Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wahoo! Wednesday

I haven't gotten out with the camera, yet (more storms) and I have a headache (ugh), so you get a Costa Rican hummingbird, which I do believe is worth wahooing about. Hope I haven't posted this one, before. I don't think I have, but I'm rather forgetful. I like the look of determination on the little guy. He knows what he's after and he's going to get it, by golly.

Today is the day of my drawing for The Imposter's Daughter. I'm going to shoot for 5pm, Central time. If I'm a little late, it will be unsurprising to some of you.

Also, I've finished Mr. Darcy, Vampyre and hope to review it by tonight. If not tonight, tomorrow will do. It just depends on this headache. I'm going back to bed. Wishing you many wahoos!


  1. That little beauty is definitely worth wahooing about!

  2. Love that photo! We have hummigbirds whizzing all over our backyard. I have to keep my head down when I check the vegetables to avoid getting divebombed!

    Life by Candlelight

  3. Kathy,

    I agree. Love those little guys.


    I had that problem, last year. They kept buzzing me -- zipping right past my ear. We didn't have a lot of them, though. Just the one guy who seemed to think of me as a likely target. :)

  4. That's a beautiful photo!

    Mr. Darcy, Vampyre?!? Whoo boy, is there no end to the P&P spin-offs? First zombies, now vampires, what next I wonder? Hope it was a fun read.

    Sorry to hear about your headache and hope it goes away soon.

  5. Lesley,

    Thank you!

    I know! The spin-offs are getting kind of mind-boggling, aren't they? Sadly, Mr. Darcy, Vampyre was kind of dull. I was hoping for something a little silly - more along the lines of a parody - but nope.

    My headache is gone, for now. Hopefully, it will stay gone!!! Thanks for the wishes. :)

  6. Your photography skills never cease to amaze me!!!! That shot is perfection!

    I do hope you're feeling much, much, much better now!!!!!!!!

  7. Debi,

    Why, thank you, dear. There were hummingbirds everywhere in Costa Rica -- some of them quite noisy (although they made a clicking, rather than a humming noise). You should go there, if you haven't. It's a great place to learn about nature and respect for the environment.

    I feel terrific, today. I gave in and took the strongest thing I could find, which I'm actually a bit allergic to (so I paired it with benadryl). That seems to have finally done the trick. It's been a tiring week.

  8. Awesome shot, Nancy! I have a bunch from Oregon that I just need to sort through. Between the hummingbird pix and the whale pix, I could spend hours trying to select a couple of winners (and toss several dozen duds!).

    I had some great captures from our recent trip to Kansas City (our friends have great luck attracting hummingbirds to their feeders - they ignore mine!), but those photos were lost to the external drive crash. :(

  9. Les,

    I guess you'll just have to return to Kansas City. It's still early. Just be careful not to turn South. The hurricane season is upon us. :)

    Same here on the hours of sorting. I keep avoiding the sorting of Costa Rica pics because there are sooooo many. I took 2000 pictures, but lots were bracketed or shot from different angles and I just need to sift out the bad ones. It's a daunting job.

  10. Makes you kindof long for the days of film and negatives, doesn't it?

  11. Les,

    Yes and no. There wasn't a lot of effort involved 'cause if you weren't a professional you were stuck with the results. But, remember, Walmart lost the photos of Kiddo's birth. Did I tell you that? We have zero pictures of him till he was several weeks old.

  12. Yeah, you mentioned that (about the missing photos). I can't even begin to imagine how pissed off I would be!

    Speaking of photos, I think I'm finished with Aminus3. At least on a daily basis. It's become a burden to post every day. I'm getting lazy and not posting high quality images. Time to let it go. I wanted to hit a perfect 365 posts, but I'm ready to let it go now.

  13. Les,

    I was beside myself. I kept going back to Walmart for months, but all they did was offer me a free roll of film. They couldn't even be bothered to look.

    Yep, I know that feeling. The only reason I've stuck with Animus3 is that there's a whole completely different set of people that I adore. I guess wherever you go, blog-wise, you end up with a circle of friends. I don't know how else I'll manage to keep in touch with those folks, so I've continued to post sporadically. It's very time-consuming.


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