Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

This last few weeks has been a bit of a train wreck. And, the year started out sooooo good. So, when everything seems to be going very badly, the thought is . . . it can only get better, right? Well, let's cross fingers and pray that's the case because my cat is not looking any better and my mother does, indeed, have cancer again. It's "a weird one" because it's a bone cancer but the cancer was not found in bone; even her doctor was baffled as to what exactly that means. Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming.

On to the "wahoo" thoughts because, damn, I need 'em big time.

1. Wahoo and "Thank you, Lord" and wow, that was a close one - The husband flew on Air France out of Atlanta on the 12th of May. Anyone heard about the fellow with a dangerous type of tuberculosis? The one who flew out of Atlanta on Air France on the 12th of May? Not on the spouse's flight. Wahoo for that! I'm thinking about tying him up to keep him home, anyway.

2. Finally! We have a tomato!!! Okay, it's only one tomato and it's kind of tiny (note that cropping the photo makes it look gigantic by comparison with real life), but at this point that's about a $5 tomato, if we don't grow a few more, so I'm just going to say that's a big positive sign that there will be more where that came from - at least enough to get us down to maybe $1 per tomato. Which would still be pretty funny, wouldn't it? Wahoo, anyway.

3. I can't remember what type of flower this is:

I remember planting the bulb; I just don't remember the name. Still, I was very happy to see that it bloomed, today, because some days you just need to see pretty things. It's a very wahooey flower.

4. Wahoo for the luck of the draw. I ended up seeing a doctor who suffers from migraines, today, so I've got some painkillers waiting for me at the pharmacy and I can bank on at least being able to squelch the pain if I get a migraine while I'm waiting for either a referral to a neurologist or an appointment with the old one (which would mean a drive to the Gulf Coast - like I'm going to complain about that). That's a big wahoo, all right.

5. Wahoo for all you wonderful, supportive bloggy people. I love you all. I'm feeling totally gushy because this has definitely been a suck week but I awoke to a whopping 15 messages, this morning, and I felt wrapped in a blanky of love. Thanks so much for all the support!!!

6. One last beautiful sight and then I'm off to finish the laundry and soak in a tub . . . a little bird that peeked over the edge of our roof while I was snapping photos of a squirrel munching on a blade of grass - which was also pretty darned cute. Here's the bird:

He or she was entirely gray, so I'm guessing this is a youngster. There were two of these adorable birds flitting around together, but I only managed to capture the one. And, I'm quite happy with the results.

Wishing everyone a truck-load of wonderful, wahooey moments,



  1. I'll definitely keep your mother in my thoughts, Nancy. It's tough, no two ways about it.

    I second the wahoo about it not being your husband's flight. I cannot believe that man was so... calloused that he put everyone around him at risk.

    The flower is beautiful. If you remember the name, I'd love to know it.

    Here's hoping the next few weeks of the summer are an improvement.

  2. Thank heavens that wasn't on your husband's flight. Pretty scary.

  3. Thanks, CJ. It sucks, but we've been through it before. I just feel like sleeping and not thinking.

    You do have to wonder . . . Was that guy just so determined to go to Greece that he was willing to risk lives or was he that freakin' stupid? Because, as we all know, there are plenty of stupid people around.

    Somebody's bound to tell us what kind of flower that is! I'll tell you when I find out. :)

    And, thank you; I hope things improve, too. I know from experience that it's not fun, but my mother has an incredible circle of church friends and they take good care of her, so that's an upper.


    It's worth a big, fat thank you prayer, I think. :)

  4. Oh Nancy, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I'll definitely keep the both of you and your cat in my prayers. I know how pets can become just as much a part of the family as well. I really hope things turn out o.k. for you. I'll continue to send my positive vibes to you.

    Scary about your husband. Sounds like he's had quite a few brushes with fate, eh? He has some good luck!

    I think you may have some good luck coming your way with the tomatoes. Our plants weren't producing at all. Then all of a sudden, I found one. Three weeks later, we probably have about 30 tomatoes growing between our 3 bushes! So there may be hope still!

