Monday, August 17, 2009

Christianish - Still reading

I'll take this little post down and replace it when I'm done with the book. Just wanted to let you know I'm still reading Christianish and it might be a few hours before I get the review posted because my eyes are burning and watering (so I keep shutting them, which makes it particularly difficult to read). It's good, so far. I particularly like the author's personal anecdotes because they have a tendency to make me do that twitching thing where it looks like you're having a mild seizure but, really, you're just trying to keep from waking up the cat by laughing too loudly.

Back soon!


  1. Oh yes, I know that twitching. I do that at work when I'm reading at lunch and find something particularly funny.

    On a side note, I just read your "about me" and what is that about a message from God about you being fat? Oh silly girl--what a think to include in your "about me" section! Wait, is it more appropriate for me to say, Oh silly lady? Oh well.

  2. Hi, I'm working on BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week) and your blog has been nominated for an award. More information will be forthcoming via e-mail, but I need you to send me your e-mail address as soon as possible (within the next 48 hours at the latest). My e-mail address is skrishna [at] skrishnasbooks [dot] com. Thanks!

  3. Trish,

    The laughs are worth it, though, don't you think? :)

    I am a fat girl and it was a pretty funny dream, actually -- I seriously did dream that! I woke up thinking:

    a.) He's right; I need to get to work on that, and
    b.) This will make an excellent anecdote. LOL

  4. Swapna,

    I've sent you an email. Thanks!


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