Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chunkster Check-In!

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I mentioned last weekend that I've changed my mind about having a check-in time before the end of the Chunkster Challenge, since it seems that some of the links are now dead and I'd hate to leave anyone out of the final drawing. I'll try to visit everyone I can, this week, because I don't expect everyone to pop in here. Please feel free to mention check-in wherever you see the little chunkster button, in case I miss anyone.

I will leave this post up for a week and on Thursday, May 4, will draw three names. Each winner will get one of my homemade bookmarks (I often use my own photos to make bookmarks, but I'm capricious and what I make will be based on my whims). You do not need to have completed the challenge (or even started on it, for that matter) - it doesn't end until June 30 - just check in if you're one of the participants and let me know you're still out there by leaving a comment at this post. Thanks!


  1. Hey Bookfool! I'm done with the Chunkster Challenge! I only picked three books and have finished them all -- Half of a Yellow Sun, The Book Thief and Shantaram. I loved them all, especially Book Thief! Next time I'll be braver and pick more!

  2. I'm in and finished The Book Thief and saving Lonesome Dove for June. ;)

  3. Great idea, Nancy! I'm looking forward to reading how everyone is progressing. :-) As you know, I finished my last Chunkster earlier this month. I read three total: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, The Way the Crow Flies by Marie-Ann MacDonald, and I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb.

    Thank you so much for hosting this great challenge.

  4. Lisa and Maggie,

    Thanks! I've put you both on my drawing list and I'm glad both of you found The Book Thief. It's one of my new all-time favorites. :)

  5. Hi Wendy!

    Yep, I remember that you finished. I've added you to my check-in list. I really need to get to Anna Karenina and The Way the Crow Flies. Oh, so many books are waiting!! I wish I could read faster.

    Thanks for checking in. :)

  6. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I'm still reading
    3 down - 3 to go (WHAT THE CRAP WAS I THINKING WITH 6?!?!?!)

  7. I'm still in. I just finished War and Peace and will post my comments this weekend (or early next week).

  8. I'm still in although I'm beginning to wonder if I'll finish by the end of June. 2 done and still 2 to go. Thanks to the challenge though I finally read Jonathan Strange so thank you for that! :)

  9. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Hi - I finished the three that I picked - THE FORSYTE SAGA, THE POISONWOOD BIBLE, and (what the heck was the name of the third one?). Senior moment!!

  10. Anonymous5:43 AM

    OH - just remembered the last book - A PRAYER FOR OWNEN MEANY. I didn't like it - guess that's why I couldn't remember it!

  11. I'm still out here. :)

  12. Hi! I only read one and it wasn't the one I originally chose. I am just NOT a chunkster reader. I'm disappointed that I won't be reading a book I really want to read, but the density of it is just too much for me to handle. :( Thanks for the encouragement by hosting this challenge, Bookfool. :)

  13. Yo BF! I'm still in! I've finished 2 of the 5 (number wise) I said I would read. I'm reading 2 now that will more than qualify. So far I've read The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly which were both excellent. Wonderful cozy historical fiction books.

  14. #1. I'm still in. Absolutely!
    #2. I've just completed 654 pages (out of 1175) in Homeland by John Jakes.
    #3.I still plan on a few more chunksters to go with the ones I've read: Dr. Zhivago, Crime and Punishment.
    #4. My real name's Meredith. (In realtion to your post and my comment on Gavin.) :)
    #5. Pick me, pick me!

  15. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I haven't started my challenge yet - yikes! I am still in though. I've got three books that I'm looking at but just hope to finish one at least :)

  16. I'm still in it! I finished The Charm School, Pillars of the Earth and am working on Cathedral.

    p.s. Pick me! I love bookmarks!

  17. I'm still in and on schedule with one a month. 4 done
    Les Miserables
    The Three Musketeers
    Wanderers Eastward, Wanderers West

    (4160 pages worth so far)

    and 2 to go
    Theodore Rex
    Peachtree Road

    I love big fat books :-)

  18. I'm here!! Barely started (holding my head in shame!) I should have my first one done in a week or so (it's almost 1000 pages though!!)

  19. I'm still around, only barely half done...I second Dana, what was I thinking to pick 6?!

  20. Everybody,

    I've added your names to the drawing, thanks!!!


    It's okay, just read what you can. Chunksters are rough for some of us! :)


    Wow, cool, War and Peace is a huge one. Good for you!


    I'm glad the challenge was a positive nudge for you. Don't worry if you don't end up getting to everything. Any progress at all on the thick ones is great, don't you think?


    I'm sorry to hear you didn't like Owen Meany - that's one I keep putting off but want to get to. I'm dying to read The Forsyte Saga!


