Friday, May 11, 2007

I'll be back soon

My husband is in town only briefly, then he'll be taking off for Italy (without me, yes), tomorrow. Since he's only home for the day, we're scrambling to accomplish a long list of tasks that simply cannot wait until his return. I've finished another book, Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt and loved it - couldn't put it down, in fact, and I have a bit of a reading hangover. As soon as I have a few minutes, I'll write up reviews of Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and Open and Shut. I'll return as soon as possible, tonight if I can and Sunday at the latest. Thanks for visiting me!!!

Update: Just taking a few minutes off and I've gotten my lovely Poppet (thanks to Chris). I took her on a tour. She nearly got sniffed to death.

Back later!


  1. I'm just thinking it's too bad you're not part of that Italy trip......

  2. Tara,

    Me, too. I sobbed a little, kind of sad to be stuck in the house while the husband sees a place that's been on the top of my travel wish list for eons. :)

  3. HAHA!! I love it! That poor little poppet must be terrified. Great pic.

    Enjoy your time with your husband Nancy!

  4. Thanks, I think she was a little scared of the big kitty. There's another of her at my photo blog.

    Hubby's hyped up, so I'm staying away from him. Too tired to post, so I'll go read. Hope you have fun, tonight!

  5. Awww, that poppet is adorable!!!

  6. Isn't she adorable, Andi? I'm thinking about doing something similar to SuziQ's "Adventures of Pirate Bendy" and just taking my poppet everywhere I go. She's already taken a nice tour around the house. :)

  7. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Yay poppet pic!!! :)

  8. Quixotic,

    They're so cute, aren't they? I've just been looking at your poppet pics. Fun! :)

  9. Oh you should definitely do a Pirate Bendy style blog for Poppet. We have such fun with Pirate Bendy. We took hime down to California last weekend when we went down to the redwoods for a run/walk event. I've got a bunch of pictures saved for Pirate Bendys blog.

    I'm also glad to hear you liked Open and Shut - knew you would ;-) I managed to pick up used copies of the next three books by Rosenfelt at a used bookstore in Eureka last weekend.

  10. I am so loving your photos, you just have such a gift to capture lovely moments!

  11. SuziQ,

    I took poppet with me to the Natural Science Museum, today, so yep . . . I think I'll work on a blog of her travels. It's ridiculously fun setting up shots with a little toy, isn't it? Can't wait to see your California photos!

    Ooooh, you've got some fun reading ahead! I'm so glad you reviewed Open and Shut; Rosenfelt's writing is my cup of tea, just like you said! I love the blend of humor, law and mystery. :)


    Thanks. I have so much fun with that camera, it's ridiculous. :)


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