Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

Oh, boy! Is it Wednesday again, already? Wow, where does the time go?

Okay, so this was a wonky day for me but I've been thinking about things worth saying "Wahoo!" about all day because, as it says above, we must count our blessings to keep from going nuts. Especially when we have spouses prancing around ancient countries, calling and sending emails about what a delightful blankety-blank time they're having while (without saying so) they're well aware that the wife is home washing dishes, ferrying the kid, and lugging in heavy bags full of groceries on her own. Don't you love the little touch with the nut in the bluejay's mouth? I admit that made me smile. As did the following:

1. Initially perplexing to me for their blatant stupidity, I had to smile about the three teenagers standing beneath a tree during yesterday's storm while lightning flashed around them . . . because at least I knew there was one person freshly trained in CPR, nearby (my son, who was safe and dry inside the band hall). There is never a shortage of stupid people to make you roll your eyes and grin.

2. This friendly little visitor made me laugh. I stepped outside with my camera, this morning, before driving my son to school and this little guy bounded around the corner of my house. He was so cute; I wish you could have seen how he halted in surprise when he saw me and then rushed over to jump on my legs. He was a very friendly, happy and hyper little guy; I had a bit of trouble focusing on him because he moved so darn fast. And, then, he wanted to follow me into the house - boy, that was a riot. I kept picking him up and moving him to the far side of the patio and whoosh, back he came like a little doggy bullet. Adorable.

3. Firefighters in tight pants. Boy, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but a sight like that always makes my day.

4. Pillows. I'm very grateful for pillows. I love the line in the movie 13 Going On 30 when Jennifer Garner (playing the role of Jenna, who has just found her 13-year-old mind in her 30-year-old body and future life) says, "I need fresh air and a glass of water and a fluffy pillow!" I can relate. I've felt that way too many times to count. And, I'm very grateful that I've often had fluffy pillows within reach when I needed them.

5. I didn't manage to get a picture, because it was early morning and I was driving the kiddo to school (and even if I'd had the camera, I could not have stopped), but as we drove past the marshy area along the entrance road to my son's school, we saw a beautiful sight: a red-winged blackbird perched on top of the bamboo. I pointed him out to my son, who very kindly agreed with me about the general coolness. I've spotted this particular blackbird several times on the drive into the crowded parking lot and he's on my wish list of wildlife to photograph. That stand of bamboo was really the perfect place for a photograph. Maybe I'll get lucky and capture him, someday. For now, I enjoyed the sight.

6. I'm grateful for semi-nutritious fast-food options during a week when I'm moody, and . . .

7. A poppet to pose here, there and everywhere.

Next up: "8 Things About Me" meme (I've been tagged!).

I'm halfway into three books, at the moment. Hopefully, I'll finish one in the next day or two.

May you find many wonderful things to smile about, today and always.



  1. Hehehe, Well you managed to make this gloomy gus smile on a day that wasn't the greatest, so thanks for that. The cute damn poppet staring at the parfait cup did it :D

    I can just imagine that dog's personality from the picture. He looks like a cutey.

    Ah, how I love pillows. I'm laying on a stack of 3 of them right now and I must say that it's quite a nice feeling. Whoever the first person was to create a pillow deserves to be sainted.

    Thanks for the smiles Nancy :)

  2. I really shouldn't complain because I have visited many places but still when H gets to go off on his business trips (last month was to Paris, later this month to Bordeaux) it's still rather envy-inducing.
    And fluffy pillows- definitely! :)

  3. Great post! Yes, I do like that picture of the firemen, I admit it. ;)

    Red-winged blackbirds are so pretty and for me, they mark the beginning of summer (although I have seen several this past week on my walks).

    I love Miss Poppet! She puts a smile on my face.

    I've been so negligent about posting on my blog. 2 a week seems a bit light, but life just keeps interfering. I need to post a review for a book I finished over a week ago. Eeek!

  4. You should visit South Dakota. There are red-winged blackbirds everywhere. When you drive through the country they are perched on every other fence post it seems.

  5. Chris,

    I'm so glad Poppet and I managed to make you smile. I had to do a little subterfuge photography; kiddo didn't want me to pull out the poppet and camera at McDonald's. But, they've got games in the new McDonald's, so as soon as one of them opened up, off he went and out came Poppet. :)

    That dog was adorable and a total sweetie! You know the kind of little dog that quivers with joy when you pick him up and looks like he's in ecstasy when you pet him (plus, the tail never stops wagging)? That's the kind. I don't know who he belongs to but he's obviously a happy pet.

    I'm about to climb back on my pillows. St. Pillow? LOL I like it.


    Well, yeah, me too. I was very well traveled by comparison with David when we met and now he's got me walloped. It doesn't matter what you've done in the past if you've still got the travel bug, I guess. :)


    Firemen tend to have very nice builds. :)

    I've only seen a couple of red-winged blackbirds - they're marsh birds and I guess I don't hang out in marshes - but there's been at least one in that area in front of the school for many weeks. They're so pretty, aren't they?

    Poppet says, "Why thank you, dear."

    Life comes before blogging. I wouldn't worry about it - just get to it when you can. It sometimes takes me a few days to get around to a review. They take time and effort, so I don't always give them priority.


    Okay, I'll come to South Dakota, some time. I could use the trip. I have a very distant memory of the Black Hills (kind of creepy), the Corn Palace, my sister fainting in a hot church and a bunch of presidential faces cast in stone, but it's been a long, long time - like too long to admit because it would give away my age. ;)

  6. Firemen . . . . nice . . . .

  7. Love this post! LOL You're gonna get caught taking fireman pics one day. :D

  8. Suzi,

    Yes, indeed. ;)


    I'll just say, "I confess! I love firefighters! Now, could you pose, please? Maybe flex a little?" :)

  9. Nebraska also (in addition to South Dakota) has those red-winged blackbirds everywhere. I love them.

    Whenever my sister or I spot firemen/paramedics shopping for their groceries, we call each other and meet up so we can ogle them together. We don't get much shopping done, but it is fun following them around. Yeah, we're obnoxious like that.

  10. Seeing that glorious picture of the firefighters reminds me that my husband has a job I would gladly give an arm for. His company has the contract for providing Toronto Firefighters with their uniforms...I have often begged him to let me tag along with the tailors on measurement day, but ofcourse, all that pleading falls on deaf ears! ;)

  11. Kookie,

    Well, shucks, maybe I should just head north to take some blackbird photos. I think they're beautiful.

    I always get irrationally excited whenever firemen or paramedics show up in the grocery aisles when I'm around. They're just so darned fun to watch! Plus, they drive those cool trucks and leave them right outside the door. Sometime, I've got to get a photo of the stick-person warning on the back of the ladder truck. It's awesome. :)


    I want your husband's job! You are so funny. Can you just "drop by" with food? That's what I'd do. And, I don't even cook. I'd come up with something, though. I could bake a cake for the chance to gawk at firefighters. :)

  12. I tagged you on my blog Bookfool. Don't worry, it's an easy one.

  13. Chris,

    Thank you. I like the word "easy". I'll check it out. :)

  14. Since you've been tagged once already, how about again? I got you, too...

  15. Oh, wow! I'm going to have tags hanging off my sleeves, Melissa! LOL How fun. :) I just did my "Eight Things About Me" meme. I'll go see which meme you've tagged me for, thanks!


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