    Thanks for checking in!


    I'm not a chunkster reader, either. The word "challenge" definitely fits for me. It's not biggie if you switch titles. I've done so, myself. I'm very fickle!


    I read The Tea Rose last year and enjoyed it, too. I'll have to look for The Winter Rose. I keep forgetting there's a second book out, now.


    I love your real name. Want me to keep calling you Bellezza or can I switch? Meredith is so pretty! You're doing great. I haven't had the guts to pick up a book that large!


    You've still got all of May and June to get to the chunksters. :)


    Wow, you've done great! You and Bellezza can bicker while I've got my hand in the hat and my eyes closed. LOL


    Wow, you must love 'em big! I'm kind of envious. :)


    Completing one 1000-page book is worth a party, if you ask me. No reason to feel shameful!

  21. You know I'm in, Bookfool. I read 4 novels totaling 3,188 pages! My brain feels 25% larger! Thanks for the challenge.

  22. Melanie,

    You were just thinking positive; it's okay if your end results don't match your expectations. Still have two whole months to go, so you never know! Thanks for checking in. :)


    Yes, ma'am, I know you're still in! Wow, you've done great! And, I'm absolutely certain it's expanded your brain. Warm fuzzy alert. LOL

  23. I've only read two. yikes! I was hoping to have more read by this's just so hard to read chunky books. haha!

  24. Well right now I have finished reading:
    A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers- 500 pages
    An Echo in the Darkness- 461 pages
    The Collectors by David Baldacci- 436
    Lisey’s Story by Stephen King- 509 pages
    Azur by Alice Taylor- 449 pages
    The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer-507
    Exile by Richard North Patterson – 558
    The Terror by Dan Simmons- 768
    The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry- 457
    The Castle in The Forest by Norman Mailer-467
    Beguiled by Shannon Drake-424 pages
    The Ghost and the Wolf by M.C. Scout-455 pages
    True Evil by Greg Iles – 512 pages
    Second Glance by Jodi Picoult- 420 pages
    The Will by Reed Arvin- 493 pages
    Earthly Joys by Phillipa Gregory-440 pages

    But only two were on my original list. I need to get back to those. lol
    Lover of books

  25. Since I listed 13 titles(in a Thursday Thirteen), I'm far from finished. However, I've read 3 Chunksters from my list:

    The Way the Crow Flies

    and gave up on 1:


    I'm not sure if I'll get to the remaining 9, but I'm going to try!

  26. Kris,

    Two is great. You've still got two months left. :)


    Good grief. Were all those chosen because of length?


    I'd forgotten you had that many on your Chunkster list!!! Goodness. Best of luck to ya!

  27. So far I have read 5 and have at least that many more I would like to get read... just never enough hours in the day ; )

  28. Paula,

    You're doing fantastic! And, yeah, I know what you mean. There's no such thing as "enough reading time", near as I can tell. ;)

  29. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Well, thankfully I think I only challenged myself to read one and while I've read a couple of books that are 400+ pages, they're not the one I meant.

    But I'm still in! Madwoman in the Attic is the one I want to read for this challenge. (but I reserve the right to flake out and choose another! lol)

  30. Hi, I'm doing great. Finished two that I listed: American Gods, The Other Boleyn Girl, and have another one ready to go, My Sister's Keeper, and my fourth, well, I'm kind of cheating, but I'm reading a trilogy, which is really one big book, so says me. This has been the biggest challenge for me out of all the challenges I've started. It's really hard! thanks

  31. I'm still around. Due to other reading requirements, I only selected one chunkster and then opted for a title change a few days later.

  32. hi! I'm still in the challenge, though I've only completed one on my original list. We'll see how it goes!

  33. Carrie,

    I haven't stuck with my list, either, but I figure a chunkster's a chunkster. If the challenge helps us to think about reading the fat ones and get through some of them, terrific. :)


    Oh, oh, oh! You're reading some that I need to get to!! Everyone seems to love The Other Boleyn Girl and I want to read more by Gaiman. My Sister's Keeper is on my wish list. Shoot, why not count a trilogy? It all adds up!


    Title changes are fine. There are quite a few of us who posted one list and read completely different titles - no biggie.

    Hi Eva!

    I don't think I've seen you around in a while. One chunkster is great, in my humble opinion. There's still plenty of time to fit in more.

  34. Hi BookFool,

    I am still in and have read 4 so far.


  35. I finished The Book Thief, Woman in White, and Ahab's Wife--these were my 3 selections for the challenge:0)


  36. Hi Barbara!

    Great, thanks for checking in!


    Way to go, lady! I want to read The Woman in White, someday.

