Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, no! Major snafu!!!

I was doing really, really well on keeping up with my scheduled reviews (with the exception of Christianish, which I keep telling myself I'm going to finish and keep not picking up because . . . actually, I didn't read a word, yesterday -- too busy). Unfortunately, I put North! or Be Eaten down on the wrong day (wrong week, in fact) of my calendar and I haven't even begun to read it. The First Wild tour coordinator goes out of her way to make sure you don't screw up, but I still managed.

However, I've read the first in the series and I will happily refer you back to my review of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Book One of the Wingfeather Saga. You will note that I thought it was really fab and eagerly anticipated the sequel. I'm still sitting here anticipating, I guess. Gotta crack the cover before you stop anticipating.


  1. anticipate away! (it just doesn't sound right written, but can you hear my expressiveness to mean something like 'go ahead and anticipate all you need to' in a positive way? hope so...)

  2. Care,

    Sounds great to me. :) Hopefully, I won't have to anticipate for too long. I do need to go ahead and finish some of the books I've been bouncing between for two weeks, though!

  3. I was on a separate tour for this book this week but I did not finish in time either. I have 5 book tours this week Mon.-Wed. so not quite caught up yet. :)
    I need to go write a review of Melt Down by Chuck Holton but it will probably go up tomorrow. So tired and I loved it and want to do it justice. :)

  4. Brittanie,

    That's a lot of tours!! I try to keep up with mine, but sometimes you just screw up. I'm still anxious to read the book.

    I haven't heard of Melt Down. I'll be watching for your review. I know the "want to do it justice" feeling. The best books are always the most difficult to review for just that reason.

  5. So interesting how we all have our different likes and dislikes. Just got done reading a blogger review of this one where the blogger couldn't finish the book. Bummer. Glad you loved it, though!

  6. Trish,

    I think you must have clicked through on the wrong post because I haven't read this book, yet. Maybe you meant TSI: The Gabon Virus?

  7. Boo--I was blogging in a hurry and misread where you said "thought it was fab" and sequel. Sorry about that Nancy! Major snafu for Trish!! :)

  8. Trish,

    Nah, minor snafu. I probably do the same thing. :)

  9. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I tried to read this for the Children's Book Blog Tours before reading the first book...note to self: Don't do that.

    I not only didn't enjoy this book At All, I'm afraid I've made an enemy of dear Andrew. Or, at least hurt his feelings. Which I certainly didn't mean to do.

    I expect you to make up for my faux pas, Nancy, with your great reviews and enthusiasm! ;)

  10. Bellezza,

    I just dashed over to your blog and I though you did a very graceful job of describing why the book didn't work for you. I sincerely doubt you've hurt anyone's feelings.

    Having said that, I am definitely going to have to dig up the first book. I need a refresher. It's been a little too long since I read the first book and I can imagine how easily you must have become lost and frustrated.

    I'll do my best. :)


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