    Yay for pain pills!

    I thought of you today. I was sitting outside on the swing and looked up to see this beautiful hawk sitting on the power lines. I stared at it for a little while and then very slowly went inside to get my camera, but alas, he had flown away by the time I came back outside.

    Wish you the best Nance!

  5. OOH, and one more thing...I wanted to tell you that Lisa Snellings Clark is selling artists proofs of her Little Pink Poppets (these are bigger and really cool) for $40 on ebay, but there are only 8 left. They're great. There's also more little reds available. If you go to her blog ('s a link there.

  6. Anonymous5:53 AM

    putting everyone around them at risk? Hmmm... that sounds like just about every smoker I know ;-) Anyway, I've been known to be selfish too on occasion, apparently.

    A couple more wahoo's for you.
    1. You've got a bath to relax in. Wish I did.
    2. YOu have an aptly named flower there... I believe it's a peace lily.


  7. Ah, Nancy. I'm so sorry to hear this news about your mom. I know it can't be easy for anyone in your family to go through the whole scare yet again. I'll continue to keep good thoughts.

    Is it some sort of a calla lily? (SP?)

  8. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Prayers going up for your mom and your cat.

    Good to hear that your husband wasn't on the same flight as TB Guy.

    Yay on the tomato. You'll get plenty more - all at the same time. I just LOVE fresh tomatoes right off the vine.

    And as a fellow migraine sufferer, I'm so glad you were able to get some meds. I'm down to my last Imitrex nasal thingy and I'm holding it for the really big one! I can get a new prescription, but it's SO expensive, even with insurance, that I'm holding out.

    Hope you have a great day.

  9. Are you sharing any of that migraine medicine? For mothers who feel that they're failing Parenting 101? Or, teachers who are just plain hot, sweaty and tired? Or, daughters who are worried about their parents? If so, you have a partner right here! Thanks for the heads up about the poppets; I've already bought one, which meant I had to sign up for an eBay account, but I'm really looking forward to its arrival. Best to you, chin up and all that.

  10. Chris,

    Thanks so much. Kitty is still hiding out in the garage and only comes in a couple times per day. I miss her.

    Yeah, David has had a few close calls. I wish he'd quit that!!!! But, he travels so much that you just have to expect it, I guess.

    Oh, yea on the tomatoes! Maybe we'll start seeing some progress, then. I love watching them grow, so it's been a little strange and yucky watching the blooms die and then . . . nothing.

    I think the "painkiller cocktail" this doctor suggested could also be called a "liver killer cocktail," so I'm going to save it for when I'm desperate. LOL

    Ooooh, neato on the hawk sighting! They tend to not stick around for long - especially if they see movement. I captured a red-shouldered hawk on the way to pick up kiddo from band, Tuesday. He was kind of scrawny, but very distinctive. It's always ridiculously exciting when they sit still long enough to photograph.

    Thanks for the URL! The pink poppet looks a little too creepy. No face at all? Eeeew. But, I zipped over to tell Bellezza they're available because she's been wanting one - and she already snapped one up. :)

  11. John,

    We all do stupid, selfish things, but I hope I don't do anything that harms people around me, like that. Smoking is definitely the kind of activity that it hurtful to those around a smoker.

    Oh, yes, a tub is a definite wahoo! I can only last about three days without one and then I become a little nutty. I think we went 4 days with just a shower on our vacation, last year. The 4th day was unpleasant for my family. I got really whiny. I'm definitely grateful for my tub!!!

    I looked up lilies and it's a calla lily, but it brings me peace so we'll say it's a peace lily, too, even though that's not apparently technically accurate. I like that thought. :)

  12. My son T liked your baby bird picture. He points and said bird. What a cutie! I hope your mom and your kitty both improve. (big hugs) And thank goodness your hubby and that jerk were not on the same flight. I saw a comment by that TB guy saying something like they didn't tell me I couldn't fly! Hello common sense! Oh well. lol

  13. Les,

    Thanks. Personally, the thought of going through another ordeal with my mother just makes me very, very tired. Thanks for the good thoughts. :)

    Yep, it's a calla lily. I looked it up and the name did sound familiar. They're so pretty.