  37. Actually,a bunch of them I got from the library. lol

  38. Is it too late to make a substitution? I lost one of my Chunksters & haven't replaced it yet. For the record, I had a total of 4 on the challenge. I've read 2.5.

  39. Krista,

    Doesn't matter where you get them, as long as you get to read. :)


    Yes, of course it's fine. I don't think any of the chunksters I've read were on my list. It's okay to switch - one chunkster's as good as another, as far as I'm concerned.

  40. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Hello! I am still in; I finished A Fine Balance, The Power of One, and Home Comforts. Next on my list is John Adams. Thanks for hosting this challenge!

  41. I've finished six Chunksters, ditched one, and I'm just starting "The Book Thief." Whew!! I've enjoyed this challenge since I've been skirting around some of these large books.

  42. Tonette,

    Wow, you've done terrific!! I'm glad the challenge is working out so well for you! Thanks for checking in. :)


    I see you're a "wow", too. LOL Good for you! I'm really impressed. :)

  43. I'm working on chunkster #6 right now .

  44. Cheya,

    Wow, go get 'em! You're doing terrific! Thanks for checking in. :)

  45. Actually a lot of them were chosen for lenght, the others were ones I requested from the library and showed up during the challenge. :)

  46. I finished my first book for this challenge awhile ago...East of Eden, which I reviewed here:

    I'm now just starting Half of a Yellow Sun. We'll see if I get to my third book, Cloud Atlas, or if I bail...we're in the midst of moving, so I'm not sure.

  47. Krista,

    Thanks, I wondered if you'd chosen them for length or they just happened to be what was available. :)


    Terrific! Thanks for checking in. I've read some positive reviews of Half a Yellow Sun and Cloud Atlas. Hope you enjoy them. I've got Cloud Atlas on the TBRs, but it's kind of low on the stacks at the moment. :)

  48. By shear coincidence I made myself write my review of my first Chunkster today and went by your site to see if there was a place to leave updates. So my number one is up. The book is Fall on Your Knees by Ann Marie MacDonald. I still have 100 pages to go on Chunkster number 2. But I'll get there. 1025 pages done.

  49. Great, thanks Sarala! I'll try to get to your blog to read, later today, and I'll put you down for the drawing! Thanks for checking in!

  50. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I'm still alive and kicking! I've actually read a few books that would qualify for the challenge, but I forgot. Plus I want to save it for Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which I'm hoping to get to before the end of the challenge.

  51. Lesley,

    Thanks for checking in! I'm dying to read Special Topics in Calamity Physics, but still don't have a copy and I've decided I really need to get serious about not bringing home more books. I'll be watching for your review.

  52. I know it's too late for the prize, but I thought I'd check in anyway.

    I've finished 6 of 10 so far. I think I'll probably only be able to finish 8 by June 30.

  53. 3M,

    Oh, yes, you just missed the drawing by a hair but I'll have another when it's all over. Thanks so much for checking in! You've done fabulous! Good for you!!!

  54. I'm checking in way late, but just to give an update anyway, I have 2 more left to go. I have finished 3. Although, looking over the books read so far this year, I have another 3 that I've read that qualify as a Chunkster!

  55. Nyssaneala,

    No problem checking in late; thanks for taking the time. I'm glad to hear from you! Sounds like you're doing terrific on the challenge. I'll have a final check-in when the challenge ends (with a drawing), so do check back at the end of June. :)

  56. Eek! sorry I'm late but I still wanted to check in and let you know that I am keeping up! Slowly but surely I am getting through the list.
    I finished two and am about halfway through the third.

    Thanks for the challenge! It turns out that the book I'd been putting off for so long, Little, Big is a new favorite!

    Yes, I will be doing the From the Stack Challenge again in the Fall. I think we are going to do something light and fun for summer along with a group read for HP when it comes out.

  57. Hi Michelle!

    No problem checking in late. The challenge doesn't end till June 30, and it was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment idea to have a check-in.

    I'm so glad to hear the challenge helped you to find a new favorite! How exciting!

    Yay! So glad you'll be doing the From the Stacks challenge, again! I missed out, last time, and Jenn's TBR challenge has been great. I've already finished 12 books from my stacks, thanks the TBR, so it'll be great to have yet another reason to think about reading what's already piled up. Thanks!

  58. I'm still in it and checking in way late! I was checking the date I was supposed to finish by and was really glad that it was June 30 since it gives me time to at least finish half the list. I'm going for all of them but I'm really behind. I only finished one and have read half of two of them. I didn't have as much time for reading as I thought I would this semester.

    I really need to spend more time reading and less time blogging :-)


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