Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reviews forthcoming; Bookfool Expresses Dismay (film at 11)

Actually, I'm not too dismayed because I knew this was coming but . . . this past weekend Eldest Son came for a visit and this week Huzzybuns has taken off specifically to work on home maintenance. Since both events are pretty rare (particularly the latter), I haven't spent much time on the computer and likely won't for the rest of the week. I have, however, finished two books and hope to sneak in enough time to sit down and hammer out a couple of reviews. I will not have time to visit other blogs because if the husband asks someone to pass a hammer and I'm not there, he'll probably sit down with his blackberry. And, that would be a total bummer. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!! Will review ASAP and should be back to normal posting, next week.


  1. :) That's fine! You also enjoy your week!

  2. ha! We'll miss ya but tis best to keep an eye on the Huzzybuns so he finishes all those Honey-dos, right? Have fun.

  3. Thanks, Veens! You, too!


    I sort of blew it. I didn't jump right out of bed, early this morning, so the husband picked up his blackberry and now he's at the office. I guess it gives me time to work on a review, though. Sigh.

  4. Oh this will give me a chance to play catch up on all of your reviews I've missed while on vacation! :)

    Hope you guys get lots of stuff done and hope you find a way to sneak in some reading time!

  5. So quick! Those work crazed men are a wily bunch.

    Hope you get lots done this week! I have finished my first book of the month last night.

  6. Iliana,

    That's a nice way to look at it. :) I worked on a review for just a short time and then hubby returned, so back to work with me. It may be a very boring week in Bookfooleryworld. I'm still reading at night, although the pages are a wee bit fuzzy because we're wearing ourselves flat.

    Welcome back!!


    Well, he lasted two full days. It had to come at some point. Fortunately, he really wasn't gone long. In fact, he interrupted my review time and I didn't finish anything.

    Thanks! I think we're getting a lot accomplished, actually. Which book did you finish?

  7. Eh--sometimes I think we bloggers spend too much time on the computer. Enjoy your time with Eldest Son.

  8. Trish,

    I know I have spent way too much time on the computer, this past year. It seems like everyone else manages to do things (like, have a life, work a job, etc.). Eldest was just home over the weekend. Huz has been here all week. We don't quite know what to do with each other. He's spent the better part of our married lives traveling.

  9. My cousin and I were just talking about this earlier today. Our other cousin (well, her sister-in-law) was moaning over the fact that her husband has been out of town for a few days. I commented that it's actually kind of nice when Scott's gone a night or two. We spent the first couple years of marriage togetherallthetime and now we're trying to figure out how not to do that. Seems silly, I know, but we do need to be separate people, right?

    This year I've been trying to focus on not having my nose in the computer all the time. Still don't think Ms. Austen would consider me an "accomplished" lady, though. :P

  10. Trish,

    I absolutely think couples need to have their own lives apart from just being a married pair. This is one area in which I've sort of failed -- not having a life, that is -- although my husband is always dashing around the world and I can't say we've ever really spent all that much time together. I'm not very accomplished. I need to work on that.

    One of the reasons I've got a note saying I'm not currently accepting books for review is that I've decided I need to get back to writing fiction. We were watching an interview with Dean Koontz and he talked about how his wife supported him for 5 years while he worked on making a go of his writing. Hubby turned to me (with a grin) and said, "Okay, I'll support you for 5 years and you can give it a go." Snort. He's been the income earner forever, of course.

  11. I totally know what Trish is talking about. In H's previous job, once we were back in Japan, he was going to Europe about once a month on business. Now at his new job, no more business trips so he's here all the time. I miss those days to myself. ;)

    Sounds like you're getting stuff done so that must feel good. Good luck with the rest of it.

  12. Nat,

    I went off on quite a tangent, didn't I? Yep, know the feeling. It's been weird having the husband around -- and not just in town, but at home. I know just what you guys mean. Sometimes even a day or two alone is restorative.

    We're doing great, thanks! No swim meet, this weekened, so I think we'll just keep right on working through the weekend and see how much we can accomplish.

  13. Hope you have a great week & I look forward to reading you again soon! :-)

  14. Marie,

    Thanks! I had a great week and we're going to keep right on chugging away at the home maintenance over the weekend. I did just manage to finish a review, though!! I'm so glad you commented. I stuck it in the wrong place. I'd better go fix that. :)


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