoo! for green growing things. This is in my front garden:

Note that I still haven't managed to rake out all of the oak leaves. I'd better hurry up before it gets hot.

Sometimes I play. This is my first attempt at panning for . . . quite a while and it was very wahooey fun:

I'm having a little bit of a blogger issue, here (and I have to run, anyway), so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Hope everyone's having a fantastic day!


  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Free books! Awesome.

  2. Always. But, I've gotta read 'em and get rid of 'em. I'm not living in a castle, here. :)

  3. Very cool pics. I especially like the one with the bookcase full of books. You have quite a lot of L'Engle's books!

    I've brought home several ARCs from work this past month. Now that I'm finally finished with The Winter Rose, maybe I can get to some of them!

  4. Wahoo for free ARCs! And I'm always up for pictures of bookshelves :) Love all the Madeline L'Engle! You'd never know it by the cold weather we have right now, but it's supposed to be approaching 80 later in the you're right...get out there and rake those oak leaves now!

  5. Les,

    Wait! You're not supposed to finish The Winter Rose till I've at least started it. I left my copy on the piano bench when I left for the swim meet, darn it, and haven't gotten to it. You get ARCs from work? Cool.

    Yes, I do have quite a few L'Engle books. I've been a fan of hers since childhood, so I went out of my way to collect her books, for a time. Can you tell? ;)


    One of those looks like a Chris book, for sure (although the title is pretty lame): The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. The kiddo seems to be quite interested in that book (you guys have similar taste) and the cover just looks very you.

    L'Engle will always be a favorite. I used to gobble her books.

    You wouldn't believe the quantity of oak leaves we have to deal with. I looked up into the trees, today, and realized that if the larger of the two were to fall in the direction it's leaning (uh-oh, it's leaning), it would cut the house across the street in half. It's humongous. I could use a half-dozen Mormons, right about now.

  6. Aw, big pile of free ARCs just there for the taking! How jealous am I!

    Oddly enough, I've got so many books at this point that they actually overwhelm me to the point of madness (including much hand wringing over how slow I read and actual consideration of a total cessation of book acquisitions until I can get a handle on things - like I say, madness!), yet seeing a pretty little pile of ARCs turns me into a pile of green envious goo. ;-)

  7. Mormons? Hmmm....? Anyway, yay for free books!!

  8. I'm jealous of your bookcase. I want one just like it.

  9. Megan,

    It's really hard to pass up free ARCs, but I'm in the same boat. I have way too many books and I read far too slowly. I've got to start reading faster.

    But, yeah . . . just try to walk past a cart of crispy clean ARCs that are free for the taking. That's darned near impossible if you're a book nut. :)


    Mormons. To do the yardwork. They did a nice job in the fall, but I could use more hands. Anyone would do, actually. I just need to hire some help, till we get a grip, here. :)


    Thank you. That's an IKEA Timmerman bookcase. Unfortunately, IKEA stopped making them when we were in the middle of collecting them. I would have filled up my entire house with Timmerman shelves, but we only had the money to buy a few at a time.

  10. The bookshelves are very nice. I'd love to have shelves with doors on them. And I love the way the light is shining through the green leaves. I never get tired of green either.

  11. Nat,

    The glass is nice. I don't have to worry about dusting the books on those shelves. Gotta love that! :)

  12. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I don't think we get ARCs here in South Africa. Or I've probably just never come across them.
    Thanks for the great pics. I especially like the blend of the blue and brown on the first pic.

  13. Free books, yay!!

    I love the bookshelves. I'm curious where they are from or if they're custom-made, we'll be buying a house soon and I'm already looking forward to getting rid of our cheap bookshelves and getting some nice ones!

  14. Wahoo for free books! I actually have some of those titles on my wishlist so you lucky girl you :)

  15. Gavin,

    I think advanced readers began as an American thing and are slowly spreading, chiefly based on where the publisher is located. HarperCollins, for example, used to only offer First Look ARCs (which you have to sign up to try to "win") in the United States, but they now have a Canadian program.

    Thank you. This is our best time of year in Mississippi - pretty, springy days with a bright blue sky. Soon we'll be dripping from the heat, so we have to enjoy it while it lasts! :)


    Unfortunately, those shelves are no longer made; they're IKEA's Timmerman design. We were in the process of slowly collecting them and would have filled our entire house with Timmerman shelves, but sadly they yanked Timmerman off the market. They'd been around for quite a while, by the time we started acquiring ours. I don't know why they stopped making them! Everyone who walks into our house notices them; I just think they're the best design ever.

    Good luck with your new house!!!

  16. Iliana,

    It was a lucky break; I usually make Tuesday my library day, but I was tired and considered shifting to Wednesday. Then, I remembered I had some videos I wanted to return early. Which titles are on your wish list? Some seemed to have a familiar ring; maybe it's because I've seen mention of them at your blog.

  17. Ouch, I'm having a complete and utterly overwhelming attach of book lust! And what pretty shelves. I'm supposed to get some office furniture this weekend, so I hope to have pics up soon! Wahooo!

  18. Andi,

    Any particular titles you're lusting after? I'm curious because I wasn't familiar with any of those ARCs, although a couple of the titles sort of sounded familiar.

    Thanks you muchly. Those are what we call the "good shelves". I love them to death and can't imagine why IKEA stopped carrying them. Can't wait to see your new furniture!!

  19. You know us so well! Thanks for the close up of the bookshelf. ;-)

  20. LOL! I'm that curious, too, Wendy! Hope you're feeling better!!!

  21. Wow, what a steal with all those arcs!!

  22. 3M,

    It's entirely possible that I'm spoiled. :)


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