    Thanks for the prayers. I need to send a quick thank-you prayer for the hubby's safety and a prayer for those who sat near that fellow. What a horror for those who were around TB Guy.

    Home-grown tomatoes are the best. I'm so thrilled to see one finally growing!!

    Triptans are expensive meds, but they can work miracles. Too bad they don't work *every* time and they're so expensive. I'm sure you're hoping they'll go generic, soon, as I am. Yesterday's doc also loaded me up with 8 samples of Maxalt. At about $4 a pop, he just saved me $32. I think I really like that doctor!

    Thanks, hope you have a great day, too!


    Can't share the medicine, but I can share the prayers. Is this a middle-age curse, you think, having to worry about kids and parents at the same time? Feel sandwiched? I sure do. I'm definitely counting my blessings that my more mild-mannered child is the one who is still home. :)

    I'm so glad you got a poppet!!! I hope yours brings you as many smiles as mine has. Being a poppet's friend is remarkably uplifting. I refuse to think of mine as "a little creepy", as the artist describes them. She looks curious to me, and I'm sticking with that thought!

  14. Still keeping your mom and your cat in my thoughts. When it rains, it pours, huh?

    I hope next week brings you nothing but Wahoos. At least you are still able to count your blessings (blogging friends, cute birdys, no TB, pretty flowers and yummy tomatoes), some people get so down they can't see any of life's pleasures.

    Keep your chin up, and know that we all love you and are thinking of you.

  15. Krista,

    How cute. Little boys are such fun. :)

    I got the impression that TB Guy was just determined to go through with his plans and then freaked out when he realized it was possible he wasn't going to get away with it . . . because he did sneak back home through Canada. That tells you something, right there. If he really cared to protect those around him, he would not have flown to Europe, in the first place. The more I think about it, the more I think he was more heartless than stupid.

  16. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Sorry to hear the news about your mother. Your family will be in my thoughts.

    Glad you are still able to "wahoo" about other things! And as always, I love reading your blog. :)

  17. Kookie,

    Thanks so much. Funny you should say "When it rains, it pours," because I think it's about to do so, outside. I just animated the weather map and it looks like a big "Uh-oh"!

    If I didn't count my blessings, I'd lose it - and turn into a really yucky person, probably. LOL Hopefully, next week will be a good one. Thanks for the wahooey wishes and the thoughts and love. They really help. :)

  18. Mona,

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I think it's especially important to look for things to be happy about when bad things are happening. I'll keep doing wahoo posts - I was briefly tempted to bow out, yesterday and then I thought . . . nope, I need it. :)

  19. Heh, my doctor recommended a painkiller coctail too which consists of relpax, ketoprophen, and about a liver killer!

  20. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I'm a bit late but I'll still shout out "wahoo!" that your hubby was not on the same flight as that passenger. Seriously what was that man thinking!!

    And, so happy to hear you got some medicine for your migraine. How's it going now? And, many good vibes for your mom!!!

  21. Chris,

    I'd have to look to see what all is in that cocktail, but I know it's 800 mg. of ibuprofen and 1000 of aceta . . . can't spell it. The Tylenol stuff. With something else mixed in. I thought, "Whoa, are you kidding?" but I might take it once in a blue moon. He gave me about 30 of each and I'm thinking . . . not going to take all that. But the total was about $2.50, which is nice, and I'm relieved to have an option on-hand.


    You're not late; Wednesday was just a few hours ago. LOL Thanks; I think it's worth wahooing about. So does my MIL. :)

    We've got a storm coming, so I have another stupid migraine but it's mild, at the moment. And, I've got the meds handy, so I'm happy about that. I spent way too many years with just an icepack and soda pop; OTC painkillers are useless, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the Mom vibes!!!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, and poor Sunshine.
    I hadn't heard about the tuberculosis guy but wow that's awful and so glad David was on a different flight! And that you got some migraine meds. Hope you're feeling a bit better.
    That's a very beautiful flower whatever it is! You're right some days you just need to see something beautiful. It's visiting parks and peaceful gardens away from the usual dust and noise of Tokyo that keeps us going I think.

  23. I am so sorry to hear the news about your mother. I will keep her in my thoughts.

    I am pleased about your husband NOT having that particular flightmate ( how horrible for those that did, and how horrible for him to get on a plane) and for you getting your meds.

    Sometimes it's the little things, isn't it.

  24. Wahoo to you! Thank goodness your hubby wasn't on the same plane as that man with TB. Wow, what a news story that's been. Sending good wishes to your mom. Also, here's hoping your new migraine cocktail works. And I'm pretty sure your pretty flower is a calla lily!

  25. I'll keep your mother and Sunshine in my prayers.

    Tomatos! Ours arent' that far along. I lurve tomatos.

    Thank heaven your hubby wasn't on that flight! I keep hearing how the man with TB wasn't told not to fly, but honestly. A drug resistant strain of TB? On a plane? It sounds both heartless and stupid.

    Maxalt is what I take. I love the stuff. I've had a lovely cluster of migraines the last few days. Hope yours is over!

  26. Nat,

    Thanks. It's a calla lily. Gorgeous, isn't it? Nature and quiet are my retreats. I think you and I would get along famously in person because we'd know how to sit quietly and watch the koi . . . or whatever. :)

    The migraine is gone, at least for now! Yippee!


    Thank you and thank you. Yes, little things. There are so many things to be thankful for, even when it seems like the world is crashing down around your ears. And, actually, I've been through much worse.

    Gentle Reader,

    Thanks. :) I'm hanging onto that cocktail formula for a desperation situation!! I hope it works without killing my liver, when I use it. LOL


    Thank you. I believe every prayer counts!

    I love tomatoes, too. Have you ever chopped them into a baked potato? If not, you must - they give it a nice, juiciness. Mmm.

    Heartless and stupid is right - and I wish he'd quit trying to justify his actions. TB Guy made a choice and it was a bad one. Shame on him. But, I feel for him because he has a nasty disease. I just hope he didn't give it to anyone else.

    Hope you get rid of that nasty migraine. Clusters - that's a way to describe it well. I can sometimes get them under control but once the meds run out they boomerang. Blecch. Mine is gone at the moment (fingers and toes crossed that it stays that way). Maxalt, when it works, is a wonder. It's truly a modern miracle - not perfect, but anything that even *sometimes* gets rid of a migraine for several hours is a lifesaver.

  27. Rats, I wanted to be all smart and be the one to tell you it's a calla lily, but everyone else beat me to it. I really should check in more often.

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your mother - please keep us updated.

  28. Tristi,

    Thanks for the laugh! Yep, you'll just have to check in more often so you can jump on those trivial questions like, "What the heck did I plant in my own backyard?" LOL

    And, thank you. I'll update on my mother. She doesn't even find out about treatment options till later this week.

  29. I think that's a jack in the pulpit. Not positive, though!

  30. I'm almost a week late but before your next Wahoo Wed. I wanted to say your mom is in my prayers and I'm so sorry to hear that news.

    But on a happier note, that is most definitely "a very wahooey flower." You crack me up. :)

  31. Dewey,

    I figured out it's a calla lily (with help), but I just looked up jack-in-the-pulpit and they look very similar! I'll have to see if those grow in my area; I like the look.


    Thanks, my mother can use all the prayers she can get.

    Glad I made you smile (and that you agree that's a very wahooey flower - love it when people agree with me, LOL).

  32. Thinking of you and your family xx

  33. Thanks, Kelly.

    Okay, kick me if I'm not remembering your name right. :)


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