Friday, May 07, 2010

Fiona Friday

A sleeping cat may not look all that exciting, but this was a great moment because Fiona climbed onto my legs while I was reading. She has not shown any interest in lying about on laps and we respect that; cats have very distinctive personalities and some are just not enthusiastic about lying on top of a human. Our Spooky was a lap girl but Sunshine liked to lie beside her people with one paw outstretched, touching a leg or whatever body part was handy. Fiona seems to prefer lying near feet. But, she made an exception, one day. It was wonderful. I hope we'll have many repeats.


  1. Oh that is so sweet! I have a cat with a similar attitude, and one day she came and laid on my lap. Those are special moments.

  2. Sleeping cats might not be exciting, but they sure are sweet!

  3. Jo-Jo,

    It's really extra special when they're not inclined to regularly hang out on a lap, isn't it? It was definitely a moment. :)


    I think kitties are a bit like toddlers. You really appreciate the quiet, cuddle time. The rest of the day is kind of a wild rumpus. LOL

  4. Awww that is too sweet! One of my cats is a major lap cat, the other is like Sunshine - he'll lie beside you and drape partially over you, but don't you dare try to touch him or hold him! Fiona looks adorable in this picture :)

  5. Amy,

    It's really kind of nice having more than one cat for the variety of personalities, isn't it? We do miss having two. Kiddo has been trying to convince me that we need an "uppity, lazy" cat to go with our little wild girl. :)

  6. Lol! Smart kiddo. I would totally be doing the same thing :)

  7. Amy,

    I'm a sucker, so I have a feeling he'll eventually convince me.

  8. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Awww, she looks plum tuckered out. And so sweet.

  9. Softdrink,

    She plays hard and then collapses. It's really cute. :)


    He often wins. Spoiled youngest child and all that. LOL

  10. I love her little white toes!

  11. Tammy,

    Aren't they cute? SuziQ and I have decided she's not wearing socks, though. She's got on running shoes. You should see her adorable pink foot pads. Such a pretty, girly pink!

  12. I love looking at sleeping cats. They make me feel so relaxed! Especially the one in your header, that's just exquisite.

  13. Jeane,

    Me, too, and thank you. :) The fellow in my header is a neighborhood cat who was lolling around on one of our patio chairs. He's a sweetie.

  14. Aw, she looks so peaceful!

    Hey, if you want a cat (or two), and are willing to travel to Lincoln, I've got a friend who is looking for a home (or homes) for her cats. She's allergic to cats, but has been able to overcome the symptoms up until now. Her second pregnancy is causing problems and she needs to find a new home for the cats. Just a thought. Sylvio is a great cat. Very mellow and quite the love-bug!

  15. Les,

    She was zonked.

    I'd love an excuse to hit the road, but I think it would be a bad idea to get a cat far from home. If Sylvio (boy?) didn't get along with Fi, it would be a bit far to hand him/her back. We're seriously thinking about a second kitty, though. Fiona is surprisingly mellow. I think if we can find her a friend with the right personality, she'll do okay.

  16. No problem. I was half joking. ;)

  17. Les,

    I know, but I would REALLY like a road trip. I haven't been anywhere but Nashville since last April and I'm going out of my mind. If only Fi could go with me, we could road-test Sylvio. LOL

  18. Fiona Friday is my favorite day even when it is Saturday. Such a sweet precious baby girl.

    For once, a trait she doesn't share with Howie. He's got lap-dar and I swear can hear you sitting down. Half the time he's in your lap before you're done sitting.

    Love this picture!!

  19. SuziQ,

    Thanks. She is really sweet in person. I wish you lived just a wee bit closer than . . . what, 2,000 miles away? You know, close enough to meet her. :)

    That's funny about Howie. Miss Spooky was so lap crazy that Kiddo said he really, really didn't want a lap cat for a new kitty because he felt guilty if he had to get up less than two hours after she climbed onto his lap. Spooky had a well-perfected haughty look. LOL Well, he got his wish. And, now he wants a lap cat to go with her. :)

  20. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Isn't it lovely that she climbed into your lap? She looks most distressed, there, too. ;) I try not to get jealous because Samantha follows my husband around everywhere he goes, and when he takes the dog out she cries. Now, really, that's a bit much. He complains, but who doesn't feast on a bit of kitty love?

    I'm thinking of you this Mother's Day, and praying that you know what a treasure you are to your boys even if boys stink at showing it sometimes. Don't let Halmmark, or other 'shoulds' that aren't real life, get you down. XOXO

  21. Your cat looks just like my Tiger who also has issues about sleeping on people's laps. He's only slept on my lap three times in the past two years - so it's really a treat. He's so neurotic about it - he has to sneak up on you and then takes several minutes to find just the right spot. If you pet him or even look him in the eye he will turn and leave.

    I'm glad you got to enjoy some snuggles with your kitty!

  22. Bellezza,

    I know, she looks miserable. LOL It was really sweet; I was thrilled that Fiona felt like climbing on my lap, even if it isn't going to be a regular thing.

    Funny about Samantha's addiction to your husband. Our cats have always followed me around. I assume it's because I'm home and I'm the one who gives cats the most attention, but Sunshine was very fond of William and sometimes I did get just a touch of envy. :)

    Thanks for the thoughts. There's nobody around. Kiddo decided he needed to get out of the house, huzzybuns has left for the week and eldest . . . who knows. I guess he's packing to move. I'm just going to do a mass delete on my reader, today. There's only so much I can take of parent and grandparent holidays, since I have neither. I just try to ignore them! :)


    Isn't that funny? Even our lap kitty would step backwards a bit if you tried to invite her up onto a lap too enthusiastically. Cats are such fascinating creatures. Fiona actually likes to be held so that she can put her chin on my shoulder but it's a position that makes my arms ache from holding her up, so I don't cuddle her that way very often.

    Thanks. I enjoy our rare cuddle times and have a feeling Fi will become a little more cuddly as she ages. She's really a sweet, relaxed kitty (when she's not in hyper mode). She doesn't stiffen when we carry her. It took my other cats years to relax to the point she's already reached.

  23. Looking very content!

  24. Fiona is so photogenic. I don't think she could take a bad pic if she tried.

  25. Serena,

    Yep, totally zonked.


    She's got a sweet face. I'll tell her to make a funny face for Bybee and see what happens. ;)


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