Friday, May 18, 2007

Another meme!

Another meme, but it's a short one, thank goodness . . .

Chris tagged me for another meme and it's an easy one, so I'm just going to whip it out and then go avoid housework because that's what I'm good at.

You simply have to grab the book nearest to you (no cheating here), turn to page 161, and post the text of the fifth full sentence on the page along with the body of the instruction on your blog. Then you tag 3 people. Not bad. Don't tell my youngest I posted that photo of him, at left. It shows him during the days when he still combed his hair. I have evidence that he was once a tidy person!!

Okay, the nearest book is We Are All Fine Here by Mary Guterson because I haven't bothered to move it since I wrote my review. Here's that sentence:

There you have it.

Wow, that is not a great sentence, is it? So, I'm just going to grab another book, here, and try again. This time, Free Spirits by Linda Randall Wisdom - a book I didn't order, but which arrived at my house with 5 other books I didn't order because somebody made a keystroke error, I guess, and they said, "We've removed the charges; just keep the books and enjoy them." Here tis:

"I am not going to talk about what happened in the linen closet!"

I like that sentence much, much better.

That's my eldest, at right, undoubtedly not talking about linen closets but probably chattering about a lot of other things because he has the capacity to talk on the phone for at least twice as long as he can actually sit still to study, at any given time. I'm not picking on him, though; I just want you to know that.

I'm going to tag Kookiejar (again; she's found a new way to make cat meme tags and I want to see another one), Book Nook Les, and Stephanie. Again, no obligation.

Happy Friday from Bookfool!


  1. Happy Friday, Bookfool.

    I hope she does talk about what happened in the linen closet...I'm curious now!

    Your son's a very handsome.

    Thanks for the tag. I'm looking for cat pictures right now!

  2. Happy Friday to you, too, Kookie!

    Yeah, I actually would like to read the book based on that sentence.

    Thanks. I married my husband for all the wrong reasons and his good looks were among them, but hey . . . it worked. Got the good-looking genes in the kid mix. LOL

    Yea!! I can't wait to see your next tag!

  3. Well I must say that your second choice was much more interesting than the first! Mine was so dull!

  4. Chris,

    I've found that pulling a sentence out of a book is often that way - more unexciting than you'd expect. I thought for sure I'd find a good one because We Are All Fine Here is a pretty fun book, but no. I probably would have kept going till I found a good one!!

  5. Both young men are very handsome. Gotta be the genes, right?

  6. CJ,

    Either that or I willed them not to look like me. LOL

  7. What a surprise to see one of my favorite books mentioned!

    I hope you enjoy Free Spirits.

    Linda Randall Wisdom

  8. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Did you ever find out what happened in the linen closet?

    You do have great looking sons!

  9. Handsome son! I hope you go back to find out about the linen closet. YOu won't be disappointed. It's a great book.

  10. Linda,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Free Spirits is sitting right here at my work table and I hope I'll get to it, soon. It looks great - passed my so-called "flip test" with flying colors. :)


    Nope, I haven't read the book, yet - it just happened to be sitting right beside my monitor. But when I do read it, you'll know. It looks like it'll be a quick read, so I'm hoping to slot it in soon!


    Thank you. I think they're handsome, too, but I'm the mama so I'm wildly biased. :)

    I'm going to try to get to that book soon. That sentence about the linen closet is a grabber, so I'm quite anxious to read it. I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it!!

  11. I know what you mean about the flip test And I hope you enjoy the book. I love writing paranormal and this one was fun to write.


  12. Linda,

    I love reading paranormals, so I have a very good feeling I'll like it (well, that and the fact that I have to know about that linen closet).

    Incidentally, your name sounds awfully familiar. Have you, by any chance, been a member of RWA's Kiss of Death at some point in time?

  13. Yes, I was a member of Kiss of Death but now belong to FF&P chapter since I'm writing strictly paranormal now.


  14. Aha! I thought so! I'm no longer a member of KOD, either (I used to be the coordinator for the C.O.F.F.I.N. workshops) because I realized I couldn't handle the research to write a mystery - too prone to nightmares - and I actually even stopped reading them (paranormals are much more fun, if you ask me). I volunteered during the years Mary O/Diana and Dixie were presidents.

  15. It's been a few years for me. I'd rather write about things that go bump in the night and I have a new paranormal series coming out next year that's been such a blast to write that I'm happier with witches and vamps and ghosts, oh my. :>


  16. Thanks for the "no obligation" disclaimer. I grabbed the first book nearest to my keyboard and the sentence was so pathetically boring, I decided to opt out from the meme (once again). I'm such a loser of a blogger these days. I feel like I'm falling farther and farther behind. Time to cut some blogs from my favorites list, I'm afraid. :(

  17. Les,

    Pulling a sentence out of the middle of a book seldom works, I've found. I have a feeling I would have just kept grabbing books until I found a good one, but I got lucky.

    I don't have a job and I have trouble making it to all the blogs I like visiting. Sometimes, you just have to let it go. That's more than fine. Blogging should be just one little corner of life, not an entire room, in my humble opinion.


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