Tuesday, May 29, 2007

There is no news like good news . . .

Not that we've gotten any terrific news; I just liked the thought (in my subject line). I am awaiting news from my mother, who had surgery and was told that the mass removed "looked like cancer". But, we won't know till Wednesday. Medical people are so cruel. However, they've saved her life three times, so I guess I'll give them a break.

What do you think of the highway patrolman's posture? Excellent, eh? It makes me want to walk around balancing books on my head to improve my posture. That's an old photo, by the way (as in about 8 months old), taken as we were returning from a band contest in Copiah, Mississippi. We were warned that there was a "serious accident" holding up traffic and deliberately altered our course. But, the road we chose just happened to feed right back onto the highway we were trying to avoid. Hence, the opportunity to photograph a highway patrolman with excellent posture, as well as a heck of an automobile mess.

Here's our very last Italian Kinderegg:

Pictured are a few of my favorite toy surprises. We're always fond of the little cars. The green alien-looking thing, at right, is a top - and a very good one. The blue toy - rather like a marble run - is my all-time favorite. Behind it is a pirate ship. Unfortunately, I dropped one of its tiny plastic parrots on the way down the hallway to photograph it and haven't seen it, since. Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted.

Just finished: The Pearl Diver by Sujata Massey

The Pearl Diver was one of my bargain finds. From the appearance of the cover and the blurb on the back of the book, as well as its size, I was under the impression that I was buying literature with a touch of mystery. Nope, it's a mystery - the kind I'd have expected to buy as a mass-market paperback rather than trade paperback (which I do like better, as they're more comfortable to hold). But, anyway, I enjoyed it. It's no great work of literature, by any means, but the mystery is a good one. It appears to be the 7th of 8 mysteries, but stands alone well. Full review later, if I can summon the energy.

I'm about to lose my mind over the migraine medicine fiasco. As I suspected, my primary physician won't slot me in for a 5-minute medicine appointment because he's getting ready to leave town and I'm undoubtedly being punished for missing my appointment. Bastard. I didn't say that. So, I called to see if they have a new neurologist at the other clinic (owned by the big, nasty medical corporation, where they happily take your money and grudgingly credit your account six months later). We currently do not have a neurologist in Vicksburg at all. Not one. Calgon, take me away. Okay, so the clinic gave me the number of my old neurologist - now on the Gulf Coast. And, of course, he can't call in refills because you have to visit him (plus, he doesn't have my records). Can I just say, "Aaaaaaaaaaargh!" Okay, thanks. I feel better, now, although my head doesn't.

Click on this to enlarge and view the funniest little insert that ever dropped out of an album:

So much for sticking to books only.

Apologies for the static sidebar. I'll try to get that updated, later, so it no longer appears that I'm reading the same books over and over and over.

End Tuesday Twaddle


  1. Well, too me he looks more like a drill sergeant than a cop. One that's about to administer a royal a** chewing, too.

    Either that or a field sobriety test. You know - can you walk a straight line?


  2. I hope the news is good! My brother-in-law was diagnosed again with cancer this Christmas. He had fought it for seven years and lost that battle a few weeks ago. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  3. CJ,

    Yes, that posture does make him look a bit stern, doesn't it? We're actually one of the worst states in the country, when it comes to truck accidents, and I believe that was an 18-wheeler, off to the side, behind the SUV. Did you notice the guy on the cell phone is smiling? Is that weird, or what?


    Thanks, I hope so, too. We've been through this many times. My mother was "cured" of ovarian cancer and then within months, she came down with a totally different cancer - a rare sarcoma. Then, it spread and she came close to death, but the big-city doctor figured out a way to keep her alive long enough to treat her. It's a horrible disease. I'm so sorry about your brother-in-law. Thanks for the prayers.

  4. My kids love the kindersurprises - we get them in Canada, and the grandparents give them for treats. I have a whole lunchbox filled with kindertoys. The puzzles are neat, that they fit in a little egg.

  5. Fingers crossed for your mom and for your poor head. Have a touch of the headache my own self today.

    Trace your house key? What the...? That's weird.

  6. I'll keep your mother in my prayers Nancy!

    What a pain with the migraine medicine. That's ridiculous. I can't believe there's no neurologist around you or at least some doctor that would at least just call in a prescription. Geez!

    That truly is one of the most bizarre inserts I've seen, lol.

  7. My prayers are with your mother. The waiting game is a frustrating one. Hopefully the news will be good.

    Your poor head! It shouldn't be this hard to get into the doctor for relief! It must be so aggravating.

    The patrolman has great posture. I need to work on mine and getting back into a regular exercise routine is my key to making that happen. For me anyway. :-) There I said it. Now maybe I'll actually do it. Does it count when it's hidden in the comment section of your blog, Nancy? Haha

    Anyhow, I'm not sure where that came from . . . That accident looks terrible. I hope the injuries were minor.

  8. I'm not thinking I'd trace MY house key on any old card...whaddya think? Oh, and kinder eggs? Aren't they the best? I gave them to my nieces and nephews for Easter this year, but the German children loved them as much as the Americans (when I taught in Germany).

  9. My Dad has been "saved" a few times and so far is in remission. My prayers are with you and your Mom. That insert gave me a great laugh! too funny. As a side note, if you live in Vicksburg, I am beyond jealous! We visited there and I instantly fell in love! As a fellow migraine sufferer, I hope you get some relief soon!!!!

  10. That picture is amazing.

    I'm hoping you get some relief from the migraines, because I know firsthand that they are a nightmare. I'm hoping the news about your mom is good, too :)

  11. Hope the news is good regarding your mother. Sorry to hear about your migraine woes. I'm having a pesky sinus headache today so I'm having trouble concentrating. Made teaching a grammar lesson this morning rather difficult! :P
    I noticed that about the Massey books. I've read up to the 5th one and they're mass market editions but from the next one, #6 they seem to be trade paperbacks. I like trade pbs generally but for mysteries, and continuity in this case I kinda would prefer the smaller one. Oh well. Glad to hear it was good.

  12. I was getting a sympathy headache as you told of your doctor woes. That could have been a scene in "Sicko". Maybe you didn't say "bastard", but I sure will! And much more!

    I also hope the news about your mother is good. I'll be sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

    Would it be too terrible if I said that I thought the patrolman not only has excellent posture, but kind of a nice tushy, too?

  13. haha that card is so funny I think I'd be tempted to actually trace my house key there.

  14. Anonymous2:55 AM

    I'm sorry about your migraine situation, and you mother's illness. I know from experience how life altering migraines are.

    Having worked on the medical side, I can tell you that most healthcare professionals are not cruel, only cautious. They are so afraid of being sued that they have to be very careful. The unfortunate result is that you can not get a medication refill from a new doctor without an exam. The doctor needs to make sure you are being treated correctly, and that the medication will not mask a dangerous underlying condition.

    If you need to be seen, by all means go to the nearest emergency room. They should be able to get in touch with your clinic, and have access to your records.

    I strongly doubt that you are being "punished" for missing an appointment. Doctors have office managers who schedual the appointments. If doctor is getting ready to go out of town, there just may not be any openings. This really does happen. Physicians do not have the energy to keep up with which patient missed which appointment, and to make sure they are "punished."

    As for the difficult situation with your mother, biopsy results are not controlled by the surgeon. A pathologist looks at the tissue very carefully, and has to be precise. I'm sure you would rather have an early "possible cancer" that is proved wrong, than a sloppy, inaccurate "everything is OK."

    Good luck, and take care of yourself.

  15. Wow, my best wishes for your head. What an asswhip of a situation. I went through something similar yesterday with one my student loan lenders. If I show up on the front page of the paper as a homicide suspect, you'll know what happened.

    I tagged you with a writing meme, by the way. Proceed if the spirit moves ya.

  16. Raidergirl3,

    I hate to admit it, but my husband and I get just as excited about the kindereggs as the rest of the family. Nobody has ever been all that interested in the chocolate! Those little toys can be really clever, especially considering how little room they have to work with.


    Thanks. I'm about to head out to the doctor's office. I hope this squeeze-in doctor isn't as icky as my husband described him. Update: he was great.

    The key thing kind of stopped me in my tracks, too, and then I realized, "Oh, it's a joke!" Good one, eh?


    Thanks. Yeah, I was a little stunned I couldn't at least walk in and pick up a prescription at my regular doctor's office, provided I promised to come in after his vacation. He's done that in the past. The neurologist, unfortunately, doesn't have my records. I'm going to get them transferred, today. Even if I decide to get a referral to someone in Jackson, I'll at least have a back-up, that way.

    It's a cute insert, though, isn't it? Fat Possum Records apparently used to be a much bigger company and then someone sued them, but I don't remember the story. They're really quirky; the t-shirt is funny, too.


    Thanks on both counts. And, me too on the needing to get back to a regular exercise program. I keep thinking I should start an exercise log type of blog, but I'm not getting around to posting everywhere, as is. Anyway, sure, it counts. :)

    It didn't appear anyone was injured in that accident - or, maybe they'd already been hauled away, if there was an injury. I hope not, but it was a mess!


    I think I'll keep my key to myself. LOL I did have to wonder if anyone ever actually does trace a house key.

    Kindereggs are loads of fun, aren't they? How did you end up teaching in Germany?


    My mother is technically in remission, too, so if it's cancer she could very well have just had it pop up in another location. She's been battling a rare sarcoma, off and on, for over 10 years.

    Yep, I'm in Vicksburg. Don't be jealous. It's one of those places that fit the old saw, "It's a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there," especially if you're an "Outsider". The locals love tourists but they don't have much interest in anyone who moves in from outside the state and it can be a really lonely place to live. I don't think that's true everywhere in MS - there are some great people, here (but most of my friends live in the Jackson area). The weather also kind of sucks. :)

    Gentle Reader,

    Thanks and thanks. I just hope I can get enough medication to cover me till I can get in with another neurologist (fingers and toes crossed). I'm kind of nervous about getting a phone call from my mother, today, but we've dealt with this before. We'll take it as it comes.


    Thanks. You must like those Massey books if you've read the first 5, yes?

    It is odd that they switched formats for the newer books. I think it's a little misleading because mysteries are typically published as mass market paperbacks, but maybe that's changing. I'm not sure if I'll read any more of this series. I liked the mystery but I thought the writing was flat and unemotional. The mystery was good, though, so I probably will.


    Thanks, you can say the bad word for me. I was going to read an article about Michael Moore's new movie, last night, and then I got so tired I decided, "Tomorrow." LOL I've got to read that, today.

    And, thanks for the positive Mom thoughts.

    Well, I wasn't going to say it, but I thought the HP dude had an admirable backside, myself. Thanks for being the first to admit what a lot of us were probably thinking!


    When I first saw that key space, I paused and then went, "Oh, joke . . . right." I thought about just drawing a picture of a skeleton key. But, then, I actually decided to just throw it away after I took the photo. I know where to find them and I hate being on mailing lists.


    Yeah, I know all that. Conservative doctoring is a good thing, overall, but sometimes it can do more harm than good. I do understand the need to physically go in, when it's necessary to refill a drug that is a controlled substance. There should be checks and balances. I read medical journals, though, and the info I've gleaned is that migraine sufferers are the least likely candidates for drug addiction, simply because the pain is so intense that we conserve our meds and use them only when we're really hurting. Really, it's all quite fascinating.

    I should add that I've had the same doctor for roughly 18 years and I know him very, very well. We have a great rapport, but he's definitely moody and has a tendency to give you a verbal swat or a cold shoulder if you do something that annoys him. I've only annoyed him once or twice, but I knew it. He's really a great guy with a terrific sense of humor.


    I was thinking maybe this whole experience would be a great topic for fiction. Imagine a frustrated patient in agony who snaps and . . . I don't know . . . blows up a doctor's house? Maybe a bunch of doctors' houses? I love writing explosions, myself. It's kind of cathartic. LOL Sorry you had one of those experiences. There are brief moments during which homicide suddenly makes sense to me, but they always pass pretty quickly - not unexpected for a gal who gets all weepy if she hits a butterfly with her car.

    Oh, boy, a meme! Thanks, I'll check it out. :)

  17. Oh, you poor baby! I've got a baby migraine and I'm under the (mistaken) impression that the world should just stop while I recuperate. At least I have meds. None to be found? That's terrible.

    Crossing fingers that it's good news on your mom Wednesday! Waiting is hard.

  18. What a great b&w photo. If it weren't for the guy talking on a cellphone, I'd say it was an "oldie".

    Hope you get nothing but good news about your mom. Thinking of you, dear friend.

  19. Carrie,

    I hope you feel better, soon!!

    I had just about nothing left - a couple Maxalt and a painkiller or two, but I did manage to get in with a doctor I've never met, today. Lucky me, he is a migraine sufferer. He gave me a "cocktail" recipe - a couple of prescriptions to mix together, which he says works better than what I was using. I hope so. I'll let you know if he's latched me onto something wonderful.

    Thanks for the crossed fingers. Still waiting. I'll have to call if my mother doesn't call me. The suspense is a killer!


    Thanks. Yeah, the cell phone is kind of a give-away, isn't it? I thought that one looked better in B & W than color because it was really hazy on the highway, that day. Hot, too, very hot. That was a heck of a sweaty day.

    Thanks for the good thoughts. Waiting sucks, but we've been through this so many times I'm losing count.

  20. I taught in Germany when my first husband was stationed there, out of college, to protect West Germany from East Germany: the Wall of course was still up. I taught the American children on base, but we lived in a German apartment which I just loved.

    By the way, I'm finishing The Count of Monte Cristo tonight, and I hope to post either tonight or for sure tomorrow. I can't wait to discuss this novel with you.

  21. Bellezza,

    How totally cool. I have a friend who is living in Germany and her apartment is awesome - high ceilings, tall windows, tile and gorgeous wood trim. And, she's in a downtown area, so she can just step out the door and walk anywhere. It sounds like my dream home. Well, one of them. I always wanted to live in Europe.

    Ooooh, The Count!!! My fave!!! I can't wait to see what you have to say. :)

  22. Kinder eggs- wonder how much it would cost me to post some to you from the uk! However we aways seem to have rubbish prizes in the kinder eggs here.

  23. It would cost way too much!!! But, thanks so much for even thinking such a thing. Some of them are kind of tacky, but we get excited about the more clever toys.


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