Monday, August 31, 2009

Wahoo! It's RIP season!!

I haven't participated in a challenge since I "unchallenged" myself, earlier this year. But, the RIP is my all-time favorite. I can't head into fall without digging around for spooky books, period. I've chosen to participate in Peril the Second, which requires the reading of two books from the genres listed at Carl's blog. However, I may read more. Sometimes, it's hard to stop.

My starter list:

1. Midnighters - Scott Westerfeld
2. The Calling - David Mack
3. Circle of Souls - Preetham Grandhi
4. Broken Angel - Sigmund Brouwer
5. The House on Tradd Street - Karen White

I'd better stop there. It's easy to get carried away . . .

Addendum: I've just been informed by Carl that the challenge began on August 23rd. Since I finished Darling Jim, last week, and it's suitably creepy, I'm going to call it my first completed RIP book, if only for the sake of linking up to my review to draw attention to a creepy book that others might miss. So, here we go:

Completed books:

1. Darling Jim - Christian Moerk


  1. Yay! I'm glad you are breaking your own rules for this one.

  2. I love me some RIP! I'll be participating, too, though I need to ruffle around in my shelves and see what looks tempting. Enjoy!

  3. It is easy to get carried away with spooky books at this time of year, isn't it? Now if only the weather would match my mood. :P

  4. Chris,

    Thanks! The RIP is worth breaking the rules. :)


    Have fun ruffling. I'll bet you've got some great ones tucked away.


    Absolutely! It's actually been oddly cool, here (for us) -- cool being a relative term. It's only 78 degrees, right now. Very weird for August, but I love it!!!

  5. Cool! I'm so glad that you decided to make an exception for the R.I.P. Challenge! Yay!!! I promise nothing too challenging, just a lot of fun!

  6. I'm seriously considering making 2010 a Challenge Free year, but I know I'll always make an exception for Carl's challenges. They're too fun to pass! Anyway, that Scott Westerfeld series sounds excellent. Enjoy all your books!

  7. Have fun with the challenge!

  8. Nymeth,

    I think Carl's challenge is the best. It just fits the season, somehow. :)

    As to Midnighters . . . aaaargh! After carefully flipping through the book to make sure I wasn't buying in the middle of a series, I determined today that I bought The Concluding Book. I'm so ticked at myself. I was sure I'd gotten the first book, but no. I guess I'll have to place an order. There's where I lose sympathy points -- it's no big deal to place an order because I don't do it often. LOL


    Thanks! I always enjoy the RIP. :)

  9. Wahoo indeed!! I'm so excited about this challenge :D I just love this time of the year!! Can't wait to do some spooky reading with you!

  10. Welcome welcome :D
    I am in too!

  11. I agree, this challenge can't be missed. Darling Jim sounds very RIPish, I'll have to search it out.

  12. I have been trying to resist this reading challenge for over a week. Not sure how much longer I can hold out. I def. have a list of books that fits it. I love mystery/suspense. I just joined another challenge not too long ago called The Reread challenge. lol

  13. Carl!!!

    Sorry, I didn't mean to skip your comment, earlier! I could have sworn I responded. I love your challenge and really appreciate the fact that you've made it so easy that any silly old bookfool (ahem) can handle it. :)


    It's a most wahooey time of year all-around, isn't it? The RIP just adds to the fun. LOL Happy spooky reading! :)


    Yay! It's just one big old, crazy spooky party. LOL


    Darling Jim is definitely RIPish, in more ways than one. It's creepy, suspenseful and atmospheric. Also, if you dislike the book you can just cut out the picture of the author and hang it on your bulletin board. He's easy on the eyes. ;)


    Well, I can't help you with the other ones (ditch 'em! . . . kidding, sort of) but I personally think Carl's challenge is the best challenge out there. He's a terrific host, for one thing. The Reread challenge? Goodness. There's a challenge for every taste, isn't there? You should definitely sign up for the RIP. I'm not very helpful, am I?

  14. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Wahoo indeed. I'll be playing along, too. And hooray for the headstart!

  15. Softdrink,

    Wahoo! It's a big, happy party! I'm reading The Calling by David Mack for my next RIP book and it's great, so far. I need to add it to the sidebar. Have fun reading!


    Thanks, you too!! It's a fun challenge!

  16. Looking forward to reading your reviews. I know what you mean about starting to put together your pool. I could have had hundreds if I went on!

  17. Rhinoa,

    Exactly. If I started to dig and kept going, the list would never end. I'll just take one at a time! Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading some spooky reviews, too! :)

  18. It is easy to get carried away, isn't it? I feel the same way once I get going and see all of the great books everyone else is recommending.

  19. Kim,

    It certainly is!! My wish list always gets a huge injection from the RIP, which is probably bad but I love it. It's hard to find a really good creepy book, in my humble opinion, and you can always get some fantastic recommendations by reading RIP reviews. Such fun! :)

  20. Bluestocking,

    You haven't? I think I got all the recommendations on my list from other bloggers. The House on Tradd Street got loads of positive reviews (it's got a ghost -- perfect!), last year. Circle of Souls is fairly new and has a paranormal aspect. I'm reading The Calling -- about a man who hears the prayers of other people and feels obligated to help them. Broken Angel was sent to me by Brittanie at A Book Lover. You can probably find a review there, if you're interested. There's a link in my sidebar.

    I'll go check out your post, thanks